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Old 2021-05-04, 19:03   Link #161
Thor's Hammer
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While I don't rule out that Masumoto might be an evil AI, mostly in part due to Episode 5 in which it behaved very suspiciously, I believe some people on other forums seem to be incapable of even following basic things the show presents.

Episodes 3-4 devoted a whole plotline about how merely copying an AI's experience data was not enough to make another AI identical to the AI the data was copied from as shown by how the Lifekeepers tried to make Elizabeth into a perfect copy of Elizabeth. They think that if Grace's experience data was copied into K-5 that everything would be all and good, but no, the show already disproved that notion in the previous arc. How can they not even follow something as basic as this? The Matsumoto is evil angle because he wouldn't save Grace has no basis in reality whatsoever.
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Old 2021-05-05, 04:53   Link #162
is this so?
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a few more thoughts on episode 6.

saying she wouldn't just marry any person humanized Grace imo. If she was just a dumb robot, she would marry anyone who proposed to her. But for some reason, she likes Saeki, and would marry only him.

also it is clear Saeki cares about Grace, because if he only cared about her looks, he already had the K5 ai. Sad that he never got laid with his waifu..

and noticed after rewatching.. after Saeki died, and Vivy had blood in her hands. The light of the circle on her neck is turning red.. which is not a good sign.. I remember the rampaging robots on episode 1 had the circular light on their neck color red.
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Old 2021-05-06, 07:41   Link #163
Last Sinner
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Well...I was very disappointed by that episode. It's getting increasingly hard to care about anyone but Diva/Vivy. That episode reminded me of Ride Your Wave spamming its core songs to the point they lost impact, which this also did. Frankly, the last minute of this episode was the only bit that didn't feel thin.

Hope things pick up next time.

The greatest Ghibli anime ever was Spiritfarer. Think about it.
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Old Today, 12:23   Link #164
Happy Sphere
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Episode 7

Hmmm. So, Vivy suffered a fatal error at the contradiction between her mission of making everyone happy with her singing, and her songs essentially being the things that killed Grace and all the other AIs of Metal Float. Presumably, Matsumoto got her away from the island so she could be found and rebooted. When that happened, her memories related to the Singularity project and even her identity as Vivy were sealed away.

And that was some 40 years ago?! Someone check my math:
Diva was 1 year old when the Singularity Project began. (Age 1)
She went to Sunrise 15 years later. (Age 16)
She went to Metal Float 5 years after that. (Age 21)
Now, she is 61?! That's a 40 year jump, right?

I was confused at first because they mention 12 years, but it sounds like that's the Zodiac Sign festival that's 12 years old this time around.

There's a few interesting things about this episode that I think need to be addressed:
1. Diva clearly has some limited access to her past memories. She threatens to turn Navi into a calculator, the same thing Elizabeth threatened to do to her. She muses about how Humans stare in awe when confronted with something awe-inspiring... just like Estella said about Humans seeing space. She tells the new stage worker to simile in front of the guests. And probably a few more little things I don't remember now. So, her past experiences are still in there somewhere. Just suppressed or locked away.
2. Terrorist Boy is around... but is not old?! It's clearly him. He has the scar. He is wearing the piano keys(?) around his neck. He leads Diva into a trap. So... why isn't he old? If he was 15 or so during the building bombing... he should be almost in his 80s by now! Is Diva also repressing memories in real time so that she's seeing things not as they are? Could it instead be Terrorist Boy who rescued her from Metal Float and is using her??
3. Why did Ophelia commit suicide originally? She seems nervous, sure, but suicide? Was it really suicide? Estella didn't really crash Sunrise. Maybe Ophelia's suicide was really murder? Toak interfering once again?

Anyway, fascinating episode. It'll be interesting to see if Vivy reemerges next time and how badly that will devastate Diva. I'm super curious about Terrorist Boy's apparent age. It shouldn't be a son or relative... not with the same scar. Cloning? An android body? Something else??
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Old Today, 12:56   Link #165
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Spoiler for Episode 7:
[IMG] will protect you from the darkness and I change my destiny.
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anime original, sci-fi

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