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Confused Shark
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Exclamation Danshi Yamemashita <I Stopped Being a Boy>

Original Title : 男子やめました (Danshi Yamemashita) <I Stopped Being a Boy>
Author : Zeze Hihi
Status : 51 WN chapters
Length : 0.3 Million Japanese Characters

Webnovel : Syosetsu

Spoiler for Synopsis:

Spoiler for FAQ:

TS never gets old
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kari-no-sugata II
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Originally Posted by wuhugm View Post
TS never gets old
But it can go meta. I just read a manga called:
TS好きな男子がTSしたから全力で理想のTSっ娘を演じるやつ (A Boy Who Loves Genderswap Got Genderswapped so He Acts out His Ideal Genderswap Girl)

It feels bit self-insert and is a bit bland so far (what limited chapters there are) but it's fun to see a TS character be a bit more proactive about the change, rather than simply being reactive.

Going back to the story you mention above, it's nice to see cases where a TS character genuinely does become their new gender at heart. Probably the trickiest aspect is to get the balance right between moving too fast (I don't think it would believable for a normal person to quickly change how they think of others romantically) and moving too slowly (ie audience gets bored).

How well do you think the author is tackling character development and change and story pacing in this story?
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Old 2019-11-12, 07:06   Link #3
Confused Shark
Join Date: Oct 2007
Location: Atlantis
^Of course I read that manga too, still not many chapters tho

About this novel, the best part is the romantic interest is not the male childhood friend / best friend like the usual TS
Here, the boy is a classmate that the MC had only few interactions before
The boy is very popular and even had several girlfriends before
He even got one when the MC is already TS and falling for him
So there's drama
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gender bender, romance, school life

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