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Old 2018-03-23, 20:53   Link #21
Countdown to Index III: 3
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Originally Posted by Xellos-_^ View Post
3. Big Mama like the taste so much, she wants to marry Sanji herself.
Still has to catch them in time though.

I did a bit of math and determined that Puffs Island is a bit over 3 hours away from Cacao Island.

Unless there's some major stalling tactics put into play, how is Big Mom going to close that distance before they escape her territory? Use Prometheus as rocket booster of sorts?
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First, I think Sanji considers himself a cook before being a fighter. So, his philosophy as a cook: I will make food for *anyone* that is hungry. I'm pretty sure that the cake he made, and all the events that surrounded making it, delivering it (with Beige just sampling the cream and agreeing to help do that), and Big Mom eating it is what is going to lead to the Straw Hats victory here.

So, in that sense, I think this *is* very much Sanji's arc. The Straw Hats couldn't have succeeded here (getting the poneglyph *and* escaping) without him.
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Old 2018-03-23, 23:11   Link #23
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Originally Posted by henshinagogobaby View Post
Amazing chapter.

Can't believe that even after being saved, Judge STILL considers Sanji a "failure". Even a near death experience can't change how much of a dick this guy is.

At this pace, it looks like we're never going to get a reckoning between Sanji and his brothers. We just have to swallow and accept the fact that Ichiji, Niji, and Yonji will never get their comeuppance for what they did to Sanji in the past. Saving them didn't really change their minds about their brother, though at least they have the excuse of being monsters due to what Judge did to them since they were babies.

It's great that Jimbei's old friends is there to save the Straw Hats from Big Mom's pursuing crew and that Jimbei will join the team when all this is done.

But what about Carrot? What about Reiju? What about Pudding? Why is it that we can never get another strong, attractive and/or interesting female to join the damn crew?
I think we are jumping to conclusions with the discussions about the Vinsmokes, I wouldn’t root that out just yet, it’s still going somewhere with them.
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Old 2018-03-24, 03:17   Link #24
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One possibility of where it is going would be the cake canceling BMs DF.
That would show a huge impact on the current battlefield as it would render 95%+ of the fleet useless they are now up against without having to face directly.
An announcement over the DDM will tell everyone, including Judge, that it was Sanji's cooking that saved them from being overwhelmed. Germa fleet was very small on the map in ths chapter compared to BMP fleet, doubt they would survive, which was the goal during the tea party, if SHPs wold just leave after some help of Sunny Pirates.

With the Citizen leaving all the islands and the islands being highly influenced by BM's soul fruit it would also mark the end of her empire as she cannot just recollect life from them.
It would reduce BMPs to much smaller core force for a later rematch, as BM herself will be still OP. Doubt she wold be in a good mood either, so the children will suffer more. That could lead to Katakuri and Pudding being saved when the promised rematch comes in a much smaller side arc.

Chapter itself was the first bad one for me in a while. After the SHPs hyped up everytime Luffy came closer in the last few chapters, the reunion was off paneled and very low on emotions. And Apparently Judge had no development until now which kinda ruins Tea Party breakdown and the talk inside Großer Vater.
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