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Old 2013-10-24, 16:53   Link #41
Dark Paladin X
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Sentai Filmworks announced the dub cast for Little Busters via Facebook:

Chris Ayres

English Vocal Cast
Riki Naoe: Shannon Emerick
Rin Natusme: Brittney Karbowski
Kyosuke Natsume: Blake Shepard
Masato Inohara: Greg Ayres
Kengo Miyazawa: Leraldo Anzaldua
Komari Kamikita: Tia Ballard
Haruka Saigusa: Margaret McDonald
Kudryavka Noumi: Tiffany Grant
Yuiko Kurugaya: Carli Mosier
Mio Nishizono: Caitlynn French

Additional Voices:
Christopher Ayres
Krystal Laporte
Beth Lazarou
Connor Leach
Brent Marshall
Genevieve Simmons
Juliet Simmons
John Swasey
Allison Sumrall
Tiffany Terrell
I'm a little disappointed that they didn't get a male voice actor to voice Riki Naoe (I thought Sentai Filmworks is better than this). Greg Ayres as Masato might be a little miscast, but once I get the DVDs for Christmas, I see how that works. It appears to be Tia Ballard first role with Sentai Filmworks (as she's known to primarly work with Funimation). Tiffany Grant as Kud Noumi is an interesting casting choice. Seeing that she pulled a German accent in Infinite Stratos, I'm hoping she'll pull a Russian accent for this cute loli.
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Old 2013-10-27, 12:15   Link #42
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Tiffany Grant as Kud?

Too bad Kud isn't German. >.>
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Old 2013-10-27, 15:11   Link #43
Dark Paladin X
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Originally Posted by Archon_Wing View Post
Tiffany Grant as Kud?

Too bad Kud isn't German. >.>
Actually, my reaction of Tiffany Grant as Kud is more of a WTF Casting.

EDIT: I can confirm from someone at that Kud Noumi IS given a Russian accent (and the said person even gave me the audio clip of it). So the casting seems to be a bit more solid than I thought. I wanted to post the audio clip here, but I'm afraid of copyright infringement.

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Old 2013-10-29, 16:01   Link #44
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So here's the voices I have problems with... Masato (Though to his credit, Greg Ayers is at least trying), Kurugaya (Can't quite put my finger on it, but the voice is off), Kengo (Voice isn't deep enough), Kanata (Haruka is okay though) and Midori (Mio is a perfect fit though) Yeah... other then that I am fine with everybody else. Riki, Kyousuke, Sasami, A-chan and Haruka are okay, Komari is way way way more better (The biggest problem was that Yanase could not do the serious parts well at all, so this was great.) Mio is a perfect fit, Rin is perfectly fine (I quite like Karbowski) and as for Kud, while I admit her voice will take some more getting use to, I thought it was just fine. Different, but it worked for me. So five bad and nine good so to speak.

Oh and no "One frame Rin falls down in episode 9" anymore!

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