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Old 2019-04-10, 12:10   Link #1
Salted Tiger
Join Date: Oct 2007
Location: Hell of Cliches
Arrow Maou Taoshite Gendai ni Kaettekitara Parallel World Datta!

Original Title : 魔王倒して現代に帰ってきたらパラレルワールドだった!
Author : Shibano Sakura
Status : 75 WN chapters
Length : 0.4 Million Japanese Characters

Webnovel : Syosetsu

Spoiler for NU:

Spoiler for FAQ:

Parallel Earth
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Old 2019-04-10, 16:32   Link #2
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Join Date: Aug 2016
Although when I wrote badly about this novel I was with my tolerance bar through the clouds thanks to other junk novels.
It does not change my opinion to a large extent, I am tired of a Japan (and any other country) in which everything happens.
Japan "basically an island", limited resources, limited population and with the highest concentration of monsters, survived.
Meanwhile more than 170 countries have disappeared despite the fact that many are part of a continent.
If in this parallel world the wars happened, basically everyone was armed thanks to the Cold War
And not to mention the appearance of the inhabitants of the other world and their acceptance in a Japan of the 80s.
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Old 2019-04-10, 18:29   Link #3
Part-time Translator
Join Date: Mar 2015
So ignoring the glaring holes in the setting, how is this novel?
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Old 2019-04-10, 21:05   Link #4
Salted Tiger
Join Date: Oct 2007
Location: Hell of Cliches
^Erotic to the point it got warned by the admins
MC also easily kills people (yakuza) who stabbed children

^^Isn't it exactly because they are in the continent that many countries got destroyed like a rolling snowball?
And more dungeons also means more isekai people (which are more powerful than earthlings)
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Old 2019-04-10, 22:11   Link #5
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Join Date: Aug 2016
Which is worse hundreds of holes (all levels even the highest level) where monsters appear in a relative small territory without escape routes or tens or less (mostly intermediate and low) with multiple routes in a giant territory with access to resources, allies or in the worst case, because there are several countries will not all fall.

Unless the monsters of greater class appeared on the continents, this has no logic, South and North America possess huge amounts of natural resources and territory, large population, pseudo alliances and growing military power, Europe despite the war rose quickly and military power was modern and were in alliance with their neighbors, the USSR was at least 1 decade before the fall.

The worst is the part of the inhabitants of the other world, because they would be persecuted by all but US and Japan, US is understandable to some extent, but not Japan (they appeared all over the world and because of the persecutions they escaped to the US or Japan, it's it's not like most of them came to Japan just because they have more holes.) , even more considering how Asia was in that era with foreigners and worse yet with the same Asians. The 2 wars sent refugees to the American continent in masses and Europe has also received foreigners since always, I do not see the point of putting that all were bad except Japan.

This was done well in Muv Luv, putting the BETA landing zone away from Japan, putting other countries first and that thanks to these Japan survived well until the 90s, and when it was Japan's turn to face the problem they lost part of their territory and ask for help to the foreign countries to not be exterminated, being the BETA worse than typical monsters.

Last edited by Garn; 2019-04-10 at 22:25.
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Old 2019-04-10, 23:06   Link #6
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Join Date: Jul 2008
Gonna have to side with Garn on this one.

While yeah, it's very possible monsters could snowball out of control in counties with wide, open areas, that's no different from Japan.
Or rather, it's more likely with Japan. Not that other countries even with vast amounts of territory still can't have numerous geographic advantages.
Look at Japan's Firearm and Sword Possession Control Law, the average citizen legally has no ability to properly defend themself.
And even if they did there probably isn't numerically sufficient amount of ammunition and firearms even if they did abolish it. Like look at this.

Japan also has high population density. That means it takes longer to escape from a crisis, there will be confusion and turmoil, and any damage in one of these cities would likely exponentially multiply due to monsters becoming well-fed, meaning (presumably) well-nourished offspring. The scale of damage and monster growth would simultaneously grow exponentially. And considering most of that density can't reliably defend themselves, it's likely that's just what would happen.

This becomes even worse if dungeons appeared underwater, because that would mean their advantage of being an island nation becomes almost an entire disadvantage. Plus I'm sure flying monsters are a thing too.
The impact of losing the support of other countries through imports would also lead to starvation considering Japan isn't self-sustainable. This gets even worse if they become unable to fish due to water monsters (but monsters might also prove a food source). Not to mention being low in local resources so they wouldn't even be able to sustain any reasonable defense measures if completely isolated. Sure they have stockpiles, but stockpiles run out or could even become inaccessible.

Japan's only reason for surviving a world cataclysm is because 'it's Japan.'
Unless of course they come across dungeons or whatever that conventionally solve everything.
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Old 2019-04-11, 01:37   Link #7
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Join Date: Aug 2016
The only thing that would put Japan as a surviving country is that the author exposes points of advantage and that for the rest of the world the opposite.

Even so I stayed in the eighth chapter, it may be a good novel but that level of low information and preference is too much for me.
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Old 2019-04-11, 02:21   Link #8
Salted Tiger
Join Date: Oct 2007
Location: Hell of Cliches
The Isekai People came from inside the dungeon tho

Though I said "Japan" is safe, the only safe one is Honshu
Kyuushu is basically gone coz dragons
And Hokkaido has sinister thing going
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ero, harem, isekai, modern with dungeon, parallel world

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