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Yeah, there doesn't appear to be any traveling. Someone mentioned that it looked more like she was under house arrest, and I have to agree. The guards with muskets at the doors to all the rooms definitely didn't feel like hospitable arrangements for a foreign dignitary. On the other hand, she hasn't asked her Shadows to enact a rescue, either. She's not being held hostage, exactly, since she can at least send Melty back to the kingdom, but her movement feels very restricted.
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Originally Posted by Arya View Post
Well, not formally exiled, but practically. She is not reigning anything, not even when she tries to stop her husband and first daughter villain actions. She has to do it through the Shadows. Why? She is not exercising the power she is supposed to have. She doesn't even act directly or in first person toward the king, her husband, but she uses her daughter.
In regard of being traveling, the castle I remember she was pictured in was a rotten one, for any reason she was there, an odd location to put a Queen in. And the location was always the same iirc.

About the previous Shield I meant that I was under the impression the King met this previous Shield, or in any case he caused the lost of someone he loved, maybe when he was young, so not yet Royalty. The king said something of the likes, moreover linking it with to demi-humans.
The castle wasn't rotten in my memory, just a little smoky due to the place she's at being more advanced, like Industrial Revolution stage or so. Exile would mean that she'd been deposed and banished by my understanding, in which case she literally wouldn't be ABLE to reign. But that's not the case. Her decrees still carry enough weight to counter her husband and Mein's actions. Seems more likely that she's in a foreign nation on a diplomatic mission. There'd definitely be diplomatic issues to work out with the Waves hitting, after all. Whether she's working on one specific country or part of a conference in a single place or actually is travelling from capital to capital I do not know, but she certainly still seems to be the ultimate authority. And it really makes perfect sense that she'd send her daughter as well. If she's in the middle of some kind of sensitive negotiations with a foreign kingdom, she can't exactly get up and leave, risking a breakdown or relations. Sending the heir, who at least has the authority to reprimand those currently administrating, would be a typical act. Particularly if said heir is accompanied by the Shadows, as she was.

As far as her accommodations, the fact that she's free to roam around, talk to her daughter and send officials out suggests a good deal more freedom than you'd expect of an exiled queen or political prisoner. Perhaps there's a lot of strain between the kingdoms so they put a heavy guard to watch her, and watch anyone that'd try to attack her and start an all-out war in the middle of this crisis.

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