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Old 2019-04-14, 12:21   Link #1
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Anime/manga where demon king/army is the main focus?

Just finish watching overlord and slime reincarnated, and wondering if there any other show which the non human/demon/villain? is the main focus of the show instead of the usual human cliche setting?

No limit on category. Comedy, slice of life, horror, action, anything is fine as long it fit the criteria, some exception is fine too like MC is human but still take side on demon king/army, or reverse role setting where the demon king/army is actually the good side and the "holy"/human army is the evil one.

So far all i know is overlord, slime reincarnated, satan secretary (manga)
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Old 2019-04-14, 13:42   Link #2
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Highschool Dxd is a supernatural harem series where most of the main characters are devils. Most of the story takes place in Japan, but there is some focus on the underworld and the devil society.
Maoyuu has the demon queen as one of the protagonists.
Demon King Daimao is the story of a boy who is destined to become the demon king and is treated by everyone as a villain. The setting is a bit peculiar, so don't expect a typical fantasy demon king.
How not to summon a demon lord has the protagonist summoned to a game world where he claims to be and tries to act as a demon lord.
Speaking of manga/light novels, Jaryuu tensei is an isekai where the protagonist is a dragon, but he spend most of the time in human form.
Spoiler for spoilers about the setting and the plot:
The Unwanted Undead Adventurer has the protagonist dying and becoming an undead at the beginning of the series.
I hope some of these may suit your tastes.
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Old 2019-04-14, 15:48   Link #3
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If you just want straight up demons of the generic RPG/isekai kind then I can only recommend The Devil Is Part Timer, which is a comedy about a demon king who gets transported into our world and works at McDonalds.

But if you're interested in a broader definition of your "non-human" criteria then I recommend the following much more:

The best example I can think of is the Chimera Ant arc of HunterxHunter but that's a good length into the series before you reach it.

However it's heavily influenced by Parasyte which would also fit your criteria and is really good.

I highly recommend Land of the Lustrous where the characters are anthropomorphic gems. There aren't any humans in the anime though.

There's Casshern Sins which is about humanoid robots in world where humans are an endangered species.

There's also Tokyo Ghoul which is basically vampires versus humans, though it really drops the ball after the first cour.

It's an older title but I can also recommend Wolf's Rain which features the adventures of a group of wolfs (they have human forms as well) that journey to their "paradise".

For non action/thriller there's The Eccentric Family which features the exploits of a tanuki family. Humans are largely the villains of the story.

Another good one is Hozuki's Coolheadedness which is similar to Satan's Secretary where hell is run like a bureaucracy.

And finally, if you're interested in manga recommendations then check out To Your Eternity. It's about an immortal shapeshifter that can take the form of people who die during his encounters with them.

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Old 2019-04-14, 17:24   Link #4
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Location: Italy
Wait, did I really forget to mention Yokai ningen Bem? Shame on me.
You will die, mortal
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Old 2019-04-15, 10:07   Link #5
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Thankyou all

That should cover me for quite a while =)
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Old 2019-04-15, 15:49   Link #6
AS Oji-kun
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The "Western yokai" arc in GeGeGe no Kitaro (2018) portrays an "American" yokai overlord intent on taking over all of Japan. It begins here

but I suggest giving the rest of the show a try as well if you like stories about demons. It's full of them. It has also my nominee for best single episode of 2018, episode 20.
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Old Today, 10:05   Link #7
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I also suggest to check out Beyond - a two episode OVA from the 90s. It's about someone waking up as the ridiculously overpowered Demonlord, even though he doesn't really have any incliniation towards that end, misunderstandings happen and hilarity ensues.

There's also Bastard, another 90s OVA that more or less parodies Berserk. It's been too long since I've watched it, but I faintly remember the protagonist not being one of the good guys. Probably similar to Chivas 1-2-3 (90s, OVA) where the protagonist kind of does whatever he wants and only gets motivated by money. Neither outright side with the opposing force, though. Still refreshing to watch.

Leaving the fantasy territory, there's other stuff with villains as the protagonist:
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