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Old 2006-05-07, 16:35   Link #101
Join Date: Jul 2003
1. Kino's Travels - Probably the most thought provolking piece I've ever seen. Memorable characters and great action in the one or two episodes that actually have any :P

2. Fullmetal Alchemist - What can I say? It's just an amazing series which manages to do a bit of everything well.

3. Last Exile - Amazing atmosphere and a brilliant (if slightly flawed) story. Probably the most visuall impressive anime I've ever watched.

4. Scrapped Princess - Yet another great setting. Very memorable characters. This series also manages to ask a lot of the questions and touch on many of the issues that the Matrix failed at addressing.

5. Kannazuki No Miko - Stupid? Okay, I'll admit some bits were. But if you realize that magical mechas are just the background, it's an amazing romance.
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Old 2006-05-10, 14:52   Link #102
Join Date: May 2006
1. Gunslinger Girl
I love the series. Yeah it wasn't groundbreaking nor does it have a plot that most people expected and not much action either , but I really liked the general theme (handler-girl relationship) the characters , overall style , artwork and music ! Ending was perfect , english dub is awesome.

2. Last Exile
Really nice animation if not the best. Story/setting is cool.

3. Azumanga Daioh
What can I say except ... WTF LOL ?!!!oneone

4. Samurai Champloo
Great characters/story/music and theme ... and funny too (Baseball ep )

5. Haibane Renmei
Art is beautiful. Nice story same reason why I liked Gunslinger I guess.

Others I like are Cowboy Bebop , Elfen Lied , FLCL , Eureka 7 and all of Miyazaki's and Ghibli's films + Grave of the fireflies .

That's it so far ...
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Old 2006-05-11, 10:14   Link #103
Senior Member
Join Date: Jan 2006
Originally Posted by Lost
Anyhow, I haven been watching Anime for long, but here are my current top five, ranked in descending (best --> very very good) order:

Top Five:

I haven even completed watching the series, and its already my TOP anime. A Testament to its Divinity. ~~ Finally finished it. Even more reasons why it sould be at the top. To sum it up, this is a REAL series. Real as in realistic. Not one where bad or good is easily defined; its a grey anime, as haruhiko put it. Where good and bad is acknowledged as being intertwined, and even expressed in the same character. WATCH IT.

(2)Mai HiME
Its in this spot for being the Anime that most changed my life. And I mean Literally changed.

(3)Rozen Maiden and (4)Rozen Maiden: Traumend
One of the few series that made me laugh out loud at one turn and cry like a baby at another (Yes, I'm a boy. No, I'm not a sissy. Come and try me if you want ). Also, the only Anime I've watched with a sequel that matches its predecessor step for freaking step. If not better.

Few anime leave me wanting more each time like Mushishi does. For an Anime that emphasizes the Continuation of Life in midst of Tragedy, it deserves this spot. Gets pretty emotional too. (You can see I love Emo)
Eh I'm seeing some love for Last Exile and SP here, so I'll just expand my list a little

(6)Scrapped Princess
I'm putting this first because storywise, it had so much more going for it than Last Exile. This was a truly great show. Funny at parts, gut-wrenchingly sad at others (~okaasan~ ), deeply meaningful too. You can't beat the logic of a 16 year old, egg-loving naive. Arika, Pacifica pwns YOU!!

(7)Last Exile
The world created for this Anime came to life. Music, protrayal, animation/drawing, designs, the armies and system of fighting, the vanships. I loved this because it simply sucked you in. Plus great characters that felt so life-like.

Last edited by Lost; 2006-05-12 at 09:39.
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Old 2006-05-11, 14:09   Link #104
Junior Member
Join Date: May 2006
My top 5 in no particular order.

Haibane Renmei
I have a soft spot for Haibane Renmei, the series is far from perfect but I love it! Haibane Renmei has memorable characters with great character development; the story is compelling and has the most original premise. All in 12 episodes. You do need a certain anount of patience as the pace is very slow in the first half.

Kino no Tabi
Kino no tabi is a masterpiece that more people need to watch. The sheer intelligence and humanity of Kino no Tabi makes this show my absolute favourite. Kino is the best female character to walk the face of anime.

Kino travels and meet people, Ginko travels and meet people affected by Mushi. 'Nuff said.

What Lost said. I feel so guilty for letting it collect cyber dust for a year before watching it..

Now and Then, Here and There
This show touched me so deeply, the story was brutal, heartbreaking and extremely touching.

Another one of those anime set in a post apocalyptic world. It's robots against men, only not. This is a thought-provoking, surreal and violent anime. The ending was confusing for me, apparently the subs left out a crucial bit. Will definitely be rewatching this with pleasure.

Hunter x Hunter
Best shounen anime evar.

Honorary mentions based on their manga, I do intend to watch them one day.
Berserk and Monster

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Old 2006-05-11, 16:53   Link #105
Join Date: May 2006
Age: 27
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here's mine:

1. maria sama ga miteru ---- stand by for the next season
2. wedding peach ---- this is so old but i really liked it
3. hunter x hunter --- i wanted to be a hunter when i was young bcoz of this anime

4. kannazuki no miko --- it's like yami to boushi no to hon tabibito but liked it too

5. gto --- great teacher onizuka!!! so cool

this is tentative...........
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Old 2006-05-12, 22:04   Link #106
Martian diplomat
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Fate/Stay Night----the ONLY anime(apart from Suzumiya) that can make me translate their novel/manga
Gunslinger Girl----the ONLY anime that can make my cheeks wet
Madlax----the ONLY anime that can make me feel like a guy...somehow
Shuffle!----the ONLY anime that can make me fall for anime girls
Suzumiya Haruhi----the ONLY anime that can make me watch a raw(unsubtitled anime)

Sorted by alphabat order...not going to rank them as they're all unique to me...
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Old 2006-05-13, 04:42   Link #107
Senior Member
Join Date: Mar 2006
1. Berserk (Favorite anime, favorite manga, favorite main character, favorite anime character period. Guts FTFW.)

2. Great Teacher Onizuka (Easily the best anime comedy that I've ever seen, and awesome characters. Eikichi Onizuka and Urumi Kanzaki are two of my top favorite anime characters.)

3. Neon Genesis Evangelion (This was the first anime series that I ever saw that wasn't being aired on American cable television at the time, its what sealed my interest in anime, and its still one of my favorites.)

4. Full Metal Panic (Second favorite anime comedy. FMP and GTO are the only two anime that can make me laugh more than once or twice per episode.)

5. Elfen Lied (Nice tragic story. Nana is the only anime character that I've ever really felt sorry for.)

Its too early to put it on my favorites list, but I think that its worth noting that I'm following four anime right now: My-Hime, Full Metal Panic Fumoffu, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, and Shuffle, and while I'm really enjoying all of them, I'm enjoying HiME the most. I wouldn't be surprised if it ended up in my top five. (I've heard that the ending sucks, but look at my #1 and #3... if I continue to like it, the stuff leading up to the ending will stand out a lot more in my mind than the ending itself)
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Old 2006-05-13, 06:18   Link #108
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Evangelion...such a popular series...wish I can watch it someday...
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Old 2006-05-13, 17:08   Link #109
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Originally Posted by Sinanju
10. Hellsing - Vampire-anime, tho it's not japanese-made it's very good. (japanese dub)
Since when is Hellsing not japanese made? It was adapted from a freaking manga and produced by GONZO, a japanese animation studio.
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Old 2006-05-15, 09:26   Link #110
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lol a manga not made by japanese will be a comic/cartoon...
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Old 2006-05-15, 10:53   Link #111
Isamu Daisen
Join Date: Dec 2005
1. Macross Plus - That's where I got my username though it's mispelled.hehe. I love the story, action, mechas and best of all the OST. Yoko Kanno!
2. Neon Genesis Evangelion - obvious why
3. Vision of Escaflowne - Unique design of mecha and very good storyline...
4. GTO - Laughtrip.
5. Samurai X - Best Samurai series ever especially the Shishio story arc. Too bad he died....

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Old 2006-05-19, 12:57   Link #112
Aburame Clan
Junior Member
Join Date: May 2006
2. Hikaru no GO!
3. Eyeshield 21
4. Detective CONAN
5. Pokemon (Believe it!)
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Old 2006-05-19, 14:16   Link #113
Nemo Me Impune Lacessit
Join Date: Apr 2006
Location: England
Age: 28
Had to remake my old list because it was terrible!

1.Kanon-Great storyline and surprising ending, all the characters drawn to be cute
(Most people will cry, I didn't but maybe thats cause I have a heart of ice)

2.Fate/ Stay Night-Enthralling story of Magic,Masters and Servants, it looks too cool
(The servants are cool, which will be your favourite?)

3.Vandread-Every man's fantasy , Hibiki finds a home among female space pirates
(Meia Gisborn is possibly coolest female character eva created-strong and silent type,cool eye accesory,blue hair and skin tight space suit=ownage, really surprised that the makers had the will power to stop it turning into yuri )

4.Naruto-Ninja anime,in the ep Dropouts Hidden Power I almost shouted "Hell Yeah" , interesting to see if Naruto will accomplish his dream
(Shame about the fillers, I recommend watching up to the beginning of the star village eps and then paint that wall/fence you never got around to, take your neighbours' dogs for a walk or start your own knitting partys <--- any of these mind numbing tasks will entertain you more.)

5.Ichigo 100%-A harem anime that beats all others, kind of sets the standard
(Wth was up with the talking panties OVA??????? it was rubbish)
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Old 2006-05-20, 10:55   Link #114
In the Tatami Galaxy ↓
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I think I'd have to add School Rumble to my top five, but I also think this will wear off. It's a great anime nonetheless.
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Old 2006-05-20, 17:20   Link #115
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Join Date: May 2006
1 Gravitation
Because of all the emotion it's really the first anime that actually almost made me cry(and I almost never cry)
2 Full Metal Alchemist
Very good I especially like the outcome of who the Homonculus are and some very good twists
3 Yami no Matsuei (sorry if there are any typo's in that one)
Very good action
4 Naruto
It was way higher before but after 80 fillers it really loses interest, ne?
5 Dragonball Z
Still kinda good even though the popularity in Holland dropped to close to zero
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Old 2006-05-20, 18:18   Link #116
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higurashi, elfen, bebop, haruhi, fmp
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Old 2006-05-21, 04:06   Link #117
Circular Logic
Join Date: Dec 2005
Right. Time for a requalification.

1) Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
2) Monster
3) Kimi ga Nozomu Eien
4) Neon Genesis Evangelion
5) Azumanga Daioh
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Old 2006-05-21, 04:11   Link #118
I desire Tomorrow!
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^ I change my initial post every now and then Not that many people see the edit, but that's more for me, keeping a list of my favorites online
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Old 2006-05-21, 05:08   Link #119
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Location: Stockholm, Sweden
It´s hard to rank shows. But I usually name Gundam SEED as my favourite. NGE is a show I´ve seen numerous times. FMP and One Piece are also shows I really, really like. Me like.

Air is the show that made me the most emotional. Now and Then, Here and There is also a show that grabbed me. Eureka 7 and Blood+ also have some great moments and they average very highly in my book.

The coolest anime I´ve seen is Samurai Champloo.

Not to forget Banner of the Stars, Last Exile or Scrapped Princess.

I could go on for a while. So I think I should just stop here. I most certainly have forgotten some anime I like.

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Old 2006-05-21, 19:18   Link #120
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Location: The Moon Kingdom
Age: 39
hmm lets see what I think of atm...

1) Sailor moon
2) Chrono crusade
3) Maria Ga miteru
4) Scrapped Princess
5) Blue Gender
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