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Old 2014-07-31, 01:44   Link #1
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Little Busters EX - Episode 7 Discussion / Poll

Welcome to the discussion thread for Little Busters EX, Episode 7.

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Old 2014-08-07, 16:43   Link #2
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Beautiful ;_;

This might of seemed short but it got the point well across. Anime only viewer here though so I'm not sure what was omitted.
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Old 2014-08-07, 16:52   Link #3
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This episode might have been my favorite so far. Always entertaining when a character like Kanata shows her dere side.

And the ending was pretty powerful.
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Old 2014-08-30, 16:05   Link #4
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That was a good episode I really Kanata in this episode, specially when she try calling Riki "Naoe" for the first time.
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Old 2014-09-02, 01:34   Link #5
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I think this is the most lines A-chan got this episode, out of any episode in Ex, Refrain or LB. Does this mean that they are considering adapting Kud Wafter after Ex?

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Old 2014-09-02, 02:47   Link #6
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Originally Posted by novalysis View Post
I think this is the most lines A-chan got this episode. Does this mean that they are considering adapting Kud Wafter after Ex?
Pretty sure they've already said they wanted to adapt all of Little Busters!, including Kud Wafter.
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Old 2014-09-02, 05:31   Link #7
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Originally Posted by Rising Dragon View Post
Pretty sure they've already said they wanted to adapt all of Little Busters!, including Kud Wafter.
But then, the end of Ex would have been a perfect point to announce Kud Wafter...... and yet, there is no news.

Also, this route seems to be taking place before the Summer Holidays, not after in early Autumn (which is what you would expect, if this was after Refrain). Does this mean that Kanata's route is taking place in the adaptation, in an alternate continuity independent of the events that led up to the accident that led to Little Busters, and Refrain?

Still, A-chan's increased presence in this route gives me a great deal of hope for a Kud Wafter adaptation.
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Old 2014-09-02, 23:39   Link #8
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Increased presence ? A-chan actually has less scene time in the anime....She always has a bigger role in Kanata's route,I don't see how her presence here hint toward Kud Wafter.
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Old 2014-09-03, 00:13   Link #9
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Episode 7: I don't hate pickles.

So we finally reach Kanata's arc which will definitely give off Kanata's side of things. While the troubles found in Haruka's arc were resolved on her end, at least mentally, the real Kanata remains a mystery. So, let's strike the plot-o-matic one more time!

Mio on having to write Key scripts over and over again.

So we start out with them playing a game of Kick the Can, but Haruka being herself decides that rules are for losers and griefs her own team. Ah, don't you just hate automated match making? She has that "u mad" face going, which is often what I do when I post on forums.

Sorry; dynamic content not loaded. Reload?

See this is why I hate having fucking noobs on my team!

Sadly, the hall police are out to get Haruka again, and thus Haruka must find a distraction to escape.

And that my friends, is why season III of Shana ended up like that.
Wait what?
Oh look a can!

Kanata surprisingly comes out and tells the monitors to can it, because they're causing their own trouble. I only wish they'd do that to meter maids more. Meanwhile, Haruka appreciates her sister's leniency, a far contrast from before, and the first hint that Kanata is not some evil overlord of the school. Instead, she just lets them pursue her because she can take it. Kinda like Batman, except much less cool and Kud wearing a cape doesn't pass off as Batman either.

Meanwhile, their club is in trouble, and Kyousuke sends Riki to the honorable mission of convincing Kanata. Or maybe Kyousuke didn't want to engage in a staring contest, and put Riki up to the task.

Kanata, no matter how long you stare at me, I'm not going to vanish.
That's what you think!

Though it turns out Kanata's just really dedicated to her job, and not just doing shit because she's power hungry. Well, don't mess with her grass though.

Y'll whippersnappers better get off. I just watered it yesterday!

Right, in fact, I didn't even want to wear anything at all, but...

Eventually, Kanata starts to slowly warm up to Riki, because Riki's insistent on talking and doesn't mind being treated harshly. Riki's learned a lot of pick up lines throughout the span of this series after all. It turns out that Riki's trustworthy enough to at least be of use to her, which is fine. Kanata being the observant one has been noting the Little Busters, and sees her sister having fun while she's stuck with her shithole of a family. It does bring out a sense of longing in her, but it's hard to really get any closer.

And thus, I founded the SOS brigade.

Wait, wrong story.... Sadly, an ominous figure comes out because I guess we always need people to make Kanata feel miserable and that something is being arranged. Given that we know that Futaki family = pain, we can only hope that it would just be mildly annoying. Riki and Kanata after all that work go out to eat, and we have an amusing sequence where Kanata is OCD enough to fix up her burger so it's orderly, so you know she's not going to put up with casual scum. She's dead serious. This is starting to remind me of Odo from Deep Space Nine, another character whose seriousness and obsession with order is quite amusing. We also learn a few more quirks about her and pickles, while not liking sweets (okay, girl, that will require some fixing), which brings her more down to earth to us but without telegraphing any moe attributes which is quite typical of shows of its kind.

We also have Kanata doing the flustered JC Staff girl thing, just because...
Sorry; dynamic content not loaded. Reload?

Unfortunately, as Kanata has finally made a friend, we remember this is a Key Visual Arts story. Kanata is aware too, so she goes back to work to avoid the plot. Sadly it was not enough and some idiot fucks up cooking (what!). She puts out the fire, because apparently nobody can do anything, and gets her shirt wet. While that may seem like a time for a fanservice scene, we suddenly get reminded of her scars from abuse. And then she overhears someone say "Kimochi Warui" (how disgusting) and that triggers a traumatic memory, ends up vomiting.

It's ok, Kanata! Everyone reacts to End of Evangelion like that!

And then the worst is yet to come. I thought there was a number of good Kanata scenes throughout the episode. One would never expect the two sisters to be cooking side by side (well, okay, it's really just Kanata) in peace and all is well. But with the situation focusing on Kanata here, we just have one more piece of the puzzle to fill before the thing is complete, so I doubt Kanata will just be left alone to her ebilll family. Maybe they'll trick them with a twin switch, or just switch Kanata with a decoy. We all know Key girls all look the same, so that should be easy with a wig.

Sorry; dynamic content not loaded. Reload?
Let us start here from Square one. No... from zero!
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Heh, nice review Archon.

I took my time to watch the last two episodes of EX. I'm a big fan of Haruka and i also like Kanata somewhat so i wanted for the Arc to be complete before watching it. This episode was really cute, it approached Kanata to the audience in a way kinda different to the other girls and also turned tearjerking from the moment Kanata ran to the cook class and fire-sprinklers started working (i immediately guessed what's about to happen T-T).

As expected of a Kanata arc we also had good Haruka scenes and it's nice to see the once resentful and hate-filled girl now loving and looking up to her big sister. Rather than being jealous Haruka is now proud to have an Onee-san as capable and cool as Kanata.

Kanata also growns on me big time during this episode. She always was a character who provoked powerfull emotions. During the first half of Haruka's Arc i hated her guts to hell and back and told myself she better had a very good reason to do what she does ...turns out she DOES had a very powerfull reason to do what she did and i eat up my words but back then i was just happy their conflict solved and wasn't too attached to Kanata i just felt simpathy for her. Now it's different and i can wholeheartily proclaim myself a fan of the pink twins.
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