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View Poll Results: Critique of Episode 49
10 out of 10: Near Perfect... 5 6.58%
9 out of 10: Excellent... 6 7.89%
8 out of 10: Very Good... 5 6.58%
7 out of 10: Good... 10 13.16%
6 out of 10: Average... 12 15.79%
5 out of 10: Below Average... 9 11.84%
4 out of 10: Poor... 8 10.53%
3 out of 10: Bad... 4 5.26%
2 out of 10: Very Bad... 6 7.89%
1 out of 10: Torturous... 11 14.47%
Voters: 76. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 2012-09-29, 17:38   Link #221
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Finally marathoned it.

Episode 49.

What a load of bullshit.

With the exception of the scene where Flit fires the nuke while getting everyone to do something useful, it was just a succession of asspull deus ex machina.

Zera Gins, the not so useful super X-Rounder (since Super Pilot who cares about you having X-Rounder powers or not?), vagan top secret weapon (why did they even bother making that Legilis if Zera was going to pilot the Vagan Gear anyway?), most bland character in the whole show (why bother giving him a family name in the first place when he has no family and is basically a machine in a human body?), total plot device (AGE has a lot of these but Zera tops them all), is the final boss.

It it wasn't enough SID comes out of nowhere to fuse with the Vagan Gear because... it probably makes it look cooler with wings? I can't help but question this move since SID happened to be a lot more powerful on his own.

Anyway they defeat VG SID and Ezelcant dies a happy man because Kio can provide an alternate way to project Eden by being a nice boy. God. Then everyone lives happily ever after. End. God.
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Old 2012-10-01, 20:41   Link #222
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Originally Posted by Arabesque
I sympathize greatly with Hino-san. I can not begin to imagine what it was like for him to feel like the entire world was against him, being placed under insane pressure and criticism thrown at him at every turn, whether unjust or otherwise. That said, I can understand it was difficult, and when he mentioned that this was a painful experience, I believe him and my heart goes to him regardless of what I felt about this show. I have never been nor will I ever be part of the hate group that had attacked Hino-san and never gave him a chance to prove himself, and despite what I think of his writing, I hope he and his company can bounce back
Haven't followed the series online since like ep 20 so can you or anyone else explain this situation in some detail...Links are welcomed...I want to know how the controversy led to how he perceived he had to write the show...
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Old 2012-10-01, 20:51   Link #223
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Average at best in the Gundam Series, wish they make a better series next time. Don't get me wrong this show had it bright, but also down sides. When compared to other Gundam Series by Seed and Gundam 00, it really makes this series seem so small.
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