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Old 2015-10-27, 20:21   Link #21
Marcus H.
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Wasn't it heavily implied what was Ougi's identity back during Shinobu Time? At least I thought she was supposed to be an avatar of the 'darkness' back there.
Well, that might be a red herring, especially with what happened in Hana. You have to ask: if Mayoi has moved on and Shinobu is no longer a viable target, then why is Ougi still here if she is related to Kurayami?

By the way, is it possible that Sodachi actually wanted the class assembly shitstorm to happen?
Judging from the "upside down 4" symbolism in the episode, Sodachi might be the "hanged man" in the story. People see her as someone who was sacrificed—a martyr, in other words—but in reality, she might have planned this all along, probably to force feelings of compassion from Koyomi.

It was probably a good decision by Tsubasa to prevent Ougi from interfering. If my hunch is right, then Ougi would have exposed the truth to Koyomi like any "detective" would do, at the expense of even worsening Sodachi's condition. At least Tsubasa knows this possibility and would avoid it from happening because she's more human than Ougi would ever be.
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Old 2015-10-28, 09:46   Link #22
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Didn't Shinobu Time happen after this arc? Since Ougi did just meet Araragi not long ago. Ougi knows how to push Araragi around but she unwittingly put Hanekawa on her guard by revealing too much to a third party on how much she shouldn't know as someone in her position, ie how Senjougahara's place "is further".

I think her most stand out line she's been repeating, which should be tied to her agenda is "I don't know anything. It's what you (Araragi) know."

"Are you afraid of change? Or are you afraid to change?"

"Wheel turns, river flows and life goes on."

"Best way to kill a man, is to leave him alone."

"Until you come, until we close our eyes."

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Old 2015-11-01, 20:19   Link #23
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Originally Posted by Anh_Minh View Post
She could also be a human using some kind of technique, like Kaiki or her alleged uncle. But yeah, it does seem like he's forced to accept what she says ("I'm Oshino's niece", "we had an appointment", "we have a deep and trusting relationship"...).
And.. from Hanamonogatari:

Spoiler for Hanamonogatari:

Something like that also happened in Tsukimonogatari when Ougi acted as if Araragi had told her about Ononoki even though he doesn't remember that at first.

Ougi also acted as if she had already been an acquaintance of Nadeko when they first met in the second series, only to realize later that she "had messed up" and then proceeding to think out loud on how to remedy her error.

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