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Old 2018-08-12, 06:16   Link #181
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err WW 3 arc is from vol 20+ right?
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Old 2018-08-12, 09:39   Link #182
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Originally Posted by devilo96 View Post
err WW 3 arc is from vol 20+ right?
Yes, vol 20-22.
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Old 2018-08-18, 05:42   Link #183
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I'm surprised to see Lessar in there... how far this session going?
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Old 2018-08-19, 23:17   Link #184
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For those who didn't like the OP and comparing it with Mami Kawada's OPs, apparently the lyrics are still done by Mami Kawada and the same composer who did the previous OPs, even though it's performed by Kurosaki Maon.

Just wanna say that the result probably would've been the same even if Mami Kawada's name is the one slapped to the OP instead of Kurosaki Maon
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Old Yesterday, 08:50   Link #185
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Hurray for Kawada Mami lyrics! But I don't think anyone here complained about the lyrics. Its all about the delivery and music that accompanies it.
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