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Old 2017-02-12, 20:43   Link #1
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The Future Of Politics

Political Networking (how social networking is changing
politics forever):

"Social networking is changing politics, that fact should be clear by now. A simple proof:
Trump wouldn't be in the White House without it.

But where is political networking taking us?"

"My bet is on a participatory political system made possible by social networking. It's the
best chance for a better future. A system where we put social networking to work for us
instead of against us."


Is this where politics is headed?
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Old 2017-02-13, 19:18   Link #2
Witch of Betrayal
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Call me old-fashioned, but I'd like traditional political parties, some of the media, and political reporting to stay in business. They introduce some biases, sure, but also some much needed curation and professionalism.

Online movements with free participation always turn into a chaotic mess.

We can't just get our political reporting from the President's Twitter, that would just be one-sidedly abusive. At the same time, you can't expect Trump to do a Q&A stream or a forum AMA on the Internet without it turning into a total clusterfuck.

The gist is that the stuff Trump did with social media worked great for campaigning, but not so much for government.

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Old 2017-03-10, 00:34   Link #3
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A BIG Start-up Opportunity in Politics?:

"While open source insurgencies are extremely powerful (they have toppled governments
and fought wars), they are very difficult to govern with. For example, open source
insurgencies dissolve into infighting without an active enemy to fight. Trump's work
around for this has been labelling the media as the opposition party and generating

Because Trump's start-up didn't build any technology, he doesn't have a cohesive social
network to synergistically unite his political supporters. A synergy that could turn it into a
dominant political force. It's still operating in open source insurgency mode (something
Steve Bannon understands in his bones).

This means there is still a massive opportunity available.

An opportunity to build the first political social network that replaces a traditional party
apparatus. One that operates completely different than any political party we've had in
this country.

A political platform that provides direct participation (think apps) in the political process on
a daily or hourly basis rather than once every two years.

A platform that could grow to 60 m active participants in less than two years.

A platform that establishes norms of conduct and expectations of the future rather than
rips them down."

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Old 2017-03-10, 05:19   Link #4
Key Board
Join Date: Nov 2003

/r/thedonald has shown success and Trumphouse is trying to subsidize 4chan

to a certain degree it's working
4chan 15 years ago was anti authoritarian
Not anymore

Question with boldness even the existence of a God; because, if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason, than that of blind-folded fear. - Thomas Jefferson
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Old 2017-08-23, 23:52   Link #5
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American Politics: Bad Boys vs. Mean Girls:

"The political parties and the media aren't the primary actors in the US political system
anymore. Increasingly, politics is being waged online by networks. A fight between two
powerful and very different online social networks (I gave them names that are both
descriptive of how they operate and easy to remember):

The bad boys (similar to a gang or tribe) network grew in support of Donald Trump.
It proved innovative and fast enough to circumvent first the Republican party's and then
the media's control of the electoral process. It was decisive to his victory.

The mean girls (similar to a social clique or ruling aristocracy) network solidified in
response to Trump's unexpected victory. Its cohesion and single mindedness neutered
the Trump administration even before he took the oath. It's FAR more effective than the
Democratic party and the media at exercising political power."

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Old 2017-08-24, 05:19   Link #6
Takao Tsundere Cruiser
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Well this is embarrassing.

TLDR: House Republicans tried to use the 1986 Legend of Zelda video game as reference on tax reform. The problem was they claimed Nintendo was founded in 1985...except that Nintendo was founded in 1889.

If they're gonna use videogames as reference, get the info right.
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Old 2018-02-24, 20:01   Link #7
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Join Date: Jan 2008
Liquid democracy uses blockchain to fix politics, and now you
can vote for it:

"Abraham Lincoln famously said that “government of the people, by the people, for
the people, shall not perish from the earth,” but looking around these days, you would
be forgiven if you thought representative democracy had already been buried
alongside Washington, Jefferson, and Roosevelt. Confidence in Congress remains
pitifully low, driven by perceived low ethical standards and an increasing awareness
that politics is bought by the highest bidder.

Now, a group of technologists and blockchain enthusiasts are asking whether a new
approach could reform the system, bringing citizens closer to their representatives
and holding congressmen accountable to their voters in a public, verifiable way. And if
you live in western San Francisco, you can actually vote to put this system into office.

The concept is known as liquid democracy, and it’s a solid choice for fixing a broken
system. The idea is that every person should have the right to give feedback on a
policy issue or a piece of new legislation, but often people don’t have the time to do
so. Using a liquid democracy platform, however, that voter can select a personal
representative who has the authority to be a proxy for their vote. That proxy can be
changed at will as a voter’s interests change."

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