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Old 2021-12-02, 12:45   Link #1301
James Rye
Senior Member
Join Date: Oct 2014
Location: Germany
You guys forget there ain't just two Chikas but also two Ninos and Two Godzumas plus either an Izumi/Toma/Kazama (because Nino is allergic to "jobbing" Tachikawa XD). That team must have gotten the most wins besides Mizukami except if other teams also managed to run away and only get draws. Had a good giggle at the text with the others getting blasted away/sniped "they got owned so badly you'd develop PTSD if you were to read how badly, you get the gist". XDDD

Those chapters were great though! I loved Katori's expressions in those chapters, especially the thousand yard stare, the silent seething while being dead inside part, just great stuff. Also liked how quickly she saw through the sniper shot at Oki being a random one that is only used to find wormbag-hidden targets with the auto shot. She is a gamer and you see it with her broken comment and all, but you also see that strategy ain't really her cup of tea else she would have also quickly realized why Osamu's question about tagging unknown enemies before they got Id was so important. She did got it after his explanation though given her "!" and changed expression.

Suwa is doing good captain stuff like giving Katori Izumi so that she can't complain (too loudly/much) when they keep losing. Also asking for input while keeping his own thoughts to himself to not influence his teammates thinking process. And ofc already realizing that this special assignment might be bad for them or worse than for other teams. Maybe because it is so time-consuming so writing it will continue into their next battle?

Osamu doing Osamu stuff, being used to losing and using those loses to learn about the game, its aspects and how the other teams behave. Mizukami being so good from game 1 was too obvious with the other teams compared. The others might think that Mizukami "got gud" due the games they had before, Suwa squad knows for a fact that Mizukami squad work together was out of the world.

Oki and Ui providing nice chips and quips, good support charas.^^

Makes me wonder if somehow this special assignment will turn things around for squad 7 because losing all of their games first day is harsh even if those are worth only 50 points. So they gotta step up from their next game and while Osamu's boring and obvious inquiries will improve their communication and this team work and thus improve their gaming and time saving overall.

Am also glad most of those matches were done in one panels but the first one was shown to explain all the "broken" stuff. This game is basically about exploiting your gadgets to get the most out of free or cost reduced actions to overwhelm the other team at a critical point like Mizukami did when he predicted when they would attack. Had they waited a turn then and stayed put then they would have watched two Teruyas running into the middle of the road and their shoot commands not triggering since there was nobody to shot at. And if they had protected Oki from sneaky Kashio then Oki could have easily sniped them if their defense wasn't up like it was with their double guard back then.

A pretty cool, albeit seemingly broken, game. Wouldn't mind playing that myself. Though it would be a bitch to coordinate with 3-4 other players in a minute for what the best plan is.
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Old 2021-12-02, 16:16   Link #1302
James Rye
Senior Member
Join Date: Oct 2014
Location: Germany
I wonder if Suwa squad will adapt Mizukami's strategy but instead of doing it solo it will be a tag team of Osamu and Katori playing whereas the other three continue their tasks. Like Osamu thinking up plans and Katori due her gamer history putting them in insanely fast. You know, the Pinkie and the Brain stuff. Other thought I had was if perhaps they gonna use Osamu as a living canon ball. Like Raythruster to rush in and meteor to blow things up close combat. Like I doubt any shield in this game can withstand a meteor so losing one Osamu to take out 2-3 or more opponents is a great plan for a video game.
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Old 2021-12-02, 19:11   Link #1303
Kana Hanazawa ♥
Join Date: Jun 2007
Location: France
Age: 35
A bit surprised Osamu hasn't figured out Mizukami was playing alone. It's definitely the best way to play, especially if assignments are going to drop during matches.
Rize and Kaneki
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Old 2021-12-02, 23:23   Link #1304
Wandering Soul
Senior Member
Join Date: Oct 2013
Location: America
I imagine that now other teams are going to do similar by not having every member play so that they can tackle the assignments that come in during the matches.
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Old 2021-12-04, 08:22   Link #1305
James Rye
Senior Member
Join Date: Oct 2014
Location: Germany
With the new volume we also got some new interesting tidbits:

Spoiler for Katagiri Squad:

Spoiler for Kusakabe Squad:

Spoiler for Urushima Squad:

Spoiler for CHIBI TIME!!!:

Translation to said chibi info:
>Captain Kusakabe: Saki-chan
>Member of the Kitora Victims Club who went to become an Operator after failing to win against Kitora who joined at the same time. But with the formation of her own team which surpassed Arashiyama's in rankings she ended up being the few examples of achieving revenge. During her stint as a gunner she was in Suwa-san's care, while being taken under Osano and Yuitsuka's wing when she became an Operator. B-cup who is probably still stronger than Rokurou.

>Composed & Accomplished Four-eyes: Satomi
>Ultra Four-eyes who debuted on a spread panel. With footwork and communication skills cultivated in track 4-man relay, he unknowingly rose to be the top gunner. He severely downplays himself as ace, and gives thanks to many others instead. He and Yuba Unit were actually created before serialization started, but somehow was introduced this late. No one could have predicted this.

>Rising Dragon of Jocks: Saeki
>As a result of being too compatible with sports culture since young, this boy grew up to be a puppy looking up to his senpais. He derives great joy from praising his senpai, to the point where he would renew his reverence by arbitrarily finding their good points. His personality draws in same-year and junior agents, so he could have become the honorary captain of Saeki Unit, but the explosive rise in ranks up till the current Kusakabe Unit made it complicated.

>No Comment Sniper: Uno
>Mysterious Shades who hasn't said a word since his debut. He possesses the side effect of [Precise Body Manipulation] and has been using it since middle school but gave up on growing his height by too much. This yabai lad's side effect allows him to move while sniping but somehow he couldn't reproduce Twin Snipe, so he respects Satori's sense and effort.

>Maki Risa: Maki Risa
>Maki of Risa who controls Fuyushima squad by the head. She has one of the sharpest minds out of the operators but her pride and desire to express herself causes for some unorthodox fights to break out. She values talent a lot and wants to warp idiots who act like they have talent to the north pole. A C cup girl who is a fan of Mika-Mika.

>Rare Creature: Mai-san
>A fat cat who wants to live in extreme laziness. She has the side effect of "cuddled cat" and has became fat after being fed and taken care by those around her. Since "cuddled cat" has little effect on those who aren't fond of small animals, it remains a mystery whether or not Kido-san or Ninomiya would indulge her. IQ of 129

Interesting how Kusakabe was a rival of Kitora who gave up on the path as gunner and instead became an Operator, sole Operator captain and even overtakes Kitora's squad in the a rankings. That girl must be incredibly skilled considering she probably joined at the same time as Kitora.

Also Mai's sideeffect is hilarious. I am not sure if Ashihara is serious or not about this but if she actually gets treated like a fat cat cause of her side effect then that is just too funny. xD

Spoiler for Fans editing the Vol. 24 cover:

Spoiler for One more thing to add: POINTS SO FAR!!!:

Haven't found much translation of this yet, safe this:
Top A-rank scorers
>Ouji (+26)
>Kurauchi, Somei, Suwa (+22)
>Arafune, Kodera (+20)
Lowest A-rank scorers
>Kageura +3
>Yuzuru +2
>Sayoko +2
>Kikuchihara -3
>Urushima -7
>Katori - 13

But overall it clearly says how many points people made in their test, in "shared" or "delegated" tasks only two teams got 30/15 points rest 0, points for the task answer (very close together lowest is 75 and highest 85 points) and points from the A rank judges and ofc all counted together. Right now Katori being in last place makes me wonder if Ashihara intends for her to end this test with a lot of plus points in her A rank score bank as in to show how much she changed and the judges gave her points for that. Obviously she won't make first place but her getting out of the negatives would already be pretty big.
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Old 2021-12-04, 09:05   Link #1306
I disagree with you all.
Join Date: Dec 2005
Poor Osamu and his 31 points...
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Old 2021-12-04, 11:52   Link #1307
James Rye
Senior Member
Join Date: Oct 2014
Location: Germany
Originally Posted by Anh_Minh View Post
Poor Osamu and his 31 points...
Yeah, I would have liked to see his actual score and not his "my trion is so shit, it cannot run a pc, lol" score. Though tbf it only happened because he was the test subject for the trion light machine. At least he got 12 points but like that's lower than what Oki and Ui got. Hope he can score more judgement points and that his 31 score jumps by at least 400-500 extra points next day.
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Old 2021-12-05, 10:16   Link #1308
James Rye
Senior Member
Join Date: Oct 2014
Location: Germany
Found some more info in regards to the points the 11 teams got so far:

First Name is always Captain of the Squad and second Name is always Operator.
The 5 lowest scores are:
1. Our boy Osamu (rip Trion laptop, 123)
2. Hyuse (268)
3. Nire (274)
4. Yuma (275)
5. Taichi (291)
Poor Osamu... and lol Nire so bad even a Neighbor beat her by one point. xDDD
And the top 5 are:
1. Kodera (515)
2. Kitora (497)
3. Kurauchi (489)
4. Hana (482)
5. Mizukami (476)
Dayum, Kodera and Kitora are super smart, holy shit. Bet Mizukami could be better but he feels a bit lazy to me, like easy way out and such with taking the solo battle approach without discussing it with his team.
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action, shounen stargate

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