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View Poll Results: High School DxD NEW - Total Series Rating
Perfect 10 5 12.50%
9 out of 10 : Excellent 18 45.00%
8 out of 10 : Very Good 9 22.50%
7 out of 10 : Good 5 12.50%
6 out of 10 : Average 1 2.50%
5 out of 10 : Below Average 1 2.50%
4 out of 10 : Poor 0 0%
3 out of 10 : Bad 1 2.50%
2 out of 10 : Very Bad 0 0%
1 out of 10 : Painful 0 0%
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Old 2013-09-26, 02:08   Link #1
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High School DxD NEW - Overall Series Impressions & Total Series Rating

This thread is to be used for discussing the entire episodes of High School DxD NEW ... your thoughts about the show, overall impressions, expectations and hopes about Blu-Ray/DVD-exclusive footage etc.

A few subjects you might want to ramble on about:
  • General impression of the series.
  • Opinions on the overall story, writing & plot devices.
  • Thoughts about the animation quality.
  • Characters/Character Design
  • Voice Acting
  • Which kind of footage (Blu-Ray/DVD-exclusive) you feel you'd really like to see.
  • What the show meant to you.
  • What could the creators/animators/writers have done better.

And so on.

The poll represents your total series rating. In other words, how you would rate all the episodes combined (1-10)? If you'd rather rate the whole series by technical/artistic merits, you can do so. An example:

Animation Quality: 1-10
Voice Actors: 1-10
Script: 1-10
Soundtrack: 1-10
Editing: 1-10
Enjoyment: 1-10
Emotional Involvement: 1-10

Average = Total Series Rating

Or a combination of the two. Or your general gut feeling.

Feel free to discuss and more importantly, have fun
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Old 2013-09-26, 03:13   Link #2
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Animation Quality - 8/10 and 5/10 for the fight animations.
The everyday life and echi scenes were great no real complaints the shading and movements were fluid and fairly detailed when zoomed out.
Now the fight scenes... and some of the closeups had me confused with spacing, especially the last episode. Azazel's fight was REALLY rushed and the armors on Ise, Vali and Azazel looked basically like crap during their fight scenes. Whoever directed the last episode needs to rethink what it means to close up on a things with too many dimensions. No actual intricate movement at all during the fights, just a solid 5/10 animation during fights.

Voice Acting - 9/10
All the voice actors apart from maybe Irina were fantastic. At first I didn't like Gaspers' voice but it grew on me by his second episode while Irinas' was just TOO high pitched.

Script - 8/10
Good solid story, some of the scenes that were cut were necessary and the added bonus addition to other scenes were done well, mainly Irina being at the summit and the additions of Azazel's scenes throughout the first 6 or so episodes.

Soundtrack - 7/10
Personally some of the new songs were nothing to write home about they were myeh.

Editing - 8/10
Good editing. Solid work. If not a little too predictable.

Enjoyment - 9/10
Had fun watching the show personally it was about half a step up from the first season but they'll need to really amp up the animation qualities during the fight scenes if they do season 3.

Emotional Involvement - 7/10
Some of the character felt rushed and slightly underused Irina could've been completely written out and nothing of value would've been lost they should've extended this to 13-14 episodes just to be able to expand some of the other characters with either cut material, things from short stories or even anime original scenes just to help the story flow.

Overall - 8.5/10
All in all I loved this season, sure, I wasn't expecting much of the fight scenes or anything from it in general since these last 2 season, arc wise, is my least favorite.
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Old 2013-09-26, 06:50   Link #3
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A second season far more interesting than the first. Be it for the blot, the action or the humour.

Having read the novel, there was no real surprise from the plot for me but I personnaly found the first season (and so the first 2 novel) to be the least interesting in that regard. A bad point was that it felt rushed, especially at the end of each arc during the battle. It's too bad since those are fun and pretty interesting in the novel. But all in all, the story was still interresting to follow.
Sript 8/10

While I'm talking about the battle, they were disappointing in term of animation. Clearly laking dynamism, particulary durnig the fight between Issei and Vali. It's a shame since it was the climax of the season. As for the rest, it was good. Too bad it was mainly for fan service. Too much fan service in the serie. Doing a close up on the girls's breasts while their talking about a serious matter wasn't necessary, even if they were in the bath. Cutting some of it would have allowed for more time for the battle. It's Higshcool dxd! It's turn around breasts. Their is no need for added fanservice. And trust me I love breasts.
Animation 6/10

Now about the voice actor. Nothing in particullar. It was really good. I was quite pleased with Xenovia. She sounded really good with that voice. The same for Azazel. He really sounded like a "not too serious" kind of character, which he is most of the time.
Voice acting 9/10

About the soundtrack, I didn't pay that much attention to it so I guess nothing drew my interest. The only exception is the second ending which was for me even better than the pole dancing one from the first season. The openings wher mehh at best.
Soudtrack 5/10 (10/10 for the 2nd ending)

Editing no opinion

In the end I really enjoyed those 12 episodes even if it was far from perfect (a little less fan service and a little more action next time please). The girl where cute (Xenovia jumped dirrectly into my top 3), the character where funny, and the most important of theme where nicely developped so not to much waste here. Issei still as much focussed on breasts and he's right. Never forget your dream Issei!!! The Balance breaker were awesome (far better than in the light novel). And I almost forgot Azazel's rocket punch .
Enjoyement 9/10

For the Emotional Involvement, well hard to say since I already knew what would happened. But I must admit that I was fired up during Issei and Vali duel. Because Vali desserved to get is ass kicked.
Emotional Involvement 7/10

Overall 9/10
Rushed story and too much fan service are my main issues with that season. Appart from that it was really great. Season 3 please.
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Old 2013-09-26, 08:27   Link #4
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Well, in my opinion:

Animation Quality I would give it a 8/10, sure the quality of the fights might not have been ideal, but I guess nothing can be perfect.

Voice Actors: A good quality work, in this regard ... a few voice actor's have been slightly different then what I hoped, but still it deserves a solid 9/10 in this area.

Script: Well, I have nothing to complain about, when it comes to this. They portrayed almost everyone of the important scenes from the novels, and the added / changed content, also makes sense, when it comes to the future volume events.

So 8/10 in this area.

Soundtrack: Well, I haven't heard any new songs that especially caught my attention. Although the Op and Ending have been pretty good.

So, 7/10 in this area.

Editing: 8/10 - Solid work, although some things have been done in a too predictable way.

Enjoyment: A solid 9/10, I enjoyed most of the contents of this season, so nothing to complain about here.

Emotional Involvement Having already read the novels I have been pretty much aware of what are going to be the contents of this season. While a few things have been rushed, having only 12 episodes to contain the events of volume 3 and 4, it's obvious that not all the events could be portrayed in the same way as they occurred in the original material. So, I would rank it as a 7/10 in this area.

Overall: I would rank this season as 9/10, since despite it's issues, watching this season was pretty enjoyable to me, and I can't wait for Season 3 to appear already.
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Old 2013-09-26, 17:14   Link #5
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Not quite going to provide scores just yet as I still need to marathon the final few episodes, but there was something a little grating to me that I wanted to share - not a (total) fault of the adaptation but the series in general.

Far too many characters, with far too many different super powers that somehow get unlocked for no reason that are all cavity plothole insulation. Saji learning about his Gear, "Absorption Line" and being able to use it's power immediately. The whole thing about Balance Breakers and people being able to immediately use those all becomes a bit of a mess, and rather unfocused as to who is who and whether I should care.

Sudden revelations that pop out of nowhere barely help either.

Just my 0.02p.
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Old 2013-09-27, 22:18   Link #6
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Overall, the quality was a downgrade from the first season. The ED did not move until half-way and even then, it didn't leave an impact like the first season's. Yes, it moved a lot. But content-wise, not that good.

Story-wise, it was fairly interesting... until the last arc. It is great that someone from the God side finally appeared, but the random hood guys were stupid and the development of the story wasn't particularly good either. Anyways, last arc wasn't that good. But well, I like fantasy, so all of the talk about Ouroboros and Leviathan and those stuff is always fun to hear about.

The new character that was introduced near the end (the trap) was honestly................... not that successful with me. Trying to shout out the audience for the character wa~~y too loud. Aimed too blatantly.


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Old 2013-09-28, 08:40   Link #7
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Overall very complimentary to season 1, building on prior knowledge and developing the characters further. Weird to say in a fan service show but I would like even less fansevice and more of the big picture plot and conflict.

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Old 2013-09-28, 14:05   Link #8
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High School DXD NEW. End of Season Thoughts

I do not understand what happened to me regarding my perceptions on this second season to High School DXD.

I recall last year how much I was amused and entertained with the first season, given that it freshly meshed up seinen harem-comedy elements with shounen fighting-battle elements.

However, when it comes to the first six episodes to season two I was like put off with the fanservice and did not like it. It wasn't until the next arc started at the seventh episode that my appreciation for this series returned. Nevertheless, I quickly grown tired of Issei's lecherous attitude and extreme obsession with "oppai", although that's the point his character not only excels at but sells.

Furthermore, I read few posts out there stating that this season featured less fanservice in comparison to the previous one. I digress. In fact, if the writers rose the bar for the fighting elements, then it's obvious that they also did it for the fanservice. A great part of this show's creme is the fanservice.

I can say with satisfaction that the latter half restored most of my expectations for season two.
The first season dealt mostly with both Issei and later Asia adjusting to their new lives as demons; it was their present.
The second season for the most part dealt with Kiba's past, and also managed to allot time to explore a little bit on Akeno's past, as well as introducing more new characters that later join into the Gremory clan: Xenovia as the Rias's second knight in the set, and Gasper who was already Rias's first bishop even before the events of the first season took place.

At the end of the final episode, we have that not only Issei's harem expanded per se, but also all the girl club members moved to his house by orders of Sirzech, and Azazel joined their cast as their Club advisor at school.
Indeed, the world is spinning wildly, as Azazel put in words.

Probably, I might want to join the ride again when season three materializes, as I have no doubts that High School DXD's popularity will ensure for that. In fact, if there's probability for a third season to happen, then it will come on next year.

This has been the sixth title to conclude for the 2013 Summer Anime season.
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Old 2013-10-01, 22:42   Link #9
Join Date: Mar 2013
Location: Toronto, ON, Canada
Age: 28
Animation Quality: 7/10
Voice Actors: 9/10
Script: 8/10
Soundtrack: 7/10
Editing: 7/10
Enjoyment: 7/10
Emotional Involvement: 6/10

7/10 rating.

It's really unfortunate that despite the series having a lot of potential, the anime staff kinda ruins it...
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