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Old 2020-06-12, 19:31   Link #1
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Stories where a boy supports/protects a girl in secret

Honestly I'm not sure what the best description of my request is, so I sort of winged it there. I'm basically looking for a story with a guy and girl similar to Ishigami and Miko from Kaguya-Sama. In it, Ishigami is implied to have spent a lot of time and effort trying to help Miko over the years, anonymously supporting her and begging the main characters to find a way to win the student council election without driving Miko to further humiliation. I don't know whether anything will happen between them ever, but still I like the dynamic. The girl doesn't have to view the guy with contempt and hate as Miko does initially, but I'd prefer stories where things have at least made it far enough to establish a real relationship between the pair rather than a ship that may never leave harbor.
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Old 2020-06-13, 03:48   Link #2
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It happens a lot in Chinese romance manhua. E.g. Peerless Alchemist, where the ML helps the MC in disguise but she has no idea it's really him. And for a while she's torn by her feelings for "both" men.
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Tokyo Majin should be what you look for. In a way relationship between Aoi and Horaji is very similar to Ishigami and Miko.
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Watashi no Ashinaga Ojisan if you don't mind the boy being somewhat older.
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