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Old 2015-11-12, 00:47   Link #1
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The Nature Of Reality/Existence

The 6 Most WTF Scientific Theories About Existence:

"The universe is a really strange place, and as science progresses, it just
keeps looking weirder. So when fringe theories like the below come
about, your first impulse is to laugh them off, but then you think, "Is it
really that much stranger than what we know now?"

So we're not saying that any of these mind-blowing theories about the
nature of everything are accurate, we're just saying that they were
proposed by people smarter than us, and it's fun to think about how ..."



There Is Growing Evidence that Our Universe Is a Giant

"If a friend told you that we were all living in a giant hologram, you’d
probably tell him to lay off the kush. But incredibly, physicists across
the world are thinking the same thing: That what we perceive to be a
three-dimensional universe might just be the image of a
two-dimensional one, projected across a massive cosmic horizon."



A New Way of Thinking About Spacetime That Turns
Everything Inside Out:

"One of the weirdest aspects of quantum mechanics is entanglement,
because two entangled particles affecting each other across vast
distances seems to violate a fundamental principle of physics called
locality: things that happen at a particular point in space can only
influence the points closest to it. But what if locality — and space itself
— is not so fundamental after all? Author George Musser explores the
implications in his new book, Spooky Action At a Distance."

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Old 2015-11-18, 23:18   Link #2
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Theory and Experiments suggest Space Time is made of
Quantum Entanglement:

"Many physicists believe that entanglement is the essence of quantum
weirdness — and some now suspect that it may also be the essence of
space-time geometry.

Mark Van Raamsdonk proposes a unification of quantum mechanics
and gravity. Both quantum mechanics and gravity theories have been
abundantly verified through experiment, yet the realities they describe
seem utterly incompatible.

Van Raamsdonk’s approach to resolving this incompatibility is  strange.
'Entanglement' is the key: the phenomenon that many physicists
believe to be the ultimate in quantum weirdness. Entanglement lets
the measurement of one particle instantaneously determine the state
of a partner particle, no matter how far away it may be — even on the
other side of the Milky Way."

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Old 2016-01-17, 17:13   Link #3
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String Theory Might Merge With the Other Theory of

"Eight decades have passed since physicists realized that the theories of
quantum mechanics and gravity don’t fit together, and the puzzle of how
to combine the two remains unsolved. In the last few decades,
researchers have pursued the problem in two separate programs—string
theory and loop quantum gravity—that are widely considered
incompatible by their practitioners. But now some scientists argue that
joining forces is the way forward."

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Old 2016-01-26, 09:19   Link #4
Draco Spirit
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Can't say I like string theory, it's currently unprovable as false or true and that's something I leave to religion.
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Old 2016-06-02, 22:05   Link #5
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Elon Musk believes we are probably characters in
some advanced civilization's video game:

"By far the best moment of Recode's annual Code Conference was when
Elon Musk took the stage and explained that though we think we're flesh-
and-blood participants in a physical world, we are almost certainly
computer-generated entities living inside a more advanced civilization's
video game.

Don't believe me? Here's Musk's argument in full:"




If the Universe is just a computer program, I wonder if the SysAdmins
are named Beldandy, Skuld, Urd ......................

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Old 2016-10-08, 23:48   Link #6
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Tech billionaires think we live in the Matrix
and have asked scientists to get us out:

"Two of the technology world's most powerful billionaires are
concerned we are living in a Matrix-style simulated world and are
working with scientists to break us out.

In an article in The New Yorker, writer Ted Friend explains that the idea
of the "simulation hypothesis" has been on the rise among tech's elite.

"Many people in Silicon Valley have become obsessed with the
simulation hypothesis, the argument that what we experience as
reality is in fact fabricated in a computer; two tech billionaires have
gone so far as to secretly engage scientists to work on breaking us out
of the simulation," Friend claimed.

Neither of the billionaires were named in the piece."

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Old 2017-07-10, 22:31   Link #7
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Basic Assumptions of Physics Might Require the
Future to Influence the Past:

"One of the most well-accepted physical theories makes no logical sense. Quantum
mechanics, the theory that governs the smallest possible spaces, forces our human
brains to accept some really wacky, uncomfortable realities. Maybe we live in a world
where certain observations can force our universe to branch into multiple ones. Or
maybe actions in the present influence things earlier in time.

A team of physicists did some thinking, and realized this latter idea, called
retrocausality, is a consequence of certain interpretations of quantum mechanics, and
therefore, certain interpretations of the nature of reality. Their new paper is more of a
“what-if,” an initial look at how to make some of those quantum mechanical
interpretations work. Some people I asked thought the work was important, some
thought it didn’t matter. Others felt the authors’ interpretation of quantum mechanics
avoids the problems posed by the new paper. But no matter what, quantum mechanics
will force us to make some uncomfortable conclusions about the world."

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Old 2017-07-11, 00:02   Link #8
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Age: 21
Seems more like clickbait rather than anything substantial or logical.
Oh my God, I fell in love
I fell in love, with the love
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Old 2018-07-29, 02:42   Link #9
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The Peculiar Math That Could Underlie the Laws of Nature:

"Furey had figured out how to build on a finding of Günaydin’s from 40 years earlier—a
largely forgotten result that supported a powerful suspicion about fundamental physics
and its relationship to pure math.

The suspicion, harbored by many physicists and mathematicians over the decades but
rarely actively pursued, is that the peculiar panoply of forces and particles that comprise
reality spring logically from the properties of eight-dimensional numbers called

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Old 2019-11-15, 01:53   Link #10
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Quantum physics: our study suggests objective reality doesn’t exist:

"Alternative facts are spreading like a virus across society. Now it seems they have even
infected science – at least the quantum realm. This may seem counter intuitive. The
scientific method is after all founded on the reliable notions of observation,
measurement and repeatability. A fact, as established by a measurement, should be
objective, such that all observers can agree with it.

But in a paper recently published in Science Advances, we show that, in the micro-world
of atoms and particles that is governed by the strange rules of quantum mechanics, two
different observers are entitled to their own facts. In other words, according to our best
theory of the building blocks of nature itself, facts can actually be subjective."

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Old 2019-11-15, 11:04   Link #11
Infinite Zenith
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Originally Posted by kanoguti View Post
Seems more like clickbait rather than anything substantial or logical.
Most of the articles posted here are click bait at best, and fabrications at worst. If one is seeking good resources on quantum theory, Steven Hawking and Brian Greene both have excellent publications and books.
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Old 2019-11-21, 07:46   Link #12
kari-no-sugata II
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Indeed there is plenty of click bait out there.

For something better, I'd suggest watching these videos by Sabine Hossenfelder:
Or see her blog:
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