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Old 2021-02-27, 17:32   Link #1
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Sony shut down japan game studio

it's seens which indeed sony is become more and more "western and less "japan" since a lot of developers where fired and only a few still there to work focused on single titles or less games come from japan from sony studios, they really seens to want to focus on they western studios.
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Old 2021-02-28, 10:15   Link #2
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It not just more Western though, Sony big profit are generally their electronic stuff, but for pure entertainment side, Playstation in general was showing lower revenue with later generation, PS2 was a legend, but PS3 is kinda so-so, with some exclusive strategy Sony managed to scrouge up back the popularity for PS4, but it was never managed to reach the same level PS2 once was. Minus the cost for paying exclusive games, PS side does not make that much money, especially when compare to the biggest earner of of Sony department atm, Sony picture, which is located in US.

There is also the issue with recent cross play and multiplatform trend atm, Western customers seem to be willing to spend more on device like the PS where in Japan the sale decrease with the multiplatforming game become more and more common.
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