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Originally Posted by human013 View Post
After Mugino fights Misaka, Mugino finds out about the project and says, "I see. That's why they chose Item...". Why was Item chosen?
I believe they choose an organization that works underground because the project was illegal. They couldn't let normal people know about it. Which means not hiring any official group to protect it.
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Old 2015-07-26, 22:53   Link #22
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I hear there not going be a new Railgun chapter this month is that true?
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Old 2015-07-27, 00:01   Link #23
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It's listed in the lineup for this months magazine.
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Old 2016-01-23, 21:20   Link #24
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In chapter 74 of the Railgun manga page 25 the reporter on tv talked about a group coma incident. The only one I remember is from vento but I think that arc comes after this arc. What coma incident are they talking about?
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Old 2016-01-23, 22:13   Link #25
Index III was shithouse
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That's the one. Vento arc occurred during the brief timeskip in the chapter the coma incident was mentioned.
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