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Railgun Manga Forum Rules and Guidelines

Welcome to our Railgun Manga Discussion Forum. Just remember to observe our Forum Rules and the general rules outlined below, before posting. Enjoy!
Railgun Manga Discussion Forum Rules and Guidelines

1. Regarding raws, and translations:
  • Do not post links to, mention where to find, or ask for scans of raw manga and novels.
  • Do not post or ask about raws or novel illustrations
  • Do not post about translations of the manga/novels themselves
  • Do not ask about when translations will be done
  • Do not post only to update people about translation status
  • No posts only to thank translators
2. Do not post large amounts of translations.
We aren't a translation site. We don't mind someone asking for clarification on a panel or page of the manga or novel, but repeated requests can lead to entire translations being posted and these are not allowed.
3. Do not hotlink images directly from another site.
Please upload the image to a public hosting site such as ImageShack or Photobucket. In addition, please use thumbnails or the [images] tag for large images. Hiding large images behind spoiler tags does not prevent users from loading the images when they click to view the forum page, and it still stretches the page when the spoiler tag is clicked. Please be courteous and use thumbnails or the [images] tag as much as possible.
4. Do not ignore our Spoiler Policy.
Show some consideration for your fellow community members and use spoiler tags when appropriate. Just like our Anime discussions, Manga and Light Novel discussions are required to follow our Spoiler Policy. We understand that translations can lag behind original language (raw) content and that it can be difficult to keep events from being spoiled so we merely ask that you use some basic courtesy and use the spoiler tag when discussing any newly released material and major events (such as deaths or new characters).
5. Do not allow comparisons to drag threads off-topic or into spoiler territory.
Discussion of novels and manga can naturally lead to comparisons between the source material and other forms of media (for instance, when the anime differs from the manga or novel). This sort of discussion is encouraged, but we draw the line when people post spoilers or derail the thread with discussion of other forms of media. Please restrict your comparisons to things that have already happened in the form of media the thread is discussing and stay on-topic.
6. Do not ask when the next chapter is going to be scanned/released (the Do NOT ask when the next episode will be released! thread also applies to manga/novel translations).
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