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Old 2014-02-14, 23:48   Link #321
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Just watched the OVA. Felt like any typical episode of the series, which is a very good thing when you're referring to Natsume Yuujinchou. Touching, enjoyably melancholic, and emotionally relatable. I really liked the philosophical musing about human nature here by the ice youkai. There's no attempt to be overly profound or deep when this series touches on human nature. It's just simple and reflective. Curiously, it's also somehow quite "believable" that a spirit would view humanity this way.

Originally Posted by Flower View Post
Yes indeed. A very good series! If you have not checked the manga yet you may consider picking it up.
I may have to - having gone nearly two months without an episode (presumably a far shorter time span than many of you…), seeing the OVA really drove home how much I miss this series.
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Old 2014-02-15, 08:07   Link #322
Guardian Enzo
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Truly, that OVA was wonderful. I'd say it ranks even higher in its series hierarchy than the Mushishi special did. Everything I love about Natsume Yuujinchou there - mono no aware exquisitely presented.
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Old 2014-02-15, 17:09   Link #323
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The OVA was wondrous as expected. It made me wish for a sequel more than ever. It's already been two years since the last season, they should have enough material by now. Even though Natsume Yuujinchou is one of my favorite series, I've held off on reading the manga until now because nothing beats discovering these fascinating stories in animated form.
Rize and Kaneki
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Old 2014-02-15, 19:52   Link #324
Guardian Enzo
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There isn't enough manga yet, sadly - probably another year at least. But given that NY continues to be a great seller, I do expect a fifth season to happen.
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Old 2014-02-15, 21:42   Link #325
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This is probably one of my alltime favorite series(I just started on season four) and I hope there's more.

Is the manga a lot different than the anime? I think after I watch season four, I'm going to go with the manga.

Also, Nyanko-sensei/Madara is the best mascot character ever.
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Old 2014-04-03, 14:51   Link #326
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Just saw the OVA and will agree it was a very Natsume episode. Another encounter, touching moments, and then a farewell. Didn't really have a reason for Nyanko to transform so just threw in a little bit of harassment for that reason .

Really just a good episode that reminds me of all the reasons I enjoy this series. Just moves the character development slowly forward and tells some nice stories along the way.
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