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Old 2008-01-23, 21:55   Link #61
Toyosaki Aki
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Originally Posted by Bornsatin View Post
DejaVu, and it is epistemology + existentialism as far as I understand.
Sure, it's something vaguely along those lines. Although your final question is really a question of ethics, not either of those.
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Old 2008-01-24, 13:02   Link #62
An Intellectual Idiot
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Originally Posted by Anh_Minh View Post
That's a problem of language, not of truth.

Language is a matter of consensus. Things like whether the Earth is flat or not isn't.

Besides, our knowledge isn't restricted to stuff we are taught. If that was so, there'd be no progress.

I see where you going with that....What I'm trying to point out is that everything we know, we were taught in some way. Weather we observed it and taught ourselves, or someone else taught else....Nothing can be done with out being taught. It doesn't have to be a person who teaches you. I never said that our knowledge was restricted, nor did I imply it (Well..I might of...not purposly of course...but I might of ...), I'm simply questing the facts. The English language was made becase somebody made a sound and gave it a meaning.......The sound could of been anything....WOOOGAHMUSHATETOGALUDA!! Could of mean "I HATE BEANS ICE CREAM!" The fact of the matter is, what we know, we were taught, Now, everyone generally knows the same things...which is what my parents would categorize as "Common sense." Meaning, it's obvious as to what it is. Now, in a religous sense, the problem with religion is our information has been changed...The notes as to what has happend in the bible has been around for thousands of years..through those years, some pages were destroyed, ruind, etc...And somebody had to make..lets say the Bible. So, the could easily change the information. What I would think is that the true facts in the world are the ones in which you choose to believe.
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Old 2008-02-15, 19:11   Link #63
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There's no consequence in life if you do not believe if there is a consequence. People might say things are inevitably true but I deny that.
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free will, philosophy

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