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Old 2004-01-04, 00:27   Link #1
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Join Date: Jan 2004
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Hey! Im a new member here, and I'm still getting the hang of using bittorrents. I gotta say, Anime Suki is probably the best out there.

Anyways, on to the subject!

I was searching around for some new anime to watch (i get bored when there are no more episodes for a particular series to dl), and I found Ikkitousen. No, i have NO IDEA what its about, but the art looks pretty good.

So, can you guys gimme some input? And where I can dl this? THanks!
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Old 2004-01-04, 04:25   Link #2
Prince of Chronics
One Piece fan
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: Toronto, Canada
Ikkitousen is basically a fighting/ecchi show... lots of panty shots and also a decent amount of fighting... it can be pretty dumb if you try to make sense out of it, but overall, its a pretty entertaining show... the show though is licensed...
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Old 2004-01-04, 05:14   Link #3
<--- Lolita Complex
Join Date: Dec 2003
Location: Australia
Age: 34
Hmmm, yoru first post and its already a bad a sorta licensed way

Anyways i wouldnt suggest getting ikkitousen its a load of crap imho....

there is much better series to DL than that...

And as Prince of Chronics said its licensed, please check if a series is licensed before asking for links to DL it

Anyways welcome to animesuki forums as well...
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Old 2004-01-04, 06:29   Link #4
Kinda Sorta Anime fan
Join Date: Dec 2003
i won't bother reposting it so i'll just post the link

summary: if you want to beat off to it, don't bother. if you want to watch something w/ a story, don't bother.

if you want to watching nothing but fan service, it's a great anime for that. just don't expect anything else. if there's "real" hentai out there, get that instead.
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Old 2004-01-05, 21:28   Link #5
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Location: Antwerp area, Belgium, Europa
Age: 42
everyone keeps bashing ikkitousen. I admit there is alot better material out there but I found it really enjoyable.

Basically ikkitousen is an ecchi fighting anime, so expect alot of combat scenes with lots of panty shots and all. The story (yes there is a story) : Basically there is a competition between several high schools to become the ruling high school. But it get's a bit furter then that since every fighter wears so called yamagata( or something like that, basically it's an earring) which is said to hold the spirit of long dead warriors and is said to determine the wearer's destiny. So apart from the high schools fighting each other we also get the characters who are fighting their own destiny. All in all I must admit this isn't the best anime you'll ever see but I found it a very enjoyable anime with some funny moments and a couple of cool characters (a bad show with cool chars can be worth it imo).

So try it out for a few episodes. If you want info on other shows available on animesuki (ikkitousen is licensed so the torrents are no longer up) just check the suggestions forum or make a post in which you specify what kinda anime you like.

edit: damn typo's
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