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Old 2014-08-29, 11:36   Link #41
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Coolest chapter in quite some time. Well done Oda, even with the bad taste of Rebecca's demise left in my mouth I can't help but love this chapter.

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Old 2014-08-29, 13:14   Link #42
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the panel where usopp is aiming right at the reader is one of my favorites from the entire manga
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Old 2014-08-29, 13:26   Link #43
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Originally Posted by marvelB View Post
Eh, I think his eventual confrontation with Van Augur will be more interesting, personally. Seems like they're destined rivals, anyway....
Couldn't agree more. I think the meeting with Yasopp will be an emotional one and maybe who can one up each other in a contest if they don't battle but that eventual confrontation with Van Augur will be bad ass.

On another note great chapter. Cool to see Usopp gain Observation Haki. I had always hoped he gained some kind of haki. He's a sympathetic character. The best part is how he describes his role as the sniper, a support man who doesn't need to be praised even by Luffy.
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Old 2014-08-29, 13:37   Link #44
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Originally Posted by ricksta760 View Post
Couldn't agree more. I think the meeting with Yasopp will be an emotional one and maybe who can one up each other in a contest if they don't battle but that eventual confrontation with Van Augur will be bad ass.
yea i dont see the SHs ever battling Shanks crew either. They will probably work together against a common enemy at some point.

also, i love your avatar! i was just talking about that game lol
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Old 2014-08-31, 01:57   Link #45
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lol Usopp got Observation Haki... maybe the rest will start having it...

Dang it Avalon, you c(XD LOL)-block Shirou and Reinforce, but don't protect his mind in other ways? What is wrong, you woman?
Friendship, be made! Magical power, gather! Starlight Breaker.... this world!
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Old 2014-08-31, 07:01   Link #46
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Wow, ussup get haki, i cant wait the other members of straw hat have that ability. I wonder what sanji group doing now. My prediction law vs trevol, mingo vs lufy.
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Old 2014-08-31, 07:06   Link #47
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or Dofla controlling Trebol for the first round

and Dofla vs duo supernovas for second round
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Old 2014-08-31, 14:34   Link #48
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Well....that just did it...strawhats getting more badass by the minute.
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Old 2014-08-31, 15:58   Link #49
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Great chapter. Captain/God Usopp utilized the abilities of Viola and Kanjuro well and one shotted his targeted. Next title: master strategist pls. and return of Sogeking. Usopp's a great character and I'm really excited for his future developments.
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Old 2014-08-31, 23:02   Link #50
Annie Leonhart
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Chapter 758
Nice chapter. Hopefully this battle will happen instead of pushing things down the road more. I am also curious to see Luffy face off with Daflamingo. I am curious to see how this will end. I don't think the ending will happen the way most One Piece arch usually end.

Turbulent Future
There are way to many unknown variables( Top Players, multiple Factions, Multiple interest, and game changing events.) I can't determine of the straw Hats will come out on top. I wonder what path will Dressresoa take(stay with WG, revolutionary, Yonkou, Straw hats, or independent)? How is Kaidou going to react to all of this? What will Admiral Fujitori do with the Straw Hats if they defeat Daflamingo? I am thinking with Admiral Fujitori's hatred of the Shicbukai title, the Straw hats won't see Admiral Fujitori act until Daflamingo falls. What will the rest of the Yonkous do knowing the Supernovas are gunning for them? How will Fleet Admiral Akainu react? How will any of the Yonkous react if kaidou is weakened in front of the world? Will this action embolden other pirates to hit Yonkou properties? How will this change Luffy and Law's crew? They don't expect to walk out of this clean? I mean you don't piss of a Yonkou and then expect the world to treat you like normal. They will be marked who will want to be near them?

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