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Old 2012-12-02, 20:02   Link #121
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^You mean about Buggy? Mind you, I WAS being serious when I brought up the comparison of his and Law's defensive capabilities, but whatever.....

Well, on a different subject then: I'm still kinda wondering if Shinokuni will regain his DF power from earlier? I mean, sure, smothering everybody in deadly poison gas would make for a simple, effective way to kill everyone, but where's the fun in that!? I wanna see how creative a WMD he can be in his salamander mode!
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Old 2012-12-02, 23:16   Link #122
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Originally Posted by james0246 View Post
Several posts have now been deleted, so please cease with this (mostly) pointless discussion.
Your current avatar looks so much cooler *_*, i so need to watch that anime. I heard it's hilarious.

P.S. The discussion about Buggy you mean?

Originally Posted by Poetic Justice View Post
Buggy's greatest power is his luck.
THIS . When he gets lucky he gets a way, and even when he gets unlucky he gets away .
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Old 2012-12-03, 14:39   Link #123
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Reposting my previous comment again with extra words.

All this talk of Haki and Devil Fruit powers eh?

Well in my opinion, I think its based on the users power or how well trained their powers or having a natural element of weakness (eg. magma stronger than fire? or Rubber more durable to Lighting? etc) and seastone cuffs of course.

It is safe to assume that now the straw hats are in the New World, we as readers are gonna get exposed to a lot of characters who possess haki since there are a lot strong people in the New World and also known as the strongest sea of all, right? But more than that, I think a lot of devil fruit users are combining the use of haki with their DF ability (especially the most experienced ones) since the combination of it will only enhance their offensive and defensive capabilities like so. For example, Marco along with Vista (Vista doesn't have DF as far as it is known) attacking Akainu, or Doflamingo attempting to decapitate Crocodile during the war in Marineford but failed, and etc.

Also I think it depends greatly on how well developed it is as stated above because since every strong opponent possesses some level or attribute of haki, the challenger or user has to have just as much if not more Haki than their opponent in order to overcome them or at least to be able to contend with them (like Admirals or Emperors).

As for the Law cutting Vergo along with the laboratory, as said before that plot wise Law had a score to settle with Vergo personally, meaning he was determined to end it no matter what I guess, that why Law put more effort into that attack. Also it is fair to say that Law's level of haki and DF power has developed greatly, that probably Vergo and most certainly Doflamingo underestimated Law. Any comments.
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Old 2012-12-04, 20:52   Link #124
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So chapter this week?
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Old 2012-12-04, 20:54   Link #125
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^Yeah, spoilers should pop up in a few hours' time. However, note that there WILL be some breaks on the way due the holidays.....

Edit: But in the meantime, here is the new thread!

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Old 2012-12-05, 06:46   Link #126
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