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Movies, OVAs/OADs, and Specials - Information/Q&A

As you can see, we've now created a forum specifically to host threads about movies, OVAs/OADs, and other special anime productions separate from the existing "Upcoming/Current/Older" structure. The purpose of this thread is to answer some questions about this change.

Why did you create this sub-forum?
The existing "three-phase" structure was really designed for TV or net-streaming series that air weekly for one or more "seasons". This follows a predictable pattern of "Upcoming" (i.e. "Not-yet aired"), "Current" (i.e. "Airing"), and "Older" (i.e. "Airing is over"). But it was a bit difficult to know and track when to move a movie or OVA/OAD between the "three phases", particularly with movies where it can be difficult/impossible for most people to see the movie until it's released on Blu-Ray/DVD many months later. By placing everything in one location from "announcement" to "release" and after, it should make it easier to locate these threads.

What are OVAs and OADs anyway?
OVA stands for Original Video Animation, and is used to represent anime episodes that are released directly to video (Blu-Ray or DVD) without being part of a normal TV broadcast. It can also be written as OAV, or Original Animation on Video.

OAD stands for Original Animation DVD (or sometimes "Original Animation Disc"), and is like an OVA except that it comes bundled as a pack-in bonus with the release of a book (usually a manga or light novel volume).

NOTE: It is increasingly common for OVAs to receive a special TV airing at some point before the disc release. We will still count these sorts of "TV Specials" in the same way, and list them in this forum.

A new production was just announced, but I don't know if it'll be an OVA or a TV series. Where should I place the thread?
If you're really not sure, please feel free to use the Upcoming Series forum as a placeholder. If an announcement occurs later that confirms the airing format, you can post the link to the thread in the Migration Help thread, and a mod/admin will move the thread. Please don't create a duplicate thread.

A TV series will include one or more bonus episodes on its home media release. Should this be considered an OVA and get its own separate thread?
If the bonus episodes are part of the same anime production but simply won't air on TV (i.e. if they'll be included on the final numbered volume of the Blu-Ray/DVD release), then please use the existing TV series thread to discuss this/these episode(s). If the episode(s) are clearly being released separately and are not part of the TV series at all, then you may create a new thread in the Movies & OVAs/OADs sub-forum to discuss the production.

I see a thread in the Current/Older/Upcoming Series forums for a movie or OVA/OAD. How can I report this so that it gets moved to the proper location?
Please report these in the Migration Help thread.
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