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Old 2014-01-25, 23:52   Link #1
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Post your Tech E-Peens

Specs of your computer, servers, seedbots, tablets, phones, etc.

Phone: Nexus 4 - Snapdragon 800 @ 1.5 Quad Core, A-320 GPU, ... no idea how much is the RAM or how fast it is.
Tablet: Nexus 7 (2nd Generation): Snapdragon 800 @ 1.5 QC, A-320GPU, 2GB Ram (speed? ...)
Portables: PSP-3000 and PS-Vita 1st Generation
Consoles: PS2 (1st generation), PS3 (60GB, 1st generation), PS3 (latest slim edition), PS4
Printer/Scanner/Faxer/Copier/Digital Photo Printer: Canon MX922 (freaking behemoth)
Main Computer: Ultra Behemoth Specs (will be Ultimate in few months)
CPU: Haswell i7 4770K (Stock Speed, ridiculously fast that I don't even need more speed)
RAM: G.Skill Snipers @ 2400Mhz | 32GB
Motherboard: Asus Maximus Hero VI
HSF: Noctus D-14 (bulky and easy to install, idle and working, 29-33C, maxload @ 55-59C)
GPU: 2x EVGA GTX 560 Ti SC (Sli-Disabled) / future upgrade will be EVGA GTX 790 SC or Classified. Single behemoth card is all I need.
Audio Card: Asus Xonar Essence STR [w/ Xonar Audio Center, stock audio chip]
Case: Blackhawk Ultra
BD Rom: Asus ... forgot the specs, but it's pretty fast at ripping BDs.
Monitors: ASUS PB Series PB238Q 23-Inch Screen LED-lit Monitor x2. I'll need another one and I'll be getting a Cintiq 22 HD non-touch.
Professional Headsets - Shure SRH 840 (connected to Xonar Essence STR), and Shure SRH 440 for internal use within the house or when we go somewhere - usually my sister hogs them, had to replace the ATH-50s or whatever their called when I tested them out - terrible midtones and ridiculously overpriced for their specs. Shure is a better quality Pro headsets.
Storage ... uh, lets begin:
OS/Garbage Collector: Samsung EVO 250
Big Games/Heavy Tasker: Samsung Pro 250
Multi-everything: WD Black 4TB - need to RAID this with another 4TB WD Black. I'm leaning towards 4TB WD Reds since they're good for things like anime and music but not great for performance.
Music + Visual Novels: WD Black 2TB
Lots of older HDDs consisting of 750, 500, 400 and 250 GB if I'm correct. One of them is a Seagate ... and one of those HDDs has been my uTorrent collector since 2006. No idea which one it was.
Externals consists of shit ton of WD Elements: 1.5GB, 2GBs and 3GBs ... about 9 in total, one of them is 1.5GB. I also have two WD notebooks, 1GB each ... I had 2 others but they died (notebooks are junk).
Other computers consist of Q9550 an Q6600 CPUs, 8GB and 4GB respectively. 2x EVGA 8800 GT SC (Sli-enabled) in the Q6600, the Q9550 is resting in my DF-85 case. Both sport an Asus P-N5D motherboard (I think I said the model number right). We also have a laptop - i3, 4G RAM, 500GB, no idea what the GPU on it is but my sister uses it for light stuff and studying. It can play 1080p BD videos, though its 720P monitor.

I've done some searching and I haven't found a computer thread, so I decided to make it all techy to keep it all in one - unless there is a computer e-peen thread please link it so I can rip few hairs out of my !@%!.
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Old 2014-01-26, 00:13   Link #2
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We have threads for people to post pictures of their desktop, purchases, and computer/gaming setups. There is also a section dedicated to computer questions (Tech Support). We don't allow list threads, however, so I'll have to close this one.

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