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Old 2013-02-22, 16:18   Link #421
Senior Member
Join Date: May 2009
Had a dream that involved this guy:

flying around and giving me advice (I was playing a Zelda game that hasn't come out yet).

And we were on an island and there was no one else anywhere ever.

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Old 2013-02-22, 22:41   Link #422
Mr Hat and Clogs
Did someone call a doctor
Join Date: Apr 2007
Age: 35
Been playing Pokemon and Dead Space recently. The antibiotics I'm on atm give nightmares, lets just say the two things... don't mix well.
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Old 2013-04-30, 08:55   Link #423
Diamond is Unbreakable
Join Date: Apr 2011
Location: The Middle Way
Recently my dreams have been uncomfortable at the least, the one I had a while ago was about Accel World...probably.

My dream the other day I can still sort of remember because one part actually scared me.

I only remember some guy cutting my side with a knife.
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Old 2013-05-02, 07:11   Link #424
Kyero Fox
Tastes Cloudy
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Originally Posted by Mr Hat and Clogs View Post
Been playing Pokemon and Dead Space recently. The antibiotics I'm on atm give nightmares, lets just say the two things... don't mix well.
Psssh try having dreams of being stuck on a pillar that's talking to you about how you're stuck and going to die.

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Old 2013-05-02, 07:45   Link #425
Join Date: May 2013
Age: 25
I get a lot.

But the one I got a good memory of is that once whenever I touch the ground I jump so high even though I am not trying to jump at all. The ground however consisted of lots of dark round deep pools and all I could do is just try to stand on the ceramic edges between each pool which also frightened me because of the scene that in front of you, at your right and left, at your back there are deep dark pools which I can't even handle the fact that I would be swimming in any of them.

After a while of heart killing air jumping I suddenly found myself standing on a house for a tribe that lives in desert. I kept watching them from above of their house and they didn't notice me at all, they were eating good smelling rice and meat. Then I woke up.
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Old 2013-05-02, 09:50   Link #426
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Join Date: Mar 2009
I keep meaning to post here, every time I get a dream that I remember to jot down when I wake up. Here was one I had a while ago that I thought was pretty awesome, not so much cause a lot of stuff happened in it, but because it was some dream within a dream business going on, and then almost like a 3rd dream inside of that.

It began with just me dreaming, as myself, and I was riding some transcontinental railroad with my family and other folks, when suddenly the train came to a stop to let off some of the passengers at the station. It was our stop, apparently, and I made to get off, but everyone else in my group was taking forever to get all their bags, and it was just me and my cousin who got off quickly onto the platform. I went and told the conductor he had to wait to leave again, cause there were still people getting their things, but he had a time limit, he said, and took off with everyone still on board.

So I had no choice but to leave the platform, suddenly alone without my cousin. Now, until this moment, the dream had been relatively lucid, but it was just then that things became a little hazy. After walking a few feet onto the open field that nestled the platform on one end, I saw three old middle school friends of mine, who I haven't seen or spoken to since, and they were selling a shotgun. I don't remember exactly what happened or what we said to each other, if anything, but the next thing I know, we were footracing, and I was actually winning.

Then BAM! out of nowhere Shaquille O'Neal burst out of the trees beside us with a shout (a forest ringed the field) and overtook us, startling me pretty good. We kept running though, I guess, and soon we were deep in the middle of the field. I was, at least. And I was starting to feel weird. I stopped, glanced down, and saw that parts of the grass and flowers were blue, and emitting some kind of odd mist, or gas. It made me sleepy, and I tried to stay awake, but I couldn't, and that's where I fell asleep in my dream.

At least, I figure that's the spot, because all of sudden, I was a Pokemon. I still looked exactly like myself, but I knew I was a Pokemon, and was running fast on all fours, galloping, really, like I did in another dream where I fought a giant Yeti...but that's a different story. Anyway, I was still in the same field, except now the blue patches were gone, and the clear forest at the edges had been replaced by a hazy fog. And I just kept dashing on, pulling myself forward mostly with my arms, almost gliding over the ground, for I was being chased by something. It was some type of bird Pokemon, large and angry. Then suddenly I just stopped on a dime, and a ton of sharp vines shot out of my back like Bulbasaur; I watched as they tracked and homed in on my pursuer in an awesome Macross missile barrage-like sequence, even though he damn dodged them all.

I don't remember exactly what happened next, but I'm almost certain after dodging them, I was out of options, and the bird divebombed me. Hard. I didn't feel any pain, but the next thing I knew, I was no longer in that field. Nor had I returned to the first dream.

I was floating in space. Or at least what seemed to be space, black with tiny stars, but the whole area was smaller, more cozy, maybe about the size of the Epcot ball, if it were completely hollow. Below or above me, can't remember which, there was this sort of rotating golden disc, like a galaxy but again, smaller, and also smooth, with ripples occasionally spreading out over the surface. I started to drift along its perimeter to get a full view, and suddenly a female voice began to speak, toneless, AI-like. The voice told me that what I was looking at was the flow of time itself, that golden disc; she got oddly technical, and I don't remember most of it, except that apparently the closer you got to the center of disc, the further back in time you went, and as the years passed in the universe, the disc would expand, representing more time passed. And for some reason, she said the Jehovah's Witnesses were waiting until it had expanded all the way it could--until the end of, well, time--and that then their Judgment Day would come, or something, but that was still eons away. I don't know why she mentioned that.

Then she went quiet, and I started flying around the disc some more, looping around it, above, below, around the little pillar of light that ran through the "galaxy's" center...Then, eventually, from below, I spread my arms out and spun like a top back into the right point in the disc. Reentry into the world was like a diver bursting up from beneath the water, the water here being gold and shimmering, like the disc. And I wasn't actually in any body of water; I came up out of the ground like some video game teleportation effect, and was back in the field of my first dream.

Essentially, that bird had knocked me not only out of my second dream, but out of time itself, so it felt kind of like a third dream as well But I was back, and then I woke up.

That's the story.
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Old 2013-05-03, 03:55   Link #427
A random-man
Join Date: Aug 2009
I had a dream where I play a visual novel from a VERY personal viewpoint(there's menu,save and load button,but I can reach into people because I AM in the game)

Sound awesome?Not at all...the visual novel seems to be a combination of Fate/Stay Night and Higurashi with a dose of my insanity...there's also a lot of creepy stuffs related to flower field,monster tree tentacles,moon and insects...lots of THEM.

And from what I remembered,EVERY SINGLE heroine has some deep dark history,I only know one as I only play her route and GOD that's a lot of FREAKING WASPS,and HONEY(No,not H-scenes related,those honey does HORRIBLE stuff to bystanders)....and....scary insect TONS of bad end(Don't ask detail) much as I'm terrified of that dream I wanted to dream it again...guess that it's so scary it looped all the way back into attractive to me...
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Old 2013-07-12, 09:44   Link #428
Unleashing the Homu-Rage
Join Date: Apr 2010

Thread defibrilation sucessful.

A couple days ago I had another dream involving an anime character, as well as another dream about me shooting zombies.

In this case, the anime character was Saeko Busujima of Highschool of the Dead, and the two of us were in what I think was a shopping mall, or it might have been a terminal of an airport. Some sort of wide corridor that would normally be full of people, but was instead full of zombies.

I was armed with a Glock of some description as well as a katana that I actually own. Saeko had her katana of course. I was generally headshotting zombies with my Glock from ranges of less than a dozen meters while Saeko was, naturally, performing rather epic sword attacks.

So, at some point, Saeko's sword is knocked out of her hand and sent flying into a crowd of zombies (It doesn't cut any of them apart, its just now in the middle of a group of zombies).

So I let her borrow my sword, and she starts slashing her way through a group of zombies to get her sword back. After the two of us have cleaned out the area of zombies, I noticed the end of my sword had broken off, and was stuck in a zombie's skull.

Saeko informed me this was because my sword was a Chinese-made replica (granted, it is, but it's still high carbon steel, and should not just snap like that). I responded that she still owes me 150 bucks, and then....

I woke up and what's more, the first thing I did was, I looked over at my katana on the my desk to make sure it was still intact.

That was an example of how, sometimes, for a split second after I woke up, I think something in a dream really happened.
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Old 2013-07-12, 11:05   Link #429
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Join Date: Jul 2013
I haven't had any dreams that I've remembered for the last 2 months, I believe. BUT! what makes it worst is that when I've slept beside my girlfriend one night, she told me the next morning that I was crying and yelling in my dream - man, I can't remember anything.. Am I having night terrors for the past 2 months? : (
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Old 2013-12-22, 17:38   Link #430
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Age: 31
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Just last night:

I'm a volunteer with other nurses that will have a seminar. I left for a while since the seminar will not start yet. I went up towards the highway looking for food to eat. After buying( a big piece of meat), I return back.

On my way, I'm drawn to nearby cemetery where a couple of dead soldiers are being unloaded from a military truck. I sit for a while ( while eating my meat snack) to observed, when one of the dead bodies moved. I asked a soldier beside me ( in a calm manner, and still eating my meat) that the dead guy is moving.... He replied that It's just normal, like those movements were just reflexes. I said Ah, ok. Then all of the dead ones started moving as well and stopped. I decided to retun back to the seminar since I'm overtimed already (still eating my meat snack). They already started and I'm late. I was adviced by a senior nurse to start reading a chapter I missed when I was away. ^^
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Old 2014-01-27, 08:22   Link #431
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I've had the same dream three nights in a row.

OK two nights in a row and the nap I just had then because I was trashed after studying all day.

I'm part of an infantry section in a pretty western looking city.

We get contacted to the front and as a machine gunner I hit the deck and start blatting off rounds at different targets, shooting for muzzle flashes.

As a section we push forward and force the enemy back into a department building through the shattered windows out front. Then we start taking fire from the same building's roof as I'm in the middle of the street.

I fire blindly with the weapon barely in my shoulder towards the roof whilst under fire. I reach the wall somehow and stack up behind two other guys. As we're about to enter, I see a guy on the roof from my angle and let fly and he folds out of sight.

So we breach through a smashed ground level window that was a mannequin display for clothes. I recall stepping on the face of one of the dummies as I followed the other two just as we start taking fire from inside the building.

It's a massive store and there's one guy shooting from behind some clothes racks a good sixty feet away whilst another bloke is behind a breakfast nook style bench and he is the immediate threat.

His first burst drops the second bloke with me and the first guy empties his rifle at the enemy and calls "cover me!" to me.

Moving past my downed comrade I bring my machine gun up whilst still in motion and let fly a good burst through the clothing racks hearing a tell tale *thud-thud* of rounds hitting something... meaty.

This was all in flash and I turn my attention back to the second enemy just he pops up and shoots old mate still reloading... Before he can draw a bead on me I jam down the trigger and change my quick walk for a sprint as I assault towards his position.

The bloke ducks down as my rounds fly over his head and I make the distance quickly to the bench, sliding the last few metres feet first. Now the bloke pops up and starts shooting at me whilst I'm trying to get pressed against the cover of an expensive stoneware bench top.

The rounds land close and the gunfire is deafening at such a close distance when after an eternity his rifle clicks empty. Forgoing the machine gun, as I stumbled to my feet I'm drawing my handgun and cocking it in one motion from my thigh holster.

Old mate is still half standing behind the bench as he sees me pop up in front of him close enough to nearly kiss his forehead with the muzzle of my handgun but as I raise, he is starts dropping behind the bench.

Instead of trying to shoot through the cover like he did I reach over the bench and just pulling the trigger, the handgun jerked violently in my one handed grip repeatedly as each time the muzzle flash lit up the area...

Then, just as it feels like its over, gunfire erupts from the same side as the first guy I feel the cold shock of an impact. Like the feeling of jumping into freezing cold water, you just jump slightly and feel stuck in place.

Before long the next round lands, the next next icy cold shock strikes before I feel my legs give way and the ground looming ever close. I look back out towards the street as the rounds continue to whistle overhead and all I can think was what a beautiful sunny day it was out there.

And I've had this dream three fluffing times now.

"It doesn't mean much, we never had a chance."
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