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Old 2007-11-06, 22:49   Link #1
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Most disappointing game(s)!

In this thread, 'disappointing' doesn't always mean worst or abysmal.It just doesn't meet your expectations.The most disappointing game I ever played is Soul Nomad and the World Eaters for PS2.Why? It sacrificed the best part of all previous Nippon-Icchi games,that is name-making part.It is fun to raise entire army of your own and makes you love every single soldiers you have raised,just like Phantom Brave or Disgaea series.Then Soul Nomad killed this part and makes it a Super Robot Wars-like gameplay and introduced a new squad system which consists maximum nine soldiers each.Having too many soldiers in single battle means you no longer recognize your soldiers by names anymore.Instead you just recognize every single of them by squads.I also hate that you need to have many soldiers in same class in the same squad,as example you need at least two archers who are lookalike to counter enemy archers.Without them your soldiers are easy target for enemies who had archers or other ranged-attack units.

I always love the name-making part because I can give unique names which the name generator didn't have like "Amulius the fighter" and "Pherusa the lady fighter" as examples in Phantom Brave and Disgaea series.But in Soul Nomad,I need to use the crappy name generator because I need to create many soldiers who had same classes in same squad like I need at least two priests to heal other units and two knights to perform defensive bonus.Of course you won't recognize them by names anymore.

I have nothing against its gameplay and storyline.The gameplay is good and nothing wrong about the story.So far Soul Nomad is an good game in overall.I just dislike having too many soldiers that have same classes in same squad.
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Old 2007-11-07, 01:17   Link #2
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Master of Orion 3. 2 was an amazing game, and is still my favorite strategy/empire building game ever. Then 3 came along with its new "streamlined interface". Apparently making decisions yourself and running your own empire was bad so they decided to make the AI do everything for you. And it was the dumbest AI ever, it did nothing but build troop transport ships, without any troops to go in them. You could supposedly override the AI's decisions but half the time it would ignore you and just go back to building transports.

They also removed all control you had over the combat system, and zoomed the perspective so far out that your ships were nothing more than dots. And just to add insult to injury, they even destroyed the story, totally invalidating everything you had done in the previous game. It was basically "Congratulations, you destroyed the evil race of galactic conquerors. Oh wait, that wasn't their real home planet and now their main force has defeated and enslaved you and everyone else. Sorry."

All in all, the game was only good for 2 things. It made an excellent "Hit End Turn Button" simulator, and a pretty good frisbee. Then I decided its very existence was an affront so I smashed the cds. Definitely the most disappointing game ever, I was expecting so much after playing 2, and this game not only didn't deliver but actually ended up killing the series entirely.
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Old 2007-11-07, 17:08   Link #3
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Command and Conquer 3. Supposed to be the big revival of the CNC series under EA, and supposed to be competitive at high levels, but turned out to be an ecospam game.

Supreme Commander. Another RTS that had high hopes but turned out to be a boring ecospam, microless game. Difference here is that CNC3 matches lasted 20 minutes tops, whereas in SC, it takes 20 minutes just to REALLY started sometimes.

Soul Calibur 3. Broken, inconsistent, and buggy.

FFXII. Way too short, I think. I loved the toned-down story, political intrigue, and more subtle "love" story. But really, it ended just as it was getting started.
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Old 2007-11-07, 17:21   Link #4
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Originally Posted by Papaya View Post

Soul Calibur 3. Broken, inconsistent, and buggy.
Yeah, I have to agree with that, it felt like a big step back from SC2. I can't really call it one of my most disappointing ever though, since I played it a ton and still do sometimes when friends come over. The character creation was also a lot of fun despite the very limited options.

Another disappointment for me was Drakengard 2. The first game, despite its gameplay flaws, had one of the most unique stories ever and an awesome main character. The sequel's story only had traces of the greatness of the first's, and they replaced the hero with Generic Whiny Reluctant Protagonist With a Secret Power.
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Old 2007-11-07, 17:54   Link #5
Bonta Kun
Know who you are
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Location: Resides within the depths of Ned infested Glasgow
Half-Life 2 very disappointing indeed!! so very sad!

AS IF! more like the total opposite, love it and can't wait for a new comp so I can start play CSS again and TF 2.

I have to agree with Papaya on C&C 3 is disappointing, its a ok game, but it should be soo much more.

Need for Speed: most wanted = big pile of dino crap! thats all I got to say!

Perfect Dark Zero was a let down too. They have some really nice ideas and I did enjoy it at times, but over all it just didn't work for me.
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Old 2007-11-08, 04:21   Link #6
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For me it was World of Warcraft. It's just too demanding and time consuming.
In the end you are left with your epic-clad character and you just stand in IF or Shatrah for hours, because there is nothing worth doing or going any more on the effort/reward scale, because you are tired and lost any interest in further farming.
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Old 2007-11-08, 04:45   Link #7
Silent Warrior
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Location: Netherlands
Age: 32
FFXII - Yeah from an Final Fantasy, I was expecting something would suck me in...It didn't, though the gameplay was pretty nice next to the sucky overdrive & summon system. I quit half way. I even completed FFX-2 though, I have to admit I had a dire need to see the perfect ending of FFX-2.

World of Warcraft - Seeing how low games as UO and L2 was rated and seeing how high WoW was rated I was expecting to see something grand...It wasn't. Great costumer support though. o-O

FFVII - Said to be the best Final Fantasy ever. While it was pretty good far from the best. I didn't play at release. So maybe that's the reason I wasn't blinded?

Unreal Tournament III - Not working on my PC, but on my Laptop... ;____;

All the pokemon game after red & blue - same shit, different day. Have to admit still fun to play. I haven't played the later ones though.

SCIII- Yah SCII was better which made it a little sad. Playing Siegfried again made it worth playing though.

Any MMO you try just to find out the pvp is gay or worse non existent.
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Old 2007-11-08, 05:30   Link #8
Senior Member
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Location: Australia
Off the top of my head...

Enchanted Arms for 360: a game that treats the player like they are retarted (i mean come on who doesn't know that the action button is used to open door/boxes and to climb ladders?)

Please don't kill me for this one.......Halo 3: too short, overhyped( the way mircosoft was pluging it youd think it was the second comming of Jesus), why was MC the only thing in the entire game that didn't look like he had been taken from the Halo2 movies?

Spiderman 3 for PS3: do i realy need to say anything about this one?

Chrome Hounds for 360: i expected more from this one.

i will post more when i remember them later
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Old 2007-11-08, 10:16   Link #9
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I think I was disappointed with many games that came out on the PS2 and Xbox.

Splinter Cell and the Ninja Gaiden series-was told these were hard challenging games and I beat it within a day. Ninja Gaiden was especially a disappointment since the only hard aspect to it was the camera angles.

Bruce Lee-I don't know why I had such high expectations. I mean everything was there for the game to fail. This was the company's first try at creating a game. It was Bruce Lee without Bruce Lee.

Resident Evil-The game wasn't nearly as scary nor as hard as I would have expected it and I thought the plot was nothing new in terms a genre dealing with zombies.

Warcraft III-Although fun and great graphics it was still a let down; especially when playing the undead. The undead hero's powers for the most part just didn't do it for me with the exception of the cryptfiends. It seemed the most important move for the death knight hero was his heal ability as his offensive powers weren't really there. Sure raising the dead is cool, but I found it almost useless and the Lich was pretty good, but I still expected more.
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Old 2007-11-08, 12:03   Link #10
Gotta kill 'em all!
Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: Denmark
zelda: twillight princess - Zelda died after this turd of recycling. what a way to kill a franchise.
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Old 2007-11-08, 13:02   Link #11
An Intellectual Idiot
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Location: The Internet, ranging from the World of Warcraft------Deviantart----and much more!..My mostly WoW
Age: 26
Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2.....KOTOR was awsomes, one of the greatest Star Wars games I had ever played (Unless you count mmorpgs then Star Wars Galaxies is the best...or was..before SOE screwd it up...GOT I MISS CU!!!!)...So KOTOR 2 came out and I was all like OO YES!! GONNA BE AWSOMES! So I bought it, played it, started in the Ebon Hawk, and then to Peragus and what not..It coulda been alot better though...I mean it was good...but It didn't meet to my expectations of what I thought it was going to be
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Old 2007-11-08, 14:47   Link #12
Lost in your Eyes~~~
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Location: UK
World of Warcraft-
Lets turn an pretty good RTS game into a shitty generic MMORPG.

This is 2007 hello? You took it to a home console yet removed everything that you came up with back in 1999! Not worth full price.

This is what happens when Sony buys you out.

Perfect Dark Zero-
No wonder Nintendo dropped Rare.

Deus Ex: Invisible War-
Theres a reason Ion Storm went bankrupt after this. They deserved it.

Nippon Ichi in general-
Make an effort with the sprites will you? PS3 with tiny sprites meant for PS2 is not my idea of next gen.

Mechwarrior 4-
I died a little inside.

I died inside than had my ethreal corpse mutilated.

Super Robot Taisen J/W-
Can we stop turning even Boss Borot into the next Juggernaught? Graphics are great but gameplay please?

Anything with Final Fantasy in its name-
Nuff said.

Zelda: Twilight Princess-
Fantastic game overall despite being an obvious port. Only one major problem. The bosses are TOO FREAKIN EASY.
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Old 2007-11-08, 16:11   Link #13
Crazy Devout Fanboy
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Originally Posted by Sety View Post
Anything with Final Fantasy in its name-
Nuff said.
That's...........very poor reasoning. Care to actually give some substance before dissing one of the most popular RPG sagas, please?

As for me....I've never really been dissappointed by a game. Ever. The closest thing I could name would probably be Another Century's Episode 3, but that's by a long shot. I only say ACE 3 because it was only subpar to its prequel game (which was awesome) due to much fewer missions, little difference in the combat system, and a lot of wasted story potential because they decided to put in a ton of mechs that had absolutely no story value in the game at all just to attract fans of those series-es, like Gundam SEED. But it was by no means a bad game, so it didn't dissappoint.
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Old 2007-11-08, 16:25   Link #14
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Command and Conquer 3 which is much worst than the older Zero Hour(one of my fav. RTS)
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Old 2007-11-08, 17:14   Link #15
Terrestrial Dream
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Zelda TP: The game was too freaking easy, all the boss were so damn easy that I beat them all in one try unlike other Zelda game.
Fire Emblem 8- Like Zelda it was again freaking easy, since it was so easy to train all the characters. Resulting so many of my units becoming invincible.
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Old 2007-11-08, 17:20   Link #16
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Originally Posted by 2H-Dragon View Post

World of Warcraft - Seeing how low games as UO and L2 was rated and seeing how high WoW was rated I was expecting to see something grand...It wasn't. Great costumer support though. o-O
Haha, you must be one very lucky person. I think you are the first I have ever seen say something positive about WoW's customer support.

Others have also mentioned ones I forgot:

Perfect Dark 0 - The original was one of my favorite N64 games and I couldn't even bring myself to get past the 3rd level in this one. They even screwed up the multiplayer, hit detection is terrible, the weapons are boring, and the gameplay feels clunky with the rolling and characters that seem to disappear when they get too close to you.

KotoR 2- the first was great, this was a buggy mess. Though some of the bugs were entertaining: There was this in-game cutscene in which a jedi master was teaching me a new move, and somehow his combat AI activated - he ran up and started randomly attacking a civilian npc that was just standing there. Oh, and they somehow managed to make an ending even worse than the original's, which I wasn't even sure was possible.
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Old 2007-11-08, 18:39   Link #17
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so far every mmo ive tried out except GW
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Old 2007-11-08, 18:46   Link #18
Bloody Hell...
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The entire Halo series: After all of the massive hype, I was expecting some fantastic game with no equal in its genre - oops. The gameplay is no different than any other generic FPS title though I suppose they tried to put in weapons like the needler to make it seem original. The story is rather bland, something I would expect to find in a big budget sci-fi action flick. Multi-player? Still the same thing that's been done in every other FPS game, but now with the added thrill of playing with the horrid userbase that seems to make up XBox Live!

World of Warcraft: When I first heard about this going into development many years ago, I was heavily into MMOs and Warcraft was one of my favorite games, so of course a meeting of the two would be spectacular, right? Well I grew up and realized that WoW was no different than any other MMO in the past, but this one seemed to attract the users as well, another online base that I have issues with. There was nothing in the game that I was hoping to find - I wanted to continue where WCIII and Frozen Throne left off, and play in that developing story. Instead, I find a fairly static world built on the foundation of item whoring and PvP. On top of the pain of interacting with the typical user... ugh.

Final Fantasy XII:
The characters are nothing inspiring, and I found it difficult to care for any of them, even if they got themselves into some huge pickle. The plot was poorly paced, possibly because they had the sequel in mind at the time. The summoning and limit systems were terrible, the licensing system ensured that by the end of the game every character literally was the same, and the political tones to the story were done poorly as we hardly ever got to see or interact with any of it unless it was a cutscene. By the time a chance was given to do anything about it, the game was almost done. Besides - playing what felt like an MMO offline is not my idea of fun. At least the final boss was interesting in that it brought together some classic summons in one little package.

Final Fantasy VII: One of the most overrated games of all time. I didn't find the story nearly as deep or interesting as fans of the game argue, I'm not a big fan of the emotionless, tough anti-hero that is Cloud (though I have less of a problem with Squall), the world and towns were pretty stale, and my biggest issue... Sephiroth. I don't get why people think he was so evil or badass. Leaving aside in-game difficulty, conceptually he doesn't measure up. He burns a town, kills a few innocents, and then tries to blow up the planet, all for dear old mom, and looks pretty and oh so cool while doing so!
Spoiler for a better FF villain:

Well, that's it for my rant.
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Old 2007-11-08, 20:32   Link #19
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Originally Posted by Sety View Post
World of Warcraft-
Lets turn an pretty good RTS game into a shitty generic MMORPG.
It was a good RTS game, and yea...WoW wasn't up to what I thought it be..but I still think it's good
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Old 2007-11-08, 22:26   Link #20
Kaioshin Sama
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Oh this is easy, Legend of Zelda The Phantom Hourglass. They took out the controlled sailing mechanic (which I actually found fun and not too much of a hassle at all once you got the warps) and shrunk down the map to about four squares. This was supposedly to allow for less time to travel across the ocean, but they also managed to make it even more boring by taking away your ability to control things and just having you draw a course and maybe fire a cannon ball or two along the way. Also I miss pulling up to a huge island that I can see just over the horizon and jumping out of my boat onto it without any transitions. Now there's a transition to each island (which is understandable given the hardware, but a letdown none the less).

What's more, many of the games elements feel positively chorish, including the Temple of The Ocean King runs (which I call the Temple of The Ocean Chores now), which makes you go through the whole thing every time you need to go down and get a clue. All the Phantom Hourglass turned out to be was just a timer that keeps you from suffering damage while in this place. Salvaging is also made a chore now by the fact that everytime you damage the arm, you have to go all the way back to the first island and pay the guy either 50 or 100 rupees to repair it. Which leads to another problem, everything costs way to much in the game. Since they took out collecting pieces of heart entirely (meaning one of the most interesting parts of the game is missing, that is the sidequests) you have to play overly complicated minigames to get full heart pieces, that require such pinpoint accuracy, that you'll be blowing all you rupees on them. In fact, one of the 8 or so full heart pieces you need to get outside of boss battles is as simple (or annoying) as purchasing it at Beedles shop for 2,500 rupees. The music is also very limited in the game, with but one dungeon theme and overworld theme, as well as the sailing theme (which manages to remix my all time favourite Zelda song into a much less powerful and sweeping version), assorted special area themes, the Zelda theme, a few combat themes, and that's pretty much it. There's probably no more than 20-25 different songs in the whole game. Also I don't really find myself liking the characters all that much. Many of them are once off characters, but the one that sticks with you the whole game is devoid of any real likeable characteristics (he's a useless coward), and if you thought Zelda had almost no screentime in Twilight Princess, all you really get in this game is Tetra, and she's barely even in it outside of the first cutscene. So here we have a Zelda game lacking in many of the elements that have made the series so enjoyable over the years. It's not a bad game, but definitely doesn't live up to the standards of the rest of the series.

To summarize why this game was a disappointment:

-Chorish Gameplay
-Lack of Sidequests
-Bland Overworld Map
-Lack of Sidequests
-Lame Key Item
-Lack of Sidequests (seriously this is like a key element of Zelda that even the unfavoured Minish Cap got right. All you do is play a few minigames now and those are your sidequests)
-Ho Hum Characters
-Lack of Bloody Sidequests
-No More Pieces Of Heart
-Very Few Items To Use
-Below Average Music For The Series
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