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Old 2014-12-14, 11:48   Link #1461
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With only ten eps, season two was pretty rushed, and the finale felt no different from the other quests since there was too little rising action in the story. The last episode especially felt strange. Toru becomes a dragoon cavalier, and all he manages to do is kill Shin, who was introduced late and underdeveloped, and would have been killed by Gaz if Gaz hadn't arbitrarily decided to open the shutters and lower the shields. And Niva switches sides so arbitrarily and conveniently, declaring that she "had personality," and then she ends up locked up forever in her gundo form. If Chaika were an RPG, the finale was basically all GM fiat: "Sheesh, Toru's player finally switched classes, and since it's the end of the campaign he won't get to level up in it. Wait, the party split up, right before the final boss fight?! Fine, Akari gets to fight the enemy Chaika's, even though that was supposed to be entirely handled by the NPCs. ... Crap, of course Toru is failing at soloing Gaz, I'd better have him open up the fortress so Chaika can provide supporting fire. Goddammit, Chaika's idiot player wasted her ammo shooting the castle. I want a happy ending, so I'll have Niva go to her. And then everybody resolved their personal problems concerning their place in the world and lived happily ever after, all problems in the world are solved, yada yada, good job everybody. What are we playing next?"

Still, even if the second season was inadequate, and the presentation as a whole lacked dramatic and emotional flare, IMO enough good will carried over from the first season and Chaika was her typical cute self so that I can't rage on this. The second season probably deserves no higher than a 6/10, but both seasons combined would get an 8/10 from me.
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Old 2014-12-14, 12:42   Link #1462
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I agree that the ending was rushed as hell. Way too many conveniences and facepalm-worthy moments. Up until episode 9, the show was going quite strong, but the fact that it only had ten episodes ruined any hope of a proper ending.

Niva's defection wasn't surprising in the very least, though it was forced, anyway. "Oh yeah, I forgot I suddenly have personality, so I'll just fly over to my former master and have her kill you." And Gaz just stood there, as if he knew this was coming all along, which makes his entire evil scheme kinda pointless, if you ask me. Also, did he really have to lower his fortress' defenses and enable Niva to defect to Chaika? Why did he even want to kill her, anyway, when she was powerless to stop him all that time? In fact, why didn't he kill all the Chaikas once their purpose had been fulfilled?

And then we have Toru contracting with Frederica. Also, not surprising, as she had been nagging him about it for a long time and it was clear that he couldn't keep on staying as a Saboteur. However, did he really have to be so weak? If Shin hadn't been taking his sweet little time in the duel, he could've defeated his brother with relative ease. Heck, you'd think Frederica herself would become more powerful, too, but she just got shoved aside and didn't do anything.

Then there's the aftermath. Apparently, White Chaika used up all her memories as fuel for Niva to kill Gaz. First of all, she made a promise to Toru to not do that, yet she showed no qualms in doing so right there and then, as if that vow didn't mean anything. At the very least, they could have shown her reminiscing about it briefly, before making that decision. And exactly which memories did she lose? Everything, or just the ones that Gaz gave her? And does she still remember her feelings for Toru? While it seemed like she does, it would have been nice to see some closure on that, too.

7/10 for this season, 8/10 for the series as a whole.
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Old 2014-12-14, 19:32   Link #1463
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Well, at least this LN adaption anime was ended decently rather than stuck in the middle like many LN adaption animes out there.
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Old 2014-12-15, 01:45   Link #1464
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Problem with the ending is the one you will see for anime shows that caught up and overtook the original material. Sometimes you see some completely original story that span in its own direction, but the problem with the anime was that the LN was also ending - but most likely the anime staff knew what direction it was going, but didn't know how it was going to end. You can see that many things are rushed, from Shin switching sides to the battle with Emperor Gaz.

I feel like they should not just ride the popularity of the show during season 1 and decide to go for a season 2 so quickly. Or, give themselves more time to develop an anime-original story of their own - which can be risky as it doesn't please the original fans.

Many complained the final fight happened too fast, but I am not sure if there is a point for Shin or Gillette to appear if their lines were so underdeveloped. I kept waiting for the foreshadowing from season 1 with Vivi and Gillette to kick in, but it was just "ouch you cut my hand, oh wait now I remember". Then he pretty much just talks and does nothing. Shin switching sides to serve Gaz was also weird when they don't explain it at all. What happened to the saboteur's pride to their master?

The ending is alright, but definitely feels rushed and not satisfying enough. However, nice touch on the "thank you" at the end, which you can tell that white Chaika is no longer under the influence... too bad that red Chaika still remained the same...
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Old 2014-12-15, 01:59   Link #1465
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It's already been stated that starting with episode 6 anime has gone the original way which was still based on what was happening in novels 8-10 (8-11?).
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Old 2014-12-19, 17:59   Link #1466
Attack on the Living Dead
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The Throne that Invites War

Everyone, just watched the S2 ninth episode, and I was so absorbed into the twists that transpired that for the time being couldn't care if the show ends prematurely at ten episodes for the last season.

Gaz's rebirth/resurrection made me to reminisce the themes of death, resurrection, and reencarnation that are touched upon the first Fullmetal Alchemist TV series also produced by BONES.

However, what I understood from the reincarnated Gaz's explanation is that Black Chaika was implanted with Fayla organs within her womb in order to devour his remains, and then be reborned/reincarnated into a new body made up of magical organs. Then, he proceeds to restart war so to bring forth people's must violent emotions in order to consume them to have his magic not only powered-up but also sustained.
Hence, I believe why Gaz waged continuous war during his first reign, so he wouldn't run short of rich magic to keep his immortality, but over the ages he got fed up with his human body, eventually.

I theorize the nameless girl, whose memories and feelings became the foundation for all the Chaika, was picked-up by Gaz himself with the intent of turning her into a sacrificial lamb for his rebirth/reincarnation ritual, but Hartgen done her right after he slayed his first body at the conclusion of the previous war. Hence, the black Chaika, calling herself queen-Bee Chaika filled that position.

Gaz's actions before my eyes are so blameworthy, because what he did having his subjects messing up those war-orphaned girls to use them as his tools for his rebirth is so despicable.
The scary thought to me would or must be that Gaz isn't the kind of man to waste spoils of war (in this case, the orphan girls), but use them instead to further his own agenda.
Ricardo Gavarni is just a novice standing before him in terms of atrocious deeds and crimes against humanity.

Now, the most logical course of actions is for all conflicting parties that are converged at Gaz's castle to join and combine forces that is: Tooru's party + Gillete Squad + Red Chaika's party, in order to stop Gaz, meaning as well that Shin-nii, now awared of the situation, should as well join forces with Tooru and the others.

To end this review, I want to draw comparisons between the nameless girl, the white Chaika, and the Rose.
All characters are girls whom both the audience and the main leads never know about their identities, their pasts, their memories, and even their names. Yet, they deliver a profound impact upon the lead protagonists and the audience.
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Old 2014-12-31, 19:27   Link #1467
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Hitsugi no Chaika. My Last Thought at Year's End.

First of all, I want to say Happy New Year for those living in the other side of the globe where and when the year 2015 has already begun or about to.

Secondly, I do apologize for the double post, but at this date I see fit the perfect opportunity to give my last review overall for Hitsugi no Chaika before the thread is moved to the Older Section.

Without much pause here I go.....


The Girl Who Carries the Gundo
Truth to be told and joining the countless opinions from the rest of you who watched this episode about three weeks prior, the last episode closing the story of Chaika felt to me consistently anti-climatic from beginning to end. However, that's not surprising due to the short length which the last story arc in the anime elapsed. Before anyone comments that the last five episodes (including the final one) were anime original material, yes, indeed, I'm awared that the anime deviated completely from the light novels beginning with the S2 sixth episode.

To be honest, all those scenes with Chaika delivering that magical shot that done Gaz in would have looked and felt for the better had the writers alloted more episodes to properly flesh the last (anime-original) arc. Trust me, there were moments plentiful in the last episode that would have been epic had more time was granted to properly develop them; I believe two more TV episodes would have sufficed.

As in the case for Gaz's defeat, the Deus Ex-Machina pulled bore strongly similarities:
Spoiler for HP Book 7:

At the end, almost everything turned good and fine for all the players involved at the incident with Gaz's revival, although except for all the Chaika turned to dolls by the Black Chaika, and the countless victims from Gaz's warring shots.

I'm not forgetting that since this is a BONES production the animation staff likes almost to pull the reset button of sorts to solve the final fate of their protagonists or the world they live in.
Obviously, everyone saw it coming from a mile away about Chaika sacrificing her memories in order to power-up Niva for that last decisive shot. The topic raised in the previous season on using strong emotions and memories as fuel to produce potent magic; a subject deemed taboo by Toru not to let Chaika go with it.

Chaika may have lost her memories, however, Toru won't leave her side teaching her again on living the world of her own free will. Maybe losing her memories can be called both a curse but at a same time a blessing, since Chaika can start a whole new life fresh with Toru as a whole different person, as if being granted a second chance to live her life freely and without being held by the shadow of Gaz.

Last Thoughts

I picked-up the first Chaika season back at the start of this ending year's spring season, and the story and setting of Chaika a little bit reminded me of FMA, paricularly with its content about magic, its uses, and its controversial taboos.

Nevertheless, Chaika held on its own, although I have to be honest that I didn't like at how much powered-up team Chaika had become by the time they reach the Hargen Principality towards the end of the second season.

What I loved the most about this show, however, were the countless conspiracy theories and speculations posted by fans trying to examine Chaikas' origins and the mysteries surrounding the girls and Emperor Gaz. Unfortunately, due to my overt laziness displayed consistently for the last six months I couldn't properly deliver my episode reviews due at the time of the episodes airing. Hence, preventing myself the opportunity to join heated discussions on Chaika.

Finally, as I mentioned above the short-term duration at how the producers decided to end the last season prevented any proper development for the last story-arc.

If I have to choose between the following shows released this ending year by BONES: Soul Eater Not!, Hitsugi no Chaika, and Captain Earth.

I choose Soul Eater Not! due to its strong characters and properly laid story, even if that show's genre was something I wasn't expecting anything from.

Hitsugi no Chaika comes second for reasons described previously in this post.

And, Captain Earth comes with the weakest storyline due that it completely wasted chances and lost potential to develop its story after its halfway run.

Overall, Chaika was fun, and I have the feeling that towards the show's end the producers were telling the audience to switch back to the light novels in order to find out how the story truly finishes.

First show of the 2014 fall season concluded.
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Old 2014-12-31, 22:30   Link #1468
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Red wishes everyone a Happy New Year!
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Old 2015-02-26, 11:52   Link #1469
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Namaniku ATK has started posting some interesting drafts that didn't manage to fit into the Chaika artbook.
So, without further ado...
Spoiler for early Black Chaika design:

Spoiler for early Chaika/Tooru design:

Spoiler for early Blue Chaika design:

Spoiler for early design of Chaika (species?):

Spoiler for early design of Unicorn:

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Old 2015-03-11, 18:50   Link #1470
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Just watched the OVA. Quite fun to watch despite it just like a filler episode...
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Old 2015-03-18, 21:59   Link #1471
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Originally Posted by abc0716 View Post
Just watched the OVA. Quite fun to watch despite it just like a filler episode...

I wonder where it would fit in in the overall narrative though?


Gotta admit that the scene of Akari talking to Tooru after she first discovers him hiding in the theatre had me giggling quite a bit though.
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Old 2015-03-19, 02:28   Link #1472
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EroKing approves of this shot.
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Old 2015-03-19, 15:47   Link #1473
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Love the ova, I love how Tooru didn't care about the burning buildings.
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Old 2015-03-19, 19:33   Link #1474
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Originally Posted by abc0716 View Post
Just watched the OVA. Quite fun to watch despite it just like a filler episode...
Agreed! Akairi using her clothes as a lure was awesome, and Tooru looking all pretty
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Old 2015-03-20, 04:45   Link #1475
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OVA was awesome, but I would like one that will show us their life after the show.
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Old 2015-04-04, 15:02   Link #1476
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The Coffin Hunt & The Ruins Reborn

It's been about three months since my last post on Chaika.

Yesterday, I watched the OVA and for the many mishaps that Team White Chaika encountered I found it funny, particularly the episode set at the theater playing the story of Gaz's defeat. However, the second OVA episode featuring again the Red Chaika was far more excellent.

Unfortunately, still Team White Chaika continues to be overpowered dealing with the Gillete Squad, to me Tooru's a complet a****le, and I'm getting tired of Fredericas' quirks just as Akari continues at being bland and uninteresting.

The Chaikas are always the best characters of the show, and seeing onscreen both Chaika (White vs Red) arguing was so hilarious and even to me cute, as well.
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Old 2015-12-16, 10:07   Link #1477
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English dub trailer.
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