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Torikagoshou no Kyou mo Nemutai Juunintachi (The Sleepy Residents of Birdcage Manor)

Torikagoshou no Kyou mo Nemutai Juunintach is a light novel by KABEI Yukako and TEKUNO Samata, serialized in Dengeki Bunko. The manga adaptation is done by TAKARAI Rihito and is serialized in Sylph. the light novel has 6 volumes so far, while the manga has only 2, one of them so far scanlated.

This thread is intended for the manga adaptation of Torikagoshou no Kyou mo Nemutai Juunintachi. Please, do NOT post spoilers from the light novel.

A spoiler is anything that discloses an event, character, plot or other information before it is revealed within the specific work being discussed---Spoiler Policy

Originally Posted by Turtle Paradise
16-year-old Kizuna stalks the city at night, flirting with middle-aged salary men and coercing them out of their money. The thrill should be enough to satiate her, but Kizuna remains unsatisfied with her everyday life… That is, until the beautiful Inoue Yuki, also living in “Birdcage Manor” approaches Kizuna with a job proposition- to model in the nude for Yuki’s cousin, a painter and fellow resident Yusei Asai!
Links: Light Novel and Manga

a few comments:

I was looking for something new to read, and I just so happened to come across with this little gem here. Yes, the title caught my attention---it has such a nice and interesting word play---but what really prompted me to read this manga was the cover. I'm often told not to judge a book by its cover; but I was not wrong to pick this one up based on my instinct. I'm just so happy to have finished the first volume; and it has so far exceeded my expectations. The art is gorgeous, clean, and pleasant to the eyes---a pleasure to read and look at. it also has good composition and a nice balance of dark and lights---neither overdone nor lacking, though some of the pages (during the flashbacks) may have benefited with some more dark in them. The paneling is varied, interesting and effective; when it comes to the story, it just works. Probably the only thing I didn't quite like in this regard was having to see a-bit-of-too-much-cramped-text in some of the pages, but so far, so good.

oh and I loved the characters designs; they have that little something that appeals to my senses---the girls are especially nice, methinks.

wow, I like the male character of this manga, which doesn't happen very often; he is quite a refreshing character, too: cool, quiet, determined, and serious about his work. I think his characterization is spot-on; as a fellow aspiring artist (hopefully), I can understand his demeanor when a nude female poses in front of him. you can say it's a normal reaction; that's how we, as artists, behave with our model. We can only think of our work: the shapes, the quality of the line---what we can create with our subject. there's little room for anything else in our minds if it's not related to our creative endeavor. and I can also see how his worries for Kizuna have a place in his character; you would like to have a model with really fair skin---and not bruised all over. By the way, I think he should have gone ahead and have his cousin pose nude for him. :P

Kizuna is a strange girl, but so far she has been doing fine. our heroine is sincere, honest, and a very likable person, too. Being self-conscious about posing nude adds a lot of charm to her character, as well as being self-conscious of her lack of curves and cleavage (though I would personally preferred her the way she is, :P); plus, I don't think there's anything she can do with someone as emotionless as her employer. I think that over the course of 5 chapters she has grown considerably, from the moment she leaves that group of girls (not without a brawl) to how she shows remorse of her past actions and starts to worry for her friend. I think she is a very interesting character, with room to grow even more.

Another aspect that I like of this manga is how the relationship between Asai and Kizuna has been anything but romantic. The two have a very interesting employer-employee relationship that is so entertaining to see. she can model nude for him, but he would think nothing of her; he can point out Kizuna's lack of womanhood, but she would think of him as impotent. it's quite endearing to see these two interact whenever they do, because it's just funny. Maybe they develop romantic feelings for each other; maybe not. but the manga has been great so far because of them (add Yuki to the equation).

Oh Yuki is someone very interesting, too. a love triangle, maybe? :P

The first chapter has been a setup for the manga. We might see the plot starting to become more and more important. The title makes me think that the manga would have something to do with the tenants of the Birdcage Manor. From the few glimpses we had so far, they may be as weird and strange and interesting as I imagine they would be. We will see, I guess.
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I do like the manga. I like the art style, but I think it's a bit TOO slender for my general tastes. I'll concur with the relationship btw Kizu and Asai. I think the best kinds of relationships to see are ones that are romantic-less, but still have that strong bond as if they were married, a theme more prevalent in seinen/josei type mangas. Somehow the dynamics are just better.
Originally Posted by Falkor View Post

Oh Yuki is someone very interesting, too. a love triangle, maybe? :P

The first chapter has been a setup for the manga. We might see the plot starting to become more and more important. The title makes me think that the manga would have something to do with the tenants of the Birdcage Manor. From the few glimpses we had so far, they may be as weird and strange and interesting as I imagine they would be. We will see, I guess.
A love triangle? No Fal, its a trap .

Yeah I hope they are. I don't really see any particular plot is personally, but yeah, i hope the manga can live up to its namesake. Next looks like that long black-haired woman, who I think maybe involved in the latest happenings.
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It's one of the most interesting manga's I've had the pleasure of reading, creating a unique set of circumstances in combination with a vivid cast of characters. I generally don't mind the slender figures, I'm used to those (damn you Clamp! ) and the art is itself quite intriguing and different. The thing I like most is the deep interaction amongst the characters, and the quite self-reflection of the main heroine whose narration is refreshingly vivid and honest. All in all, one of my new favorites and one I'll be keeping track of from now on with great interest
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Spoiler for The cousin...:

Anyways, this manga's pretty good. Definitely a change of pace from all the other stuff I've been reading lately.
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A shoujo manga adaptation of a shounen(boy's) light novel series...
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Old 2010-04-20, 21:32   Link #6
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a thread for Torikagoshou...!? I adore the series but I never knew it has a manga adaptation. The characters are all very likable, especially the female lead, which is very rare for me. I like stories with weird characters, and a little bit dark sides here and there, so this was pretty refreshing when I first read it. And the fact that the series ended properly without dragging on forever is a major plus too.

^ I think the style fits well enough. Labeling it Shounen would be more inappropriate if you ask me... but that's all down to the labels and stuff so it's up to the publishers after all.
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Old 2010-04-22, 00:33   Link #7
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That's the one thing I noticed, though I usually don't pay much attention to labels. whether it's shounen or shoujo, doesn't change the fact that the manga's been pretty good so far. :P

it's easily turning into one of my favorites, and I can't help but love everything about it---from the characters to the artwork---, and there's even the connection as an artist, which makes me more attached to it.

oh I didn't know the novel already ended. hopefully they adapt the manga at the same pace as Toradora (which is very very slow), so we get some discussion for a while. :P

also makes me wonder whether we will see an anime adaptation in the future, seeing that is published under Dengeki Bunko... maybe?

Originally Posted by frubam View Post
A love triangle? No Fal, its a trap
doesn't matter... let me have my love triangle. :P

edit: by the way, the other day I had painting class/session with a model, and I realized how lucky Asai is; I mean, how many artists have a underage flat-chested 16-year old girl pose nude for them...
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Old 2010-08-11, 00:25   Link #8
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chapter 06

I have been dying to read more torikagoshou...

it's kinda cute that Kizuna stayed with Yusei while she was calling for help. On the other hand, I'm not sure what I would do if I broke one of my arms or something along these lines. not being able to do stuff you normally do, not being able to draw or paint; while it has not happened to me yet, as artist, I have to say that I fear this the most. Lucky he that his injury is not going to keep him "useless" for a very long period of time; but I wonder how he would fare using his less dominant hand---haven't tried this, myself.

and I thought the two cousins were in good terms...

that's so nice... to have Kizuna take care of you...

"Point of Impact" is a very interesting title for a work of art... hmmm

wonder who is that girl... romantic interest, former model?

the art continues to be as gorgeous and eye-pleasing as past chapters...

for some strange reason, I have Nana Mizuki's voice in my mind when I read Kizuna's lines... I think if an anime is ever made, her voice would suit her the most. :P
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Old 2010-09-18, 22:47   Link #9
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chapter 07

this manga needs more love. :P

this chapter dealt in part with Minako and the close relationship she shared with Asai in the past. she is a very odd person, which shouldn't really surprise me knowing that everyone in the manor is not normal, so to say. and Asai seems to very fond of her; I think I was half-right with my prediction.

it's so strange that I can relate to Asai in so many ways. as an artist I have experienced that trance he talks about. I remember doing a drawing without stopping, and when I was close to being finished I realized that four hours had already gone---time simply flies, or so is the saying. The other thing I shared with Asai, is that we don't like people moving our stuff around. yes, my room (and especially my desk) is always messy, but at least we can find our way around, which we will not be able to if someone starts to clean and "hide" stuff. :P

by the way, I think Kizuna is very cute taking care of Asai. didn't I say this last chapter? but he should be a bit nicer to her. angry Kizuna is cute, too.

I think you are not supposed to wash his hair that way...

OH! that was very unexpected, or should I say surprising. I can totally understand her reaction, though.

it's kinda unfair to be treated as a disposable object, more or so when you have been so nice to your employers. I can sympathize with Kizuna's situation, her anger and frustration. I get the feeling the relationship she shares with Asai is not going to be same from now on. but I hope they stick together for a little while. I really love the dynamics between the two and I would hate to see it go; on the other hand, I'm really curious about the next chapter, especially after this little revelation.

oh, and I really loved the last scene. it was a great depiction of Kizuna's strong, unyielding character. nice body language, too.
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Old 2011-01-10, 15:07   Link #10
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chapter 08

I didn't think Kizuna would be coming back so soon, or that she would be so determined to have him recognize her for who she is. But I really like Kizuna; I'm really loving her as the female lead of this work. There's something about her that I find so charming and yet intriguing.

"I ended up twisting his arm and making him feel my front instead." lol

"You even gave me a wedding ring, we went off and eloped, and kissed." I knew those two had a close relationship, but after reading this chapter, I no longer know what to think. it made me extremely curious about their past, though.

"Your are not even half the woman she was." ouch...

"Only a kid would freak out about a peck in the mouth." sweet...

I didn't know Yuusei could be so cunning with words. He got back at Kizuna just where it hurts the most. I could understand her emotions, though, and the way she wanted to release everything that has been piling after she was hurt by the person in front of her. I think she was a bit mean, but he totally deserved it :P. it might have been kinda dangerous for her to do what she did at the end in order to provoke a reaction in Yuusei. But that shows how determined she was to convince him of how truly important she was. Yuusei should stop being so cold, though. and sleeping on the floor might be bad too.
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drama, mystery, romance

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