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Old 2014-12-04, 22:24   Link #221
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^damn impressive and scary haha in the anime asuna's attacks are like machine guns. so he wasn't able to either parry or even dodge it? haha...

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Old 2017-01-22, 08:50   Link #222
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Late to the party, but this theory I came up with I thought should be shared, and I think the last segment of it makes the most sense
Spoiler for Anime/Manga:

Spoiler for Anime/Manga:

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Old 2018-05-09, 00:11   Link #223
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First off, yes it was a star wars pun (refrenced to them adding a LIGHT SABER in the game/ anime whatever). Anyways, anyone wanna help me understand WHY they haven't made a spinoff to catch serial rapists across the world? Like seriously, the nerve gear prevents you from feeling anything irl, and moving irl; so people could break into your house and steal your stuff, beat you up, rape you, killl you. AND YET FOR SOME ODD REASON, THIS ISN'T A SERIES OF ITSOWN. EXPLAIN PLEASE

Damn, and sleep deprivation gets me my strange ideas. I'd believe this theory.

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