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Old 2004-11-27, 01:47   Link #1
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Post Mmm. Bored, suggestions please.

I am at a point where what i am looking for in anime is harder to find.. feel free to suggest anything, keeping the following in mind:

-Genre is in most cases irrelevant to me.(I prefer fantasy although)
-Music/Soundtrack is perhaps most important, it really can make a simply good anime exceptionally superb.
-For some examples of what i've discovered to be my favorites, some popular some less, in no order:

-Legend of Basara
-Witch Hunter Robin

The only one still in the process of viewing is Inuyasha there. I enjoy an anime that can be both serious and comical(Naruto, FMA, Inuyasha). Recommend any anime amongst any level of popularity, i may have heard of it, i may have not. Thanks in advance for utterly wasting your time curing my boredom. :P
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Old 2004-11-27, 02:04   Link #2
What is it?
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My favorite is Gensomaden Saiyuki, the icons here will prove that! The way the story develops goes well. The background of all the players grab my heart strings big time. And I can look forward to more Saiyuki comming! Reload and Gunlock.

The only downside for me is the next two I have listed have been bought up by Geneon, not ADV which provided some of the best voices for this series. A major bummer.

I understand the Saiyuki movie, 'Requiem' will have the original English cast. Anyway, I am surprised Saiyuki isn't more popular. It has bloody violence, bad language, nudity, Adventure, Comedy, Shounen and Supernatural action. Just what I like!

How's that for wasting my time? Not at all a waste in my book, Argo.
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Old 2004-11-27, 07:09   Link #3
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Seems you liked Noir, then you should check out Madlax and Avenger. They were made by the same studio and certainly have a similar feel to them

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Old 2004-11-27, 14:52   Link #4
Join Date: Jan 2004
Tough to answer, since your taste seems quite ecclectic, but try these:

Mahou Shoujo Tai (quirky, beautiful anime about young witches)

Gankutsuou (Futurisation of 'The Count of Monte Cristo'. Intelligent, hard-hitting and very individual)

Fantastic Children (challenging yet simple at the same time. Multiple plot strands, appealing characters and mystery)

Peacemaker Kurogane (a bit older, now. Lots of humour but also lots of action. Great fun and always entertaining)
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Old 2004-11-28, 16:38   Link #5
Rock Lee PWNz
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I'm feeling you about the soundtrack aspect (although i disagree with your favorites save for Basara and Berserk)

DO check out:

Stellvia of the Universe
Soukyou no Fafner
Rozen Maiden
One Piece
Turn-A Gundam
Saint Seiya
Rose of Versailles
Violinist of Hamelin
Mazinger Saga
Gundam SEED/Gundam SEED Destiny
Shinkon Gattai Godannar
Melody of Oblivion
Black Jack

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