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Old 2004-12-14, 23:27   Link #1
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something like peacemaker kurogane?

just finished watching it and.. wow just... wow
is there anything along these lines, with samurai swordplay with maybe a bit of ninja fighting, id prefer something that happened in past japan, none of that futuristic stuff

thanks in advance
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Old 2004-12-15, 13:34   Link #2
Stupid Flanders! (Homer)
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Rurouni Kenshin, you'll definitley like it. Theres 3 seasons for it, a movie, and two OVAs.
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Old 2004-12-15, 13:40   Link #3
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A few come to mind... (mixed action/comedy)

Samurai Champaloo
Ninja Scroll
Samurai Deep Kyo
Shura no Toki
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Old 2004-12-15, 19:04   Link #4
Rock Lee PWNz
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Most of the anime mentioned are pretty crappy IMO. While I do LOVE Rurouni kenshin, the anime has a crappy 3rd "Season", especially when the third part of the manga makes it one of the best manga ever.

Samurai Champloo is just sub par crap, I couldn't even get past episode 7.

Ninja Scroll is a somewhat entertaining movie, but it's nothing like's jsut really bloody @_@

Samurai Deeper Kyo has some of the worst still frames I can think of, save for Violinist of Hamelin (Which makes up for it with an excellent, highly dramatic story, and a picturebook feel), and it doesn't make that up in plot either. The manga is pretty good though.

Shura no Toki IS a good one, but it's more fighting-focused than the topic creator wants.

My suggestions:

1)Read the manga series Shinsengumi Imon Peacemaker and it's sequel, Peacemaker Kurogane. The manga version of events is quite superior, and the story continues on quite far past where the anime leaves off. There's no Filler (obviously), so the plot is better paced, and characters are introduced in different times/orders, so it still feels fresh. DEFINATELY BUY.

2)Check out Neon Genesis Evangelion. Shinji is one of the closest characters to tetsu I can think of, and the development is equally moving. No Ninjas and Samurai though...and it DOES take place in the future...ok screw this reccomendation @_@

3)S.Cry.ED I shouldn't even have to elaborate. It's worth watching for the Final Battle alone. Tons of action ^_^

4)Juuni Kokki - THE Best fantasy anime ever. Go buy it immediately.

5)Jubei-chan: The Ninja Girl and Jubei-chan II:Counterattack of the Siberian Yagyu - IMO two of the most enjoyable samurai shows out there. Excellent swordfights, well done characters, really funny, just overall must-watch
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