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Old 2016-10-12, 10:24   Link #41
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I didn't expect Subaru to dominate the NewType Rankings but he is number 1 of most popular male characters 2016. Pretty cool!
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Old 2016-10-12, 16:09   Link #42
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A more down to earth, "real-feeling" "human-seeming" character beats out Kirito?
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Old 2016-12-10, 22:24   Link #43
Yui Is My Wife
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Oh My...

Since Both These Men are Masters of the "Time Loop"

Who would win in an Ultimate Battle of Willpower, Cunning and Wits?

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Old 2016-12-11, 03:18   Link #44
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Originally Posted by Yui Is My Wife View Post
Oh My...

Since Both These Men are Masters of the "Time Loop"

Who would win in an Ultimate Battle of Willpower, Cunning and Wits?

Pre-Arc 4 or post Arc 4? Because Subaru gets pretty fucking tactical
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Old 2020-04-22, 20:57   Link #45
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Originally Posted by Brother Coa View Post
Subaru is the biggest damn idiot in any anime shows I ever watched, and I watched quite few of them.

Now I can understand going insane and his surroundings and politics and everything... But you thought that after dying 20+ times and countless continuing to insult everyone he should not would at least give him some hint about what to do to decrease his suffering?

And don't let me start about his inability to read situations and act rationally rather than entering like a yahoo cowboy an demanding stuff. He needed 18 episodes and several characters explaining the same damn thing to him every time he falls into depression to figure it out that this is not a game anymore and he must start to think rationally for a change.

But for now I will look forward at how he will develop from here. Until now his actions only made me rage because of sheer stupidity of his actions.
He really is beyond stupid, isn't he? I'm at episode 12 right now. I don't think I was as brainless as him about reading situations, when I was in elementary school, as he is, as an almost 18 year old. It's beyond painful.

Just finished the series. It took 20 episodes for him to become a main character I could support. And as I said in the other thread, he only had to lose EVERYTHING several times over to grow up.

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