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Old 2017-09-18, 00:06   Link #2301
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Woah, TC is incredibly fast right now. Arc 4 Ch 45 part 1/3 just got banged out.

As for the old outline I found the post. Since there is some pretty huge spoilers here I'll naturally put it under spoiler tags. Keep in mind this was posted in 2014 seems have already gone through some changes given Tappei's recent statements. For example we will now know the meaning of Satella's name in the final arc instead of Arc 8. So a lot of this is probably obsolete. The brackets denote of the central theme of the arc.

This was posted by cheongwun on the Subbedit.

Spoiler for old general outline arcs 7-11:

He also posted a bunch of old fan speculations and popular theories about the future of series from Japanese and Korean fans too. Most of them were debunked by the plot progression though.

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Old Yesterday, 05:24   Link #2302
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Can you imagine a "normal" conversation between Subaru and Daphne?
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Old Yesterday, 20:01   Link #2303
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Eh, I think it would go along lines of they interacted in Echidna's dream world. Those two aren't exactly the most comparable people either.
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Old Today, 11:04   Link #2304
Cinderella Gang or Die
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love the editing as always with these short commercials.
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alternate world, harem, magic, not harem, reborn, thriller, time travel, webnovel

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