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Fan-made Digimon project

Hey guys so a few weeks ago me and my friend Callum Andrews teased on a Digimon group on facebook and also decided to post it here, that we're gonna announce something on the 9th of January. Well here it is... *drum rolls please*

Me and Callum are currently working on a fan made Digimon project which includes a manga called Digimon Warriors. It was mainly his idea since he told me about it and that it's sorta of a dream project of his I liked the idea and decided to tag along. It's a story with no humans strictly only Digimon in a brand new original story with a few new Digimon and others we are already familiar with. There are 6 main characters being: Spikemon (Callum's creation), Piyomon, Hagurumon, Dinohumon, Lunamon & Atormon (my creation). We're setting it off in an adventure where the story itself is gonna be darker than Digimon Tamers, which will probably include mild swearing (no hard ones I promise lol) and blood here and there. It's kinda like the digimon story we always wanted, not too toned down or watered down, but with a more maturity aspect to it if you know what I mean.

This is the synopsis:
The evil digimon of the story were the ones who created Spikemon,
with the sole purpose of being their perfect weapon of destruction.
However Imperialdramon and his young student Atormon,
stormed the hideout in an effort to foil the plans but things went really wrong...
the right hand man of the villain used an attack that creates a portal do a dark empty void.
Imperialdramon got sucked in but not before taking Spikemon's egg with him.
Atormon made it out in fear and anger. Inside the void Imperialdramon cleansed the egg with is Palidan mode powers,
removing all of Spikemon's programmed duties leaving him confused for half way in the story.
After he hatched and evolved to Child form. Imperialdramon used most of his energy sent Spikemon,
but not him back to the digital world.
Then Piyomon who is VERY energetic met him,
took him to her home village and at some point met Devimon (the grunt of the villains).
The adventure evolves !

We're still writing the script at the moment so bear with us...the reason we shared this today is for a few reasons: 1 being that we're like a family here we wouldn't want to keep this to ourselves, you guys deserve to know it as well, 2nd is that we both want your cooperation with the project we want your involvement in any way possible with at least spreading the word about this and sharing (sharing is caring ). We're gonna post more updates here pretty soon, as well as opening a facebook fan page and an instagram page for the arts...also a bonus fact we wanted to save this announcement for my birthday today.. I just turned 23 ^_^ yupieee!!
This is why we were looking for a digital artist and we still are so please help us out... Thanks for reading We look forward to your love and support
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Old 2017-01-16, 15:44   Link #2
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Join Date: Apr 2016
Location: Skopje, Macedonia
Age: 25
I'll start posting some of the main characters of Digimon Warriors although these drawings aren't colored yet.

This is Atormon (child/rookie form) one of the 6 main characters and a bitter rival to Spikemon

Character description: Atormon was a warm hearted Digimon at first. But with his village being destroyed, his teacher being sucked into a void, receiving a pair of scars, Atormon slowly became a more cold distant character.
He harbors a immense hatred for Spikemon. He has no ill will towards the rest of his gang though.
He was willing to do what ever it took to take down Helldramon down,
even willing to cause extreme damage to everything around him.

Spikemon (child/rookie form) and the leader of the Warriors a.k.a the main character

Character description: His past is shrouded in mystery and has no clue about himself. He was born with a strong fighting instinct and has no clue what the word friend meant.
He was very withdrawn as well at first but after meeting Piyomon, he started to slowly learn what a friend is,
and the rest of the gang started to grow on him and started coming out of his shell.

Spikerowmon (Spikemon's Adult/Champion form)

IronSpikerowmon (Spikemon's Perfect/Ultimate form)

MegaSpikerowmon (Spikemon's Ultimate/Mega form)

Menusmon (Atormon's Adult/Champion form)

This is Genocidemon one of the main villains of Digimon Warriors...
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