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Old 2018-06-07, 13:57   Link #41
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It looked good. Island part was done good. But Holy Piss of T-Rex, this movie was stupid. I mean, obviously, no one is expecting it to be a smart movie, but still... Incredible how they managed to reach this level of stupidity. I think the best comparison I can think about is Fast & Furious latest movies, but with dinosaurs.
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Old 2018-06-07, 22:20   Link #42
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^ Indeed. FK is as dumb as JW if not more. And there's a twist that's building up to practically nothing other than reinforcing a statement that's already been made way back at the end of TLW.
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Old 2018-06-14, 11:52   Link #43
Obelisk ze Tormentor
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Full spoiler review to illustrate how stupid the wring in FK is:

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Old 2018-06-15, 03:29   Link #44
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There are claims going around that JWFK extensively used ideas and portions of script from the stillborn JP4 concept that was hinted a couple years ago (the one with the human-dino hybrids and militarized dinosaurs). The greatest pieces of evidence of this being (reportedly, as I haven't cross-checked) the opening scene where a man gets eaten by a Mosasaur (a Kronosaurus in the original script) and the second part of the story, which takes place in a private castle (in Switzerland in the original script, IIRC) with dinosaurs being reared for military/mercenary duties.

Now, I haven't come across that discarded script (nor did I even want to) so I cannot vouch either way, but...if that is really the case, then color me thoroughly disgusted. They should have kept the action on Nublar and gone with the idea of a volcanic eruption completely disrupting the ecosystem.
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Old 2018-09-03, 01:40   Link #45
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Just saw the movie, loved every minute of it and had fun doing so.
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Old 2018-09-27, 00:53   Link #46
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I thought the movie was fine. Some good fun and a pretty reasonable direction for the film to go with where Jurassic World itself left off. And really it finally took the step the franchise had been hesitant to take in film. Sure dinosaurs spreading over the globe is an extreme next step. But in a world where they brought extinct animals back to life and humans constantly screw up in handling the situation...they were going to spread out over the globe eventually.

The movie certainly has points that you can criticize. And yet I think the reactions are pretty overboard with how stupid some people think the movie is.

It was good movie. Not a great one, but had nice elements to it. Was nice to have that mix of CG and the animatronics this time around. Didn't hurt to add some more backstory to Blue. Kid wasn't annoying in this one.
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