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View Poll Results: Madoka Magica - Favourite Character(s) Poll
Kaname Madoka 131 41.85%
Akemi Homura 211 67.41%
Miki Sayaka 89 28.43%
Tomoe Mami 102 32.59%
Sakura Kyoko 132 42.17%
Kyubei 80 25.56%
Shizuki Hitomi 7 2.24%
Kamijou Kyousuke 5 1.60%
Kaname Junko 38 12.14%
Kaname Tomohisa 6 1.92%
Kaname Tatsuya 17 5.43%
Saotome Kazuko 6 1.92%
Other 7 2.24%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 313. You may not vote on this poll

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Bombchu Link
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It's so hard to pick just one...


Sayaka, Though I did find her annoying as a character in the beginning, I do like her as a character and a plot device She cares a lot for justice, she wants to help everyone, (except hitomi and homura) and is a stubborn, little, annoying, clichéd, jerk. And I love her for it.

Eri Kitamura; I can't praise you enough for the voice you did for Miki-san. It's lively when it should be, (to the point where it's almost downright annoying) and later on right before her demise, when is deprived of her innocence, sound absolutely (for lack of a better word) terrible... in the best way possible. It sound just right. If you haden't done such a good job I swear I would be a sayaka hater. *coughenglishdubcough*

Outside of that, her story is kinda clichéd with the whole the world is over and I just want to die because I lost my soul and I lost Kamijo blablabla, but just how it was executed, I almost find it justifiable in my mind. the differance between good writers and bad ones, is that good writers can hide their cliched points well. nothing is new under the sun.

As a character, Sayaka has probably aged the best on me, going from "ehh" to "I kinda like her"

also it's a guilty pleasure to watch her become maniacal at the end of EP 7


In all honestly I like her the least of the the quintet. It's not that I don't like her, it's just she feels the most typical especially in appearance. [s]And this I'm sure seems really weird to come from a guy but her boobs are completely redundant to me.[s] I did like how she reacted to the events in EP 10 though and throughout rebellion.

She did fill her role well though in the series, she was the simple yet tragic example and I'm kinda glad she was killed off early on but the reincarnated for the manga spinoff.

fun fact: Kaori Mizuhashi voiced Mami, Tayatsu, and Walpurgisnacht
fun fact 2: tiro finale means grand finale in Latin


Yes, not one of the main five, but I though I would give her some time to shine because she is arguably the most important support character in the series. (along with Junko)

Hitomi is an upright good girl normal school attendee, she leads a plain life and is what everybody either wants to fall for or tries to be like more.

Playing a support character, I don't have much criticism for her as she did exactly what she was suppose to do. Mentor Madoka for one episode, then make a bad yuri joke, then be a bch and steal kamijo from sayaka and finally leave without a trace.

What I would have liked to really see what Her reactions to knowing that Sayaka was dead and her emotions at the funeral. That's the one thing I think Shinbo and Urobuchii really just sipped up on.

She really felt like the opposite to Sayaka and much more mature. Also I'm sure kamijo thinks that green hair is way better then blue.

moving on...


Why is it that the least developed character has the best character and flavor in their character?

Kyouko is the "oh god why does their have to be newbies in this world" type character and I absolutely love it. Her sarcastic flair and her bad girl personally I found to be very enjoyable. There isn't really much to put down on paper to say about her personally, but she is my favorite just because of how she acts to circumstances.

Ai Nonaka, you are my favorite voice actor of all time.


This is a tough one... A character that is to embedded the pinnacle of the plot to be able to do anything at all.

I would judge her on doing absolutely nothing, but I can't because of the above stated and it's justifiable because of not only because of that, it's because it's logically explained as well as to why madoka does not do anything due to weighing options.

all I can really say is she's a plot point is that Aoi yuuki is a great voice actor (yes I've praised almost all the voice actors, but I just found the voice acting of all the characters just phenomenal)

fun fact: Madokami is a pun off madoka and kami (means god) also kami can mean hair, witch ultimate hyper madoka has a lot of.
fun fact 2: Sticks the badger (Sonic boom) has the same voice actor as madoka

And last but not least


badass looks? check
badass skills? check
badass personality? double check
badass person their whole life? well.....

the reason I happen to like homura the most overall as a character is because of how she got from shy little school girl to the demon/owner of the universe and the very force of evil (rebellion included)

Some complain about the ending of rebellion, but those who were paying any attention to exactly who Homura was up to that point, you would understand why she made the choice that she did. Her only intentions were to save Madoka, after seeking Mami, Kyoko, and especially Sayaka die "countless" times in front of her eyes, she lost all hope and innocence and her objective became more clear and cut-throat. going to any means to save Madoka and only Madoka.

I especially liked the scene where Homura was forced to shoot and kill Madoka in the 4th timeline forcing homura to realise just how cruel this world is. She then immediately kicks into survival mode and gives herself a different much more serious and cold image to make it out of this all but eternal maze sacrificing everything and everyone necessary including herself and her (past) friends.

She is very strong on the outside, and even if she breaks down is very quick to get back up (as seen near the end of EP 8, [unless she was using time stop to give herself time to cool off of course]). I know guys that can't do that. :/

Overall the cast was really well put in at least most of the aspects, the characters are all lovable and fans including myself cherish them greatly.

Ume aoki (character design), and Urobuchi as well as all the voice actors are to thank for that, so thank you all.

I would have done Kyuubey, but that would have taken a full 1000 words on it's own :P maybe later.
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