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Old 2012-09-16, 22:45   Link #41
Warm Mist
Senior Member
Join Date: Sep 2011
Damn the final scenes looked awesome. The parade walk was also handled splendidly, Kyoani have really improved their cinematography.
On the other hand, the first part of the episode looked like the animation director went lazy. I don't know too much about how Nishiya handles sakkan'ing, but it seems like he didn't correct too much in mid-distance shots and some others. At least, he didn't correct the drawings as thoroughly as most Kyoani's sakkans.

I find the ending fitting. If the story was about the bittersweetness of youth, the episode portrays that perfectly. There are heartwarming moments, shocking moments, and that final daydream sums up Oreki's ongoing development.
I think he didn't want to actually propose in there because of what he himself implied: the huge change that would bring to his way of life. That's why he remembered Satoshi. He didn't want to properly make a balance between going through with his love interest and staying in his really comfortable current situation, so he ended up not doing anything.
In any case, the story was left open for future developments, even if Hyouka probably won't get more animated material.
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Old 2012-09-16, 23:07   Link #42
Join Date: Aug 2008
Location: Canada
There's really not much to say, I was just as mesmerized with the episode as Oreki was with Chitanda. That is, until the end and Chitanda had spoken her mind about "her small world". No, at that point I was witnessing the birth of a masterpiece. That scene, and those lines defined perfection for me...showcasing mastery of the subtleties this show is known for.

I constantly say endings will make or break a show for me, no matter how great the journey was to get there. These days, it takes more to satisfy my need for closure (established couples, epilogue, time skips, happy ever afters, etc.) but there will be no such complaints from me here. Well, other than the complaint that the show has actually ended.

Which is saying something, since the romance buff in me was exploding with pure joy for such a fleeting moment. I'm sure if you listened carefully you could literally hear my excitement shatter into a million pieces. Well played KyoAni, well played.
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Old 2012-09-16, 23:24   Link #43
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Not much to say, except that final scene was breathtakingly beautiful. Despite all the messages this series has been handing out throughout the series about how some people are just better than others, you really feel at the end that the possibilities for these kids are endless. Great series.
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Old 2012-09-16, 23:49   Link #44
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I'm glad that the ending ends in such way. 4 points on the beautiful sceneries and moods which are to be expected from KyoAni, but the remaining 6 points that scored this last episode a perfect rating came from the beautiful interaction between Chitanda and Oreki. I kind of hope that there would be some kind of confession here, but hey.. this kind of conversation wasn't so bad after all. Kind of bringing me to my old school time, where i used to stare at the evening sky after an event ended, and hoping that if only time would move slowly and allowed me to enjoy the fun time more.

I wish it wouldn't end here... there is still a great mystery involving Chitanda x Oreki that many of us want to know, but then its hopeless to hope for that from KyoAni, the king of Giri Giri Romance. But i'm fine with this ending... its dramatic, and it shows that even a kind and gentle girl has a burden within her that she could never run away from. And Oreki's supposed reply was perfect too, hinting that he wouldn't mind to stick alongside Chitanda and help carrying her burden together, but then in the end, he never had the ball to say it out, and left it end just like that.

Its a cliffhanger ending to many shippers, but i think the end fits the way it is. I too, like many others, hoping for another season.. just that its too bad coz i didn't know any about the novel, that could hint us any possibilities of Hyouka to have a second season. But even then it would be another repeat of giri giri romance between Oreki and Chitanda. So i think, its best to leave Chitanda x Oreki the way it is... maybe they're not meant to be together after all, especially with that huge gap between their lifestyles and personalities... but then i might be wrong tho on this.

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Old 2012-09-16, 23:52   Link #45
Join Date: Aug 2011
Location: Kharkiv, Ukraine
Age: 30
Masterpiece? Are you kidding me?! It was beautiful but totally boring and empty series. I really feel bad about watching it (((
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Old 2012-09-17, 00:30   Link #46
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Originally Posted by Nachtwandler View Post
Masterpiece? Are you kidding me?! It was beautiful but totally boring and empty series. I really feel bad about watching it (((
Hyouka empty?

4/10 made me reply
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Old 2012-09-17, 00:31   Link #47
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For a second there, I was like, "Woah, really?!?! Did he just proposed to her? He skipped the confession and went straight for the kill?" And then the next scene happened. Way to go, KyoAni...

Still, this episode was very beautiful. There was a sense of contentment with the final scene, and the show ended in a loving way.

However, was that an indirect confession by Chitanda? I've always wondered who would confess first. Chitanda definitely has gotten Oreki to do things that no one else would even be able to get him to budge a finger on. If something ever happens to Chitanda, I don't know what Oreki would do.

Btw, after all this time, they still call each other by their last name. Some things are a little too slow...
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Old 2012-09-17, 00:42   Link #48
...lost in nothingness...
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...Eru more or less confessed to the point of showing who she is and what she will bring with her... the very least asking Houtarou to accept her...
...Houtarou's reaction speaks for itself...
...of course he couldnt pull a Kirito...but thats not his style...

...if anything were to happen to Eru...90% chance of Houtarou going the emo/lack of motivation route...
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Old 2012-09-17, 00:52   Link #49
Join Date: Oct 2004

*ahem, anyway.....*

But man that last scene with the cherry blossom was sure beautiful. I literally had tears rolling down my cheeks all of a sudden. Just totally enchanted by the beauty of the scenery and music.

It started off really slow, had its ups and downs, but Hyouka was definitely an enjoyable series. Most of the 'mysteries' aren't that strong but I really enjoyed it as a slice of life show.

Now I hope the upcoming Kyo-ani show will be just as great.
omg Ku-chan!
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Old 2012-09-17, 00:52   Link #50
Secret Society BLANKET
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You know, I watched this episode thinking there was gonna be one more next week. Then I went here and found out the sad truth.

Still, it was a very good ending by any standard, especially with that breathtaking and beautifully rendered scene with Oreki and Chitanda under the cherry blossoms in the afternoon.



Especially at that.... "confession" at the end. I literally went NUTS at that... before the reveal that it was just a daydream

Damnit, I want more Hyouka, I want more Oreki x Chitanda UST, I want more KININARIMASU!!!!

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Old 2012-09-17, 01:01   Link #51
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Originally Posted by relentlessflame View Post
No, I think that's exactly how it would be both taken and intended. The funny thing is that, in Houtarou's delusion, he sees her shocked, but he's too insecure to know what her reaction would be (which is why he snaps out of it right then). If he knew that, then it wouldn't have had to be just a daydream. But one step at a time...
That's good then. I thought I was making stuff up.

Originally Posted by thundrakkon View Post
Btw, after all this time, they still call each other by their last name. Some things are a little too slow...
Well gotta save up all those moments for probable S2. I mean it's so damn open ended at the same time it reached a conclusion that is really satisfying.
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Old 2012-09-17, 01:18   Link #52
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Originally Posted by thundrakkon View Post
Btw, after all this time, they still call each other by their last name. Some things are a little too slow...
Houtaro knew Mayaka for 10 years and she still only calls him "Oreki". Chitanda is still calling Houtaro "Oreki san", the fact Houtaro after a year is calling Eru "Chitanda" without the san shows progress already.

Originally Posted by Bahamut
...Eru more or less confessed to the point of showing who she is and what she will bring with her...
err, Eru is the only daughter/off spring of a famous, rich local family, that meant she has to succeed the family, which is all the "This is who I am, this is where I will be." statement meant, in character, she does not shy away from the burden, whoever want Eru will have to marry into the Chitanda family and use the Chitanda last name,

and Houtaro thought it can work, with him compliment her in different expertise, only to chicken out like Satoshi did.

look up the real live doll festival, (plenty of youtube video, been going on for 61 years.)

the sub wasn't clear, but Chitanda was playing the "Queen", a rather important position, probably only behind the Emperor, which gives Irisu's being senior with a more mature look, makes sense to have her there, but Queen is definitely the more glamours job for girls?

(at the beginning I thought those two were playing the left and right general

there is supposed only one umbrella holder, and he is for the Emperor, not the Queen, (she did have girls holding her long dress after her instead.) obviously the author took liberty there?

the parade is not easy, not in their custom shoes and dress clothes, and the umbrella is big and unwieldy, with the weather usually breezy. when Houtaro went into a "fuzzy" state, I thought it has more to do with him catching a cold, which he did.

yes, usually it is an older guy with glasses (senior member) doing the umbrella…

the crossing of the bridge is definitely one of the more scenery shot of the parade, of course the anime did not give us that, since we have that shot in the previous episode in the snow already.

and if there is rain like 2012? they parade within the temple with sakura branches ties to the poles .

the economic impact of this anime is going to rival K-On, Lucky Star, and Summer Wars, since they use real locations for all the shots,
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Old 2012-09-17, 01:19   Link #53
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I don't see any confession... I seems Oreki is the only one... having chest pains.... hehehe
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Old 2012-09-17, 01:42   Link #54
Guardian Enzo
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Spoiler for Long:
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Old 2012-09-17, 01:52   Link #55
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Originally Posted by Hata View Post
Houtaro knew Mayaka for 10 years and she still only calls him "Oreki". Chitanda is still calling Houtaro "Oreki san", the fact Houtaro after a year is calling Eru "Chitanda" without the san shows progress already.
I think Mayaka calls him Oreki more to spite him and keep a distance from him. She does not like him; hence, no reason for her to get close with him.

However, Eru and Houtarou are very close already. How often have they done things with just the 2 of them? Yeah, Houtaro has made progress by dropping the "san", but that is still a snail's pace. I would have hoped by the end of this episode, they would have tried to call each other by their first names, but oh well, it was still a beautiful ending.
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Old 2012-09-17, 01:56   Link #56
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Originally Posted by GenjiChan View Post
I don't see any confession... I seems Oreki is the only one... having chest pains.... hehehe
The ending scene wasn't a confession? I think you might be a bit confused.
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Old 2012-09-17, 01:58   Link #57
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From a gray coloured to a rose coloured school days. How Oreki has grown ;_;
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Old 2012-09-17, 02:29   Link #58
Kaoru Chujo
Yuuki Aoi
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Originally Posted by Guardian Enzo View Post
Spoiler for Long:
I apparently can't give you any more rep right now, so I'll just say it in the open: brilliant discussion of a brilliant show. Read the spoiler, folks.

One of the most strangely moving scenes for me was when Oreki spoke to Eru through the curtain. It was just a white curtain, but it was drawn with that great care and artistic inspiration Enzo speaks of, so that it appeared soft and flowing. Having to speak to her through it made Eru seem sacred, somehow, but also strangely near, since all we heard was her voice, and sound is closer than sight: right within us, rather than external. Excellent voice work by Satou Satomi, there in particular, but throughout the episode. Precise.

Oreki may not have confessed openly, but he realized he wanted to, and his self-limited style of life was over. Nothing is certain, but there is a clear path there for him to take. And Eru is standing there welcoming him to her world. Another strong moment was when the old guy called him "shikkari," which is a very strong word and means he's capable, self-disciplined and mature. No-one had ever said that to him, and he had never thought it, either. He was qualifying for the Chitandas' world.

Mayaka said things were just continuing, but she looked relaxed. There was something special in her manner, conveyed by drawing and sound. I think Satoshi had taken a step closer to her, too.
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Old 2012-09-17, 03:21   Link #59
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This episode showed us the viewers enough to conclude that Houtarou and Eru's feelings are mutual without the characters know it. That without the usual "dense persons" excuse as well. Neither the episode forget what Hyouka is: it still has a mystery that drive the characters interactions.

Indeed, as others has touched on, this episode could be summed up as "Houtarou learns what it's like in Chitanda Eru's world of nobility." He felt the tensions from the elders, saw a glimpse of pressure she faced regularly, and finally heard Eru talked about it herself. After having learned the good and the bad, his (imaginary) respond is he want to take half of her burden. That's how I like it. They're, after all, 16 years old and only know each other for a year. Going beyond that, IMO, is too rush, especially when Eru is very old-school and Houtarou being what he is. That is one of the thing I like about Hyouka. The characters don't change their behavior just to make things more exciting or make them more "cool."

Saying anything more will probably sounds like I just copy others' idea, so I'll end my thought with the thing I like most about this episode:

Spoiler for 2 Screenshots inside:
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Old 2012-09-17, 03:45   Link #60
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I liked this, a lovely episode.

I wanted to see more of Satoshi and Mayaka, but i am glad we saw them. It was nice seeing Irisu again. Lol when i think of Irisu i can't help but think of Michelle Lobster and vice versa. And yes i know they are both voiced by the same actor. Both intriguing characters.

The scene at the end with the cherry blossoms and sakura was soooo pretty and beautiful. I also wish they introduced Konari's song earlier in the series
or at least gave him a name. I like him.

The ending was pretty happy for me, although a bit bittersweet since want to see their adventures.

Usually when an anime ends i go and read the manga to follow the story. But i can't do that with this can I? It was adapted from a series of novels right? or something similar? Usually that means it's hard to find any sort of translation or even a summary.
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