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Old 2006-12-26, 21:55   Link #1
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iPod help? :D

Anyone think they can help me with iPod?

I'm trying to put anime onto it through iTunes (its an iPod Video) in .avi format but iTunes does not accept .avi and won't convert it.

Does anyone know a free converter that they've tried or know that will work and allow me to place anime on my iPod? Or atleast a converter they know doesn't freeze up like the last 3 I've tried have

Thanks : D
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Old 2006-12-26, 22:18   Link #2
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The advise I can give you is this:

There is more to it than "it's an avi". As I understand it, avi is only the container and it may contain one of countless (i never count them) codecs. So unless you get all the right codecs it wont work. Although I can handle lots of computer related things, this codec-chaos still confuses me.
You should take this question over to the tech help section. There you might find help.
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Old 2006-12-26, 23:26   Link #3
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The iPod plays H.264 or MPEG-4 Advanced Simple Profile encoded movies in the MP4 or MOV containers. There are a number of freeware programs that can convert to these formats. Unfortunately, I'm not familiar with any of the ones for Windows, but I know there are some folks over in Tech Help who are.
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Old 2006-12-27, 03:49   Link #4
Natsumeyashi Meiyo
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Only thing I can think of: What you can do is download the anime from YouTube, with the PodTube (MAC OS) or iTube (WINDOWS) application. This will download it in MPEG-4 format. Also it will immediately add it to your iTunes Movies Library.

And I wouldn't worry about the fact that the quality will be less good, because I highly suspect you won't really notice that on your iPod, since it has a smaller screen and such.
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Old 2006-12-27, 15:50   Link #5
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At, search for Jodix Ipod convertor. It's a free program I use to convert lots of video files to the specific iPod format.

It works really well for me. Only thing it doesn't support is OGM sadly.... (if someone knows how to convert THAT, please tell me!).
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