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Originally Posted by konokon View Post

On a recent episode of TV Asahi's talk show Ametalk, veteran manga artist Mitsuru Adachi was given the challenge of identifying the Tatsuya Uesugi, the main character of Touch, one of his most popular manga series, from among three characters that he had drawn for other series. Much to his chagrin, and the internet's entertainment, Adachi got it wrong, proving that even he is unable to point to tell his characters apart. In his defense, the three characters are extremely hard to tell apart:

Poor Adachi... luckily is not the drawings what we search when we read an Adachi work...

The most frightening thing is that my wife has been able to identify Tatsuya... she said "It's clearly that, with the stupid face!"
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Huh, didn't actually expect this to be caught up in English (it is right? 5 chapters per volume and 11 volumes?). Whoever you are, my thanks!

As for the manga itself, if there's one thing that sets it above his other works, is that there's more interesting characters than from just the main school (Meisei) and its main rival (Seinan). We've got Akai's brother in Kenjou who has the opposite relationship of Touma and Souichiro, and even Mita's brother in Toushou had a compelling story during his bout with Meisei.

And it's a bit more believable, because I can't remember the time when an MC of Adachi's actually even got to rest. At the very least, the coming year we have Otomi's classmates moving up if they don't change schools, so that's one, possibly 2 relievers for Touma. Though to be honest, if they actually got another good catcher then Sou could be another pitcher; they would really be a force to be reckoned with.

As for the romance, I'm not gonna lie, I still have a soft spot for Haruna and Touma. I'm pretty sure Adachi is setting her up with Sou (PTSD from H2 lol), but on the other hand, Otomi technically has known Touma for longer than Haruna. Adachi pretty much started the whole 'fake imouto', maybe he'll end his career on a MIX between Touch and Miyuki lol.

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