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Old 2009-04-29, 14:22   Link #1361
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Originally Posted by Mandoric View Post
There's a short cut (2 frames or so) right at the beginning with something that looks very much like it, plus text to the effect of "Fertilization successful".

Also worth noting: Isn't Kafuka's happy dance on top of corpses again?
Ah~, I see.

I think so. It does look creepily like a bunch of corpses...

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Old 2009-05-08, 04:06   Link #1362
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Just recently got into (and finished it) one of the best comedies I have seen in a while, easily.

Shinbou rules.
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Old 2009-06-12, 23:52   Link #1363
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Zetsubou-shita! And I had almost resigned myself to the terrible fate of a zetsubou-less year! What a welcome surprise!

I know that the aim of this show is to be funny and satirical, but I REALLY hope they expound more on Nozomu's and Kafuka's histories. What DID happen to Kafuka while she was with Nozomu that was so terrible that it fractured her psyche? Why did Kafuka/Anne have her name changed? And what happened to Nozomu as a result of her unintentional kidnap that was so horrible it launched his chronic depression?

...and why doesn't Nozomu realize that the kid he kidnapped is in his class? o_O;;
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Old 2011-03-08, 18:18   Link #1364
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Hey guys do we have a thread for Goku as well as Zoku, or is Goku basically considered an OVA supplement to Zoku?

I'm also not sure if there is a thread for Zan, I just know there is a thread for the original one at

A problem is that this thread should probably be linked to from the tracker for it but not sure how to do it.

If anyone knows of the threads and how to tell those with power to link them, the trackers for Goku/Zan are:
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Old 2012-02-06, 09:22   Link #1365
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Is there a thread for SZS fanart? In any case, here's an excellent (and creepy) example. Note how the view seems to be only through Nozomu's right eye...
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comedy, gag, shaft, shounen, social satire

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