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Old 2013-03-17, 11:30   Link #21
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Nothing lights your day like hearing that one of your favs LN is getting animated.

Originally Posted by ion475 View Post
it's no Toradora (At least you don't have a Taiga-like tsundere...), nor the story IMO is anywhere close to as good as Toradora!
Writing wise, this is eons ahead of Toradora, and the relationships are nice and fun when developed, it's just that everything is not crystal clear to the eye from moment 1 as in Toradora (In fact I didn't want to guess possible pairings until close to the end of volume 1).

But that "going with the flow" style really does fit more college age students the most.
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Old 2013-03-17, 12:12   Link #22
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Way better than Toradora. It's not that hard though.
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Old 2013-03-17, 14:31   Link #23
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I was kind of hoping for a live-action adaptation of this, since it would reach a bigger audience (and Yuyuko-sensei deserves it).

This is what I wrote three years ago when I'd finished the first novel:


Made it all the way to the end of Golden Time tonight. After Toradora I was a huge fan of this author, and had no clue what to expect. The summary sounded way too similar to her previous series, and I was worried it'd be a boring retread, but I think GT manages to feel different enough that it wasn't a problem at all.

In fact, I find it hard to think of it quite as a light novel. It's just a bit too mature, compared to all the other series I've read under that label, and the illustrations are so tiny that I can't help but wonder if they just stuffed them in there to abide by some kind of publisher regulation. That's not to say it's, you know, proper adult literature. Still, it's a lot more like seinen manga, and with a character called NANA-senpai (seriously), it's easy to make the connection to the manga with that name.

To put it bluntly, Golden Time is a love soap in college setting.

If you ever watched the j-drama Orange Days, that's not too far off in feel. Mind you, I liked Orange Days. And I really enjoyed reading GT. It's not as funny (comical, that is) as Toradora was, but then Toradora floated away from the comedy gradually as it went along, while GT pretty much starts at the end of Toradora's spectrum. It's fascinating to read about the life of a Japanese university student, and compare it to how I felt moving away from home to study in a new town, getting used to living without my parents, and encountering all the strange people at campus. Fresh, is a simple way to describe the book.

It's not a masterpiece, though. To begin with, the protagonist lacks any real character, so he feels pretty bland when you're used to light novels where everyone is easily identified by certain strong features. At the outset, the plot is also very loose, with no discernible goal to work towards, which makes it, well, not boring, exactly, but somewhat difficult to follow. Events occur a bit too haphazardly and disjointedly, much like real life, and at times I had to wonder what the point of a certain (absurd) chapter was, and why it was given so many pages. It doesn't help that the writing is ruthless to foreigners like me, who still struggle with slang and modern youth talk not found in a dictionary, which made some of the conversations tricky. Narrative sentences are also longer and more complex than I'm used to, so I'm definitely putting this title down as one of the harder light novels I've encountered.

Anyway. What really makes Golden Time interesting is the delicate time period it uses as setting: late teens, early twenties. The characters are right at the age where love and relationships are starting to grow complicated. It's no longer about running around drunk on emotions, instead it's an age where you approach emotions carefully -- or stumble over them -- and have to reflect on what they really mean, and how pursuing them will affect you and your future. And perhaps you'll reach the wrong conclusion the first time, and end up with a massive failure on your hands. Then grow as a person, trying to overcome that pain.

The author expresses all this perfectly, with vivid scenes that often made me think back on what it was like to be their age. The pages are teeming with the passion of youth. And that, strangely, is pretty rare these days.
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Old 2013-03-17, 17:20   Link #24
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As someone who is currently reading the Toradora VN translations (currently on hiatus though because of Mahouka Koukou No Rettousei ), I must say I'm actually impressed by how much they were able to cram in 2 cours. Which only serves to fuel my JC Staff fanboyism.

Kinda apprehensive a bit though, since the author didn't even have either party of the childhood friends be romantically interested in each other in Toradora, so I dunno what are the odds of them winning here. Although to be fair, Ryuuji/Taiga acted very much like osananajimi (I'd say even more so than the actual childhood friends), so if the author gives a good deal of that aspect to the winning couple, I'd be happy.

Or screw it, if Okada is writing it, I'm all in. XD

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Old 2013-03-17, 17:46   Link #25
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Booked. A very sensitive and smart romance comedy. I hope that they manage a proper conversion ... and I want LOTS of hi-class Kaga eye candy!
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Old 2013-03-17, 18:28   Link #26
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Planned to air in 2013.

“Nyahaha! Then we move to round two, Hero! ★”
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Old 2013-03-17, 19:12   Link #27
Yoroshiku ne!
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Heavy story...
Hope that it will be expressed to refreshing.
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Old 2013-03-18, 02:00   Link #28
Bittersweet Distractor
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Wow a LN that isn't focused on high school. Interesting.
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Old 2013-04-21, 06:39   Link #29
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This goes on my immediately watch list.
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Old 2013-04-22, 03:41   Link #30
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Law School

Hey, that sounds like something I went through!

I'm in.

Lol at people crying out for Nagai x Okada. Well I guess that can't be blamed since the duo have created some great works, but really be careful for what you wish for. Okada isn't the same anymore and you know that dress that the girl is wearing on the front cover? Well, it might be worn by the main male MC at some point .
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Old 2013-04-22, 04:29   Link #31
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Its going to be Toradora in college and with different characters.
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Old 2013-04-22, 04:40   Link #32
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Originally Posted by Pocari_Sweat View Post
Okada isn't the same anymore.
Repeating this endlessly doesn't make it true
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Old 2013-04-22, 06:40   Link #33
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wow.. it is getting animated.....
i am reading the light novel so i'm curious about it.....
i hope it will be a summer anime to lighten up the season a bit more.
so far i love the novel.....i ope the anime will be of quality too
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Old 2013-04-22, 15:53   Link #34
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Originally Posted by Hooves View Post
Its going to be Toradora in college and with different characters.
Sort of not really though?
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Old 2013-05-03, 04:25   Link #35
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Holy hell, this is exactly what I've been asking for over the last few years. Totally in.
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Old 2013-05-03, 04:29   Link #36
Cosmic Eagle
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Originally Posted by winhlp32 View Post
All that's left is to wait for the Mari Okada announcement...

But really, hopefully a good studio will take care of Komatsu E-ji's designs.
The studio that made Iriya no Sora?
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Old 2013-05-03, 05:26   Link #37
oompa loompa
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YES. college anime. toradora. give me moar.
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Old 2013-05-03, 23:24   Link #38
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Originally Posted by oompa loompa View Post
YES. college anime. toradora. give me moar.
Seriously. Sick and tired of all these high school kids taking all the screen time.
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Old 2013-06-06, 10:59   Link #39
Lets be reality
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Saw this posted on gaf, no idea where it's from, website doesn't even seem to be up, oh well a look @ the anime design.

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Old 2013-06-06, 11:03   Link #40
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Good detective work! Yes, I agree, it looks like a poster for the new anime that is supposedly coming out this fall.

In fact, the lettering across the bottom says it will be coming to television this fall.
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college, comedy, drama, love triangle, romance, seinen

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