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[WIP] Our Final Moments - An Original English Language Visual Novel

Announcing Our Final Moments, Afterthought Studios' current work-in-progress! Inspired by the extremely popular Katawa Shoujo by Four Leaf Studios as well as several real-life incidents, Our Final Moments is a visual novel with the intent of hoping that by the end of it, our readers will be able to look at the very definition of life and willpower in a different light.

We'd like to ask you some questions to help improve our visual novel development:
What regarding Our Final Moments do you find appealing at the moment, with regards to story?
How instrumental is music to you when reading a visual novel?

Afterthought Studios are a group of visual novel enthusiasts from around the world who came together in hopes of creating a story worth being retold and re-read.

The Team
Barzini - Project Manager and Writer
Charlotte Fieldcamp - Lead Writer
Gustavo Coutinho - Composer
rgbvscb! - Character Sprite Artist
Dahlia Wilder
- CG Artist
Camy[/center] - GUI Artist

Our website is a work-in-progress.

In a fictitious area of Japan lies a little town that's completely unremarkable: there's a school, a hospital, a grocery store, a small cinema, and everything else one might find in such a place—that is, except for the high fences, volunteer guards, and residents with substantial medical experience.

This is Kenkou Village, a hospice for people with chronic, and often terminal, health conditions that require frequent hospital visits. Many of the residents are young adults. It was created to make them as comfortable as possible while also restoring some sense of normalcy to their daily lives. But what is “normal,” exactly, when you're constantly aware of your own mortality?

Writing: Outline completed. We will move onto scripting from there.
Art: Character Sprites (25%)
Backgrounds (100%)
CG (20%)
Music: We have a lot of amazing things planned with music! We will be working with several composers and lyricists to come up with songs in the story - We have sought their permission for the use of their songs. As for instrumentals, it is a work in progress! (20%)
GUI: (100%)
Programming: (30%)
Preview of our character art by rgbvscb!

Who are these lovely ladies you ask? All will be revealed soon!

Here are some examples of our GUI in action as well! Oh yes, this was created by Camy, a most talented artist!

Main Menu:


A preview of a background that will be in our visual novel! This photo was edited by Barzini and the photo was originally taken by Yoninah

Dahlia, our CG artist, has also been hard at work!

For all enquiries, please send your email to
Facebook Page:
Twitter Account: @afterthoughtVN
Tumblr Account:

Special thanks to:
Daarkess for your coding assistance

Morhighan for your help in scripting as well.

Yoh-an for your logo!

Coming Soon: Character Introduction, Music Preview
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