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Old 2012-03-26, 16:32   Link #61
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Originally Posted by Flower View Post
Why couldn't they have shown similar love to the mini arcs of the other heroines? I don't know. A pity they didn't....
What? Sae ended up with children.
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Old 2012-03-26, 16:37   Link #62
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Originally Posted by Kyuu View Post
What? Sae ended up with children.
Yes ... she did - and I was delighted to see that ending! But while I personally enjoyed the ending of the Sae arc I did not feel overall as if the mini arc itself was engagingly and lovingly told.

Just my personal impressions how the series came across to me, of course.

My fave heroine remains Ai - I just think that the chemistry between Junichi and Ai is the most ... umm ... "convincing" and ...let's see ... the "best for both of them as characters", I guess?

But the Haruka arc was definitely the most lovingly told story of all the mini arcs imo....
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Old 2012-03-31, 14:45   Link #63
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obviously because all the studio people loved Haruka the best so decided to give her the best ending :3
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Old 2012-08-14, 06:24   Link #64
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Originally Posted by pikachuwei View Post
obviously because all the studio people loved Haruka the best so decided to give her the best ending :3
heh?! who doesn't xD love haruka after all her middle name is lovely

(kudos to shizuka itou, imo haruka's main charm comes from her way to talk)
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Old 2012-08-14, 06:46   Link #65
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Originally Posted by demonrush View Post
heh?! who doesn't xD love haruka after all her middle name is lovely
Haruka's arc cause me to have "Anime Romance"-Induced Diabetes
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Old 2012-11-20, 08:50   Link #66
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They chose to show Haruka's arc in the second season last because it was the best one. I think the studio decided to show the best arc last and second best arc first.

In the first season alone, I thought Tsukasa's story was the best and so her arc was shown last. She is the most popular Amagami girl to many people after all. Haruka's story in the first season was second best and so her arc was shown first.

The second season was different because it was anime original plots unlike the first season which followed the game's main plot. So the studio could choose which girl would have the best story in the second season. I think they wanted the last and best arc to be the most beautiful and touching. Having a proposal and wedding at the end would definitely make the best arc, and Lovely Haruka was the best choice for that. I am glad it was Haruka because she is my favorite. Tsukasa is the most popular Amagami girl and so her story in the second season was made the second best in my opinion and thus was shown first.
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Old 2012-12-06, 01:13   Link #67
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Haruka's voice actress is married.

Congratulation! Haurka....I mean... Shizuka!
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