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View Poll Results: Favourite Code Geass Characters Poll (Multiple Choice!)
Lelouch Lamperouge / Zero 970 67.50%
Suzaku Kururugi 229 15.94%
C.C. 833 57.97%
Karen Stadtfeld 550 38.27%
Nunally Lamperouge 167 11.62%
Shirley Fenete 214 14.89%
Milly Ashford 175 12.18%
Rivalz Cardemonde 44 3.06%
Nina Einstein 26 1.81%
Lloyd Asplund 216 15.03%
Cecile Croomy 108 7.52%
Cornelia Li Brittania 193 13.43%
Euphemia Li Brittania 214 14.89%
Jeremiah Gottwald 125 8.70%
Viletta Nui 104 7.24%
Diethard Lied 75 5.22%
Shinichirou Tamaki 22 1.53%
Sayoko 74 5.15%
Kyoushirou Toudou 62 4.31%
Clovis La Britannia 38 2.64%
The Emperor 54 3.76%
Authur (the cat) 165 11.48%
Kaname Ougi 41 2.85%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 1437. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 2006-12-17, 04:36   Link #41
Join Date: Dec 2006
Location: Nederland
Age: 31
Lelouche for me, I liked how he used Nina to calculated what kind of power he would need to create a big enough landslide, or how he commands his men, predicting every move of his opponent.
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Old 2006-12-19, 23:15   Link #42
Tabloid Journalist
Join Date: Dec 2006
Location: Where the Sidewalk Ends
Age: 32
My favorite character is Lelouch not so much because he's a brilliant tactician, but because he's such a drama queen. Meaning, his Zero character definitely has a flair for drama and takes himself way too seriously. I find it hilarious.

I voted for Kallen and Cornelia as well because Kallen is just a kickass character and the most well-developed one as well, episode 9. She reminds me of Cagalli Yula Athha from SEED in a lot of ways.

Cornelia just owns all. She can be quite a ruthless leader and yet has a sweet soft spot for Euphie. I hope she doesn't end up dying pretty soon but she might have to be sacrificed for Euphie to really assert her power. That will make it easier for a Lulu/Suzaku conflict.

Now that I think about it, I wish I had voted for Euphie as well, she's grown on me. Though she looks like Lacus, I find her to be a more interesting and troubled character. You can actually sympathize with her and see her struggle.
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Old 2006-12-24, 11:04   Link #43
Arika Yumemiya
Princess of Britannia
Join Date: Mar 2006
Location: Windbloom
Voted for both Euphie and Suzaku~~~ <3
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Old 2006-12-26, 14:27   Link #44
Always and forever...
Join Date: Dec 2006
I chose Karen simply because I consider her the "heroine" of this series.
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Old 2006-12-26, 20:13   Link #45
Join Date: Jun 2006
Lelouch makes Code Geass.

The blend of an unpredictible, morally grey, and disgustingly flamboyant protagonist is a refreshing breath of originality, especially for a mecha-oriented anime.
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Old 2006-12-27, 20:35   Link #46
Osana-Najimi Shipper
Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: Mt. Ordeals
This is VERY hard for me, since I LOVE everyone from the show, even unpopular chars like Clovis, Nina, and Suzaku. I really hated to cut #10's to 6 (Euphie, Karen, Cornelia, Shirley, CC), but I had no choice since I resolved myself to only vote for 5 in every series...

5) Viletta - She's in because she gets my vote for the hawtest female in the series. Her in Zettai Ryouiki is just da bomb.

4&3) Cecile & Lloyd - These two are inseperable in my opinion, since they complement each other so well. Also, for some reason I have this urgent desire to 'heterosexualize' Yukito (of which Lloyd reminds me a lot of) from CCS, so that's another reason why I voted for them. XD

2) Milly - It's very hard to point out what I like about Milly so much. Well, she is eccentric, is competent yet shows her tender side from time to time. Though if I had to say, I think her greatest asset to her is mystery. Sure CC is mysterious as well, but CC is more 'fantasy' mysterious while Milly's mystery is down to earth. From 'why did she turn down her arranged marriage meeting', to 'who does she really like', out of all the girls she IMO feels the most 'real' despite her odd tastes.

Just hope she doesn't turn to another Shizuru though. ^^;

1) Lelouche - My favorite character in a series is not female, GASP! He's compared to Light from Death Note a lot (who is my fave character from that series), and with good reason. While he isn't ruthless as Light (yet?), he still would pretty much do anything to achieve whatever he wants to do, which I respect a lot.

Yes its YOU childhood friend - source of BERZERKER RAGE since forever
Childhood Friend couple STATISTICS(spoilers abound though)
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Old 2007-01-04, 15:58   Link #47
Join Date: Dec 2006
In the order of the list above...

Lelouch - Despite being outright embarrassing in some cases (the Zero stuff looks kinky, but completely awkward at times, and then some), Lelouch is actually a very interesting combination of man and child: Intelligent and capable, but, at the same time, proud and a sore loser. Despite a less-than-preferable name, as others have said, he makes the show run.

C.C. - What attracted me to C.C. at first was her absolutely snobbish and quite doors-closed attitude. Her "Boys get to sleep on the floor", "Good night, Lelouch" (just as Lelouch was asking her questions), and "If you don't want to answer, then keep your mouth shut" give her a fair amount of attitude and spunk that differentiates her from the other female characters.

Cornelia - Proud and arrogant, Cornelia comes off to me as one of the few female characters with a spine...then, again, most middle-aged female characters aren't supposed to have too much spotlight on their love-life. Despite being cruel at times, lines like "I don't like to take the credit of my subordinates" and "There's no reason for me to risk the lives of my men" take the cake.

Viletta - As opposed to Jeremiah, who eventually turned all funny and "O-O-O-Orange!?" after the Orange Scandal, Viletta remained ever so serious and cool-headed, essentially Jeremiah's voice of reason. Her complete loyalty to Jeremiah is something to admire too; she sticks to him, no matter how bad things come down. I like her voice-actor as well.

...And one that isn't on the list...

Guiford - Completely dedicated and loyal to Cornelia, Guiford is cool-headed and seems to watch over Cornelia like an overprotective brother. And the glasses kill. XD

Last edited by bond4154; 2007-01-04 at 16:57.
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Old 2007-01-05, 03:27   Link #48
Join Date: Dec 2004
all the way cc!!!
and lelouch because of his evil nice personality
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Old 2007-01-05, 12:32   Link #49
Join Date: Mar 2006
Location: Blue Raider Nation
Age: 33
Lelouche- I think it's Lelouche's intelligence and realism that makes me enjoy his character so much. His mother was killed, Nanally was crippled, and his father abandoned him then tried to have them both killed. His hatred for Britannia runs deep and it shows in the episodes.

C.C.- how can you not love a character like C.C. Smart, sexy, and invincible. Her past also lets you pity her, while her present is a very strong willed character.

Karen- Her loyalty, piloting skills, sexiness, and the triangle between her, C.C. and Lelouche/Zero make her a great character.
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Old 2007-01-05, 13:03   Link #50
Join Date: Jun 2006
Question: Will Sakuya be added now that ep 12 is almost out?
Anyways top choices:
1)Lelouch: just cuz he seems badass
2)CC:Pls give me a geass too!
3)Euphemia: Lacus reborn...
Possibly Sakuya cuz of a quote I saw on the forums
Sakuya: "A love letter?"
Zero: "From you?"
(I think that was right might be slight errors)
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Old 2007-01-05, 13:40   Link #51
~ You're dead ^__^* ~
*Graphic Designer
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well half way through the series so i guess ill pick my to 6 ~

1) C.C. ~ obvious pick ~ i just adore her bad ass attitude when at first i thought she would be one of those types that doesnt know any better (happens with most mysterious girls eg chi)

2) lulu ~ muhahaha! he is the king imo...ambitious and loves to walk on the wild side

3) nanally...the cute, tragic imotou...also he "nyaaa~" is enough to melt anyone's heart =^_^=

4) Llyod ~ this guy is off his nut...but still i really like him his "funny/sarcastic" personality is really uplifting and he doesnt seem to get mad at all O.o

5) milly ~ sexy and smart...she over looks stuff with enthusiasm and you can never be sure what she has installed for lulu next

6) cecile ~ the sweet gentle mother figure to suzaku imo...not quick to anger but when she does...even Llyod shakes in fear

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Old 2007-01-08, 22:49   Link #52
Grumpy Senior
Join Date: Dec 2003
The first!


Because I like going against the odds. She definitely got my attention in ep.12
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Old 2007-01-09, 00:34   Link #53
lol whut?
Join Date: Jun 2006
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1. Lloyd. Need I say more? This guy actually has a good sense of humor.

2. CC. People already covered all the good points about her. In fact, it almost seems impossible to dislike her.

3. Lelouch. Thank God, no more pathetically naive hero. He is fairly consistent.

4. Cecile. Someone to rebuke Lloyd's jokes? Automatic A+

5. Jeremiah. Orange-kun?

Just for the record, as of this point, Nina has yet to receive a single vote.
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Old 2007-01-09, 01:12   Link #54
Anime Snark
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Location: Singapore
Age: 35
It tickles me funny bone that Nina has no fans yet. Damn b**** deserves it.

Skane is offline   Reply With Quote
Old 2007-01-09, 02:02   Link #55
Join Date: Dec 2006
Poor her. Noone like her yuri scene?

The thing I dun understand is that Suzaku got around 20% as the 4th favourite. Who will vote for him, plz say sth so that I wont think it is some kind of clone (just kidding )
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Old 2007-01-09, 04:48   Link #56
Senior Member
Join Date: Nov 2006
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Come on people Orange is an awesome character! Give him some loves~

Any way my ranking is the following

1. CC~~: She is an awesome character, the reason this anime is still living is because of her. It would be some ****** anime with copy of pink hair princess and kira without her.

2. Lulu: I kinda like his attitude and how he do things. Things may change according to how he react to Shirley next episode

3. ORANGE!!! GO ORANGE!!! and Sakuya.. I like her design

4. Nanali... hmm just noone else in mind...

Top Hate List:

1) Shirley - She need to just die... She is an anoying whinny girl since the first episode. Now she is bragging about losing her father and blaming it on Zero. She might be able to pull this out hitting Lulu soft spot

2) Susaku - His logic is beyond annoying... and he takes up half of this anime.. You can be annoying, but please can you stop wasting the screen time?

3) That whinny guy in the black knight unit: you know who I am talking about, I don't even bother remembering his name. HIS VOICE ACTOR MUST BE THE MOST ANNOYING VA EVER!

4) hmmm I hate Lacus, but I don't know about Yufie yet... Please don't becomes Lacus the 2nd..
quina is offline   Reply With Quote
Old 2007-01-09, 05:20   Link #57
Join Date: Dec 2006
If EP12 would've come earlier, I would have included Lloyd in my vote. I've liked his character from the beginning but I couldn't justify including him. But with his recent pwning of emokid(suzaku), I'm seriously regretting my decision.
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Old 2007-01-09, 06:33   Link #58
Rock beats scissors
Join Date: Jul 2004
Originally Posted by Sonhex View Post
Well, the official on-line Code Geass Character Popularity Poll intermediate rankings so far (as of 2006/11/19) are as follows:

1. Lelouch
2. Karen
3. Suzaku

4th was C.C and 5th was Jeremiah (orange power ftw). Since these initial results C.C has apparently now dropped down to 5th (negative feedback to product placement?), but it doesn't say who is now 4th. lol

Source: Code Geass official blog
Suzaku 3rd?? Insanity!!

Anyway, I voted these:

Lelouch Lamperouge / Zero: Although he has bad taste in terms of his Zero outfit, and he's a bit cold generally, he's a good main character.
C.C.: Interesting partner in crime (or justice I guess), still pretty mysterious. I like the Pizza-chan nickname.
Karen Stadtfeld: Cute, deadly, ace pilot. What's not to like?
Lloyd Asplund: Wonderfully sarcastic, what can be better than someone putting Suzaku in his place.

Could have voted a few more, but decided to cut it down a bit. I left out Nanally (the somewhat tragic but nice sister), Euphemia and Cornelia (I like this sister combination, Cornelia's soft spot).

Aww no votes for Nina yet, how sad... NOT!

Last edited by Trax; 2007-01-09 at 06:58.
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Old 2007-01-09, 13:56   Link #59
Senior Member
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Originally Posted by Sonhex View Post
Well, the official on-line Code Geass Character Popularity Poll intermediate rankings so far (as of 2006/11/19) are as follows:

1. Lelouch
2. Karen
3. Suzaku

4th was C.C and 5th was Jeremiah (orange power ftw). Since these initial results C.C has apparently now dropped down to 5th (negative feedback to product placement?), but it doesn't say who is now 4th. lol

Source: Code Geass official blog
Apparently the vote is buggy, since they havn't implement IP check on it. A person with the same IP address can vote as many times as they want really. (I voted for CC 5 times.) No reason why Susaku fan or Kalen fan spam the vote... The web master need to implement it better next time..... THe viting result tells us nothing really..
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Old 2007-01-10, 01:39   Link #60
Senior Member
Join Date: Jun 2006
well, there's no need for karen fans to spam that poll when she is currently no. 4 behind lacus, haruhi, and cagali in the latest newtype anime top female characters.

1. Lacus Clyne
2. Suzumiya Haruhi
3. Cagalli Yula Athna
4. Kallen Statdfeld

newtype scan
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characters, favorite

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