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Old 2022-07-23, 13:14   Link #281
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Just got around to watching this. Really this was overhyped to me, but they do a lot of things right in my opinion. I think the biggest thing I appreciate, albeit small, is how not-dainty the women are. They aren't full-on butch or anything; they still possess a lot of the feminine qualities of women their age, but aren't out here trying to look cute at inappropriate times. They are competent(sans Miwa sometimes, but how she tries hard and her personality is still cute =03) and carry their own weights. They also aren't immediately hooked up/associated with anyone(though it obvious broom girl and Mai are close, and MAYBE Nobara and Maki, but that feels more like a "I like my senpai cause she's cool" kinda thing to me). The main trio has great synergy all throughout the show and play well with one another, with no overstep.

Only major concern, as was already said in some of the comments, was that it felt like a lot of setup, but not a lot of progression, even though the main trio are now strong enough to take down special-grade curses. Then again, like someone in a prev ep said, the category of "special-grade" has a general lower-limit, but an unlimited upper limit, so its really hard to categorize how easy/hard future fights will be, even if the term "special-grade" is used.... unless there's an addendum to that classification. However, i feel doubtful there will be; "grade" will prob get lost in transition, similar to "power levels" in DBZ.

Despite the overhype, it was a solid shounen series and I did enjoyed it. It didn't blow me away by any means, but there was enough setup for things to come that I'll certainly be on board to watch the next season, whenever that'll be.
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Old 2022-11-25, 19:31   Link #282
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