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Old 2014-03-21, 23:18   Link #121
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one thing i dont get is all that hate about the anime who some peoples are pulling, and say who anime is completly different, afar for what i know/read in some comments the most important things who happened in anime also happened in novel, things like yuuta being dumped by nibutani(she never liked him in a romantic way) in the beginner then move to rikka, in second volume sophie appear and also try to steal yuuta but also end get "losing" to rikka and like nibutane goes to friendzone,

basically what happen in anime also happen in novel their only changed the way to tell and add some extra characters to make the story more interesting, adding characters like rikka big sis or dekomori, their just make the history more rich.
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Old 2014-03-30, 08:23   Link #122
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If you ask me, (Hi, I'm new here! Nive to meet you!) I think the novel and the anime has its own separate universe. Of course, the anime is adapted from the novel but if you'd read it you'd see how different the two are. For example, Rikka's family background is completely different. There's also Yuuta's characterization. If I have to describe it, I'd say they have their own universe. I appreciate each one. If your asking the novel, readers (like myself) love how Rikka and Yuuta's relationship grew. If you'd read them, I think you'd agree. It's hard to judge the anime since it's not like most anime adaptations.

Season three: I don't think it's possible. The last episode for this season said, "End." When the first season ended it had that "End, Maybe?" hinting there was a plan for season two. But I wish, I wish there'd be one. I'm a fan of this work! Anime and novel, I'd love to read and watch it! I'm very excited to see volume three translated!
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Old 2017-12-01, 21:23   Link #123
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The LN has a 4th volume coming out this month and it will be the final volume. From what I can tell, it's about Rikka suddenly not having chuunibyou anymore.
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chuunibyou, comedy, kyoani, romance

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