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Old 2014-12-05, 20:13   Link #1
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looking for something to read

Hi, I'm really bad at this kind of sites so please warn me if I'm doing it wrong.
So I'm looking for some mangas to read I wanted:
-a story centered in a character working hard to improve and advance at something like - dance, acting, modeling... (maybe like skip beat, but if possible more centered in the character's work)
-a story with strong female lead that goes to another world/time and ends up in the middle of some politics problem ( like crazy girl shin bia, saver, red river)
it`s okay if it's something like the legend of nereid or feng yu jiu tian too
- something centered in the fashion world that actually shows some kind of fashion related work or talks about some kind of style as the main plot ( not having better example something like parakiss or kuragehime)
please help me and tell me if there is any problem with this post.
sorry it end up confusing I mean a manga wih any of those 3.

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Old 2014-12-05, 20:18   Link #2
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that don't exist
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Old 2014-12-05, 20:34   Link #3
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Do you mean a story with all 3 elements? I have to admit that if so then #2 probably makes it into nothing.

If you are looking for something having any one of those elements then perhaps:
- Majime na Jikan. Dead girl tries improve her soul & help out other souls trying to pass on. Kind of a career for her. Also, short at just 9 chapters.

- Basara. It isn't time travel but rather near-future, however it definitely fulfills the political aspect.
- Shinobi Life. It has time travel and middling politics.

Honestly your best bet is to use the mangaupdates category search, pick a manga, and then select items from the similar categories.
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Old 2014-12-05, 21:19   Link #4
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no, just one, all three doesn't exist and would be ridiculous
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Old 2014-12-05, 21:32   Link #5
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garasu no kamen, chan ge xing, vb kiss, yoona, but honestly all you aasked seems to be centered on shoujo manga. go see suggestion thread
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Old 2014-12-05, 21:47   Link #6
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Give Cloth Road a try.
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fashion world, search, strong female lead, time travel

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